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May 11, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Archived: Twicer: capture a video and tell the other side of the story

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2015
Twicer logo


Twitch for everything!

Twicer allows anyone to capture a video and tell the other side of the story. Simply capture your video and record commentary, insights and reflections into the video that tell a bigger story. With Twicer people can live in the moment and relive the moment, they can bring their audiences inside their videos and tell a more complete, emotional and genuine story than ever before.

Here is the potential. We are taking comments and commentary to the next level. Just like reality TV, we are allowing people to instantly add additional insight into any video moment. We are putting this in the hands of every smartphone user. In addition, we allow them to make and create their own Twicer channels and share them on any platform.


  • Sam Hickmann

    I managed a successful exit for my Web Agency founded in 2001 in France.
    Now co-founder at Kwarter, a mobile gamification platform for live TV, based in SF.

  • Carlos Diaz

    Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of Kwarter (2011), bluekiwi-software (sold to ATOS in 2012) & groupe-reflect (sold to Emakina in 2006).

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