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May 9, 2015 12:50 PM ET

Archived: Shift – The ‘Hunger Games’ style mobile game! : The first mobile game that enters your real life. Hunt or Escape friends in the real world

iCrowdNewswire - May 9, 2015

Shift – The ‘Hunger Games’ style mobile game!

Shift – The first mobile game that enters your real life. Hunt or Escape friends in the real world
Amir Eliasy

We don’t think there is anyone who didn’t like to play catch as a child. The excitement, the thrill and the adrenaline that came from chasing or running away from someone is deeply engraved into the memory of every one of us, and it doesn’t matter if you were good at it or not so much.

During the past year, we thought a lot about how the times had changed and many of us became “couch potatoes” – playing Angry Birds and other such games that are basically just clicking the mobile device screen again and again. Mobile devices do empower our lives, but what about living?

Wouldn’t it be really cool to play catch again, but better, using your mobile device for a much more exciting experience!

Well, its not a dream anymore!

We’ve created it

It’s call SHIFT and it F**KING ROCKS

Press here to download Shift beta from Google Play

For any question please contact us via – indiegogo@aug-games.com

We have a clear target for this campaign – Asking you to assists us in finalizing and launching Shift worldwide – the most exciting location based mobile game ever. We founded Augmented Games with a vision – To be the #1 mobile gaming company that builds these new types of games.

What can I be? 

In Shift you can play as a hunter or an escapee. The hunter’s goal is to capture the escapee, in the real world, and the escapee’s goal is to avoid being captured by the hunter. 

Who can my opponent be?
Shift  automatically match’s you with available players that are  around you and allows you start playing. You can always create your own private\customized game and invite your friends to play (Facebook or whatever). 

And how do I play?

As simple as that – the hunter’s mission is to physically arrive within a reasonable distance (approximately 30yd) of the escapee while staying in the game zone and time frame, while the escapee needs to get away from the hunter (again while staying in the game zone) 

Its not that easy…


Your exact location is never completely presented to your opponent. You need to engage the opponent, meaning to get physically closer, in order to figure out his exact location. On the other end, your opponent can act as well… he can confuse you about his location by moving faster with a skateboard, bicycle, electrical bikes, a car, a boat, a rocketeer, a balloon, an airplane.. (yeah OK, I got too much excited here..)


What else?

Shift has a secret back-end intelligent agency that assist’s you by providing real-time information about the opponent and his actions, like his approximate location, actions that he does, his status and more… This will help you to know how to act in the game itself. 
During the game you can also chat and send pictures to your opponent. 


Shift  was created with major assistance of “Shifts’ Community” in our area – and we desire to expand this community as much as we can. 

By joining our community you help to expand it and will assist us in creating the best game ever – this will be our personal fulfillment.

We promise the community that Shift is going to be FREE FOR EVERYONE. We will also publish what we call “Shift’s Journey Diary” – around once a week. The diary will include updates about our work and most importantly polls with you guys about major features, designs and capabilities that we wish to include in the game. 

Creating complex games like Shift is a serious mission that needs professional care from developers, graphic designers and more… You can be sure that 100% of the funds we raise will be fully dedicated to Shift

So – Whats next? We really hope that you are able to help us by FUNDING, but there are also other ways that will help. SHARING the campaign with everyone, FOLLOWING us here on Indiegogo & other social networks (see the bottom of this page) and of course DOWNLOADING THE GAME FROM GOOGLE PLAY, GETTING UP, PLAYING WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU AND LETTING US KNOW HOW WE CAN MAKE IT BETTER.

Working in software for a long long (long) time. Began working with Android in 2008 (yes, when the first device was a big phone shaped like banana! or not…) and even started and owned a mobile development company with many geeky developers who develop hundreds of cool games & apps.

Shachar met Dror when they worked together in that mobile development shop. Dror was seeking for geeky developers and Shachar was by no doubt the geekiest. Although geeky, he runs really really fast! and has never lost a single game of Shift to Dror. 

                                                                Has a head. 🙂

We founded Augmented Games in early 2014, and currently, all three of us are investing all our time and are fully dedicated to the start-up. We are “Bootstrapped” (meaning we are self funded and have no other incomes), working from Shachar’s Garage and our resources are going end soon 🙁

We like Shachar’s garage very much, and spend many hours there. Sometimes we need to get up and go test our cool new features out on the streets, where we run like crazy and never (ever!) capture Shachar. 

Just imagine Shift with awesome features like playing in groups, using power-ups or even playing against your friends for real money! 

Shift’s beta version is now ready! 

You can download and play it NOW (US, Canada, UK and Israel)! Its AWESOME! 

Press here to download Shift beta from Google Play

The first funding round (30,000$) will help us to:

  • Launch Shift Worldwide (currently available only in US,Canada, UK and Israel)
  • Polish the game
  • Extend Shift’s community

And add cool new features like:

  • Leader-boards – local and worldwide
  • Scoring systems
  • Achievements 
  • badges and trophies 

If we are successful with the fundraising, we will do our best to release the new Shift version during August 2015.


****IMPORTANT – All perks INCLUDE shipping cost via standard mail :-)****

The Poster

Shift’s rare poster!! (size: 11″ x 17″ (A3) ) hand-singed by Augmented Games founders. Hang it on your office wall and tell everybody that you are a part of this AWESOME community.

The T-shirts


Special edition Hunter\Escapee T-shirts designed by our game designer. The man has a crush on turkeys (we couldn’t figure out why) and the only place we allowed him to fulfill his weird turkey-design fetish is on our T-shirts.
Don’t forget to let us know what color T-shirt you want and its size (Black\White\Green\Blue\Pink)   –    (S\M\L\XL\XXL\XXXL)


The Shoes

A limited edition of Shift “ADIDAS mi” running shoes in a special design. Choose your own model:

HUNTER’s “ADIDAS mi Kanadia TR 7” – Men\women style

ESCAPEE’s “ADIDAS mi Duramo 6” – Men\women style

The shoes are specially designed by our game designer and will help you to hunt and escape during your game. Its like a real-life ‘power-up’.

Remember to let us know the shoe model (see below) and the size (5.0-15.0 US)



The Meet & Greet (& Hunt) 

Shachar, our CTO, has never lost a games of Shift!  He runs very very fast.
Maybe its because he ran away from bullies as a geeky kid,
we are not completely sure. But whatever the reason is, it payed off! 

He will arrive at your area and let you try to hunt him down simultaneously with your friends. He will record the chase on his go-pro and upload a clip of it to YouTube.

HIS EGO IS SKY HIGH, SO ITS SUPER IMPORTANT FOR US THAT YOU BEAT HIM. A good dinner and a beer will be set too. Shachar will grant you in personally T-Shirts, Shoes and more cool perks.

 * Arriving only to US\EU countries


We strive to add two enormous features to Shift! 

  • Money based games – Hunt or escape for real money. Improve you skills and win $$$$.
  • Group games – Various types of multi-player games. Create groups of hunters and escapees. Play  together with many friends.

If a $60,000 will be raised, we will able to release only one of the features above. We love both of this two features, and can’t decide what to release first. So – we will have a vote and YOU will decide what we develop first.

We will also makes an effort to add Power ups in this stage, allowing competitive edge (e.g. disappearing from map)
$90,000 – 2nd FEATURE 
As simple as that – We will develop and release the #2 feature from the previous vote


$120,000- iPhone VERSION

 A Shift iPhone version will be release until Easter 2016

Q: I really really want to share the campaign link with everyone. can I?

A: SURE! Share the campaign with everyone you know! We also have a Twitter page, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page and a YouTube channel (see bottom of this page)  – find us there too.

Q: My perks disappear from the campaign page? why, god, why?

A: We are here for you, no worries… We are refreshing the perks once in a while. If you contributed us and secured a perk – you will receive it.

Q: Do i need to pay for playing Shift ?

A: NO! Shift applies to everybody that love gaming and has no purchasing cost, in addition its created with major assistance from the community and funded by YOU, indiegogo contributors – so its our honor to provide the game for free.

Q: There are shipping costs for delivering perks?

A: No. We will care of all shipping costs for you via standard mail.

Q: Are there any special rules while playing?


A: The Rules are very simple

  • Each player decides if he wants to be a hunter or an escapee.
  • You decide who you want to play against, a friend or someone else.
  • You choose when you play and for how long.
  • You decide the zone(area) that you play in. Beware! leaving this area is against the rules.
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Contact Information:

Shachar Silbert
Amir Eliasy

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