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May 8, 2015 2:30 PM ET

Archived: Mediaxus – New Patented Streaming Content Filter for Family’s and Single Parents

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015


New Patented Streaming Content Filter for Family’s and Single Parents

Your media. Streamed to any device


Media streaming should be simple: Access any movie, TV show, or music, whenever you want.

Mediaxus has done it. With one account and one monthly subscription, you and your family can access our massive library over 2,000 titles from any device. 

Everyone in your family has their own preferences, so we make it easy to create sub-accounts for things like personalized bookmarks and recommendations. For your kids, we have the best content protection and filtering technology in the world, so they’ll only see what you’ve approved.

Each main user account entitles you to 3 sub-user accounts that you can configure to filter contents for your toddler, pre-schooler, teenager, or young adult. All for the price of one!

Media Battles is the first ever family-friendly, unlimited streaming media and patented technology to date in the world.


MORE Media for the Entire Family

Mediaxus has a simple goal: To be the best media solution for your entire family.

Access From Any Device Our entire library is always available, streamed to your PC, smartphone, tablet, gaming device, Television, and DVD or Blue-ray Player

Personalized For Your Whole Family Every sub-account will have their own dashboard complete with their favorites, personalized recommendations,
play history, and more. Community forum access is also based on sub-accounts..

Community Forum Using our community portal you’ll also be able to share reviews and playlists. Get recommendations from other parents or get filter ideas to further protect your kids..

The BEST Protection for your Kids Easily filter content so your kids ONLY see what you want them to. They’ll still get their own dashboard and personalized content – they just won’t see what you’ve blocked.

Ad-Free No ads, no interruptions – just the content you want, when you want.

More User-Friendly Completely customize the look and feel of the app, for your own account and even among your different devices.



Smart Filters for the Safest and Most Enjoyable Experience for the Whole Family

Stop feeling helpless about what your kids are being exposed to. At Mediaxus, our rating and filtering system isn’t an afterthought. In fact, it’s one of the highest priorities we had when building our system. 

We’re proud to have created the most unique and customizable filter on the planet. Take back control of what your children are watching. Easily filter on the following:


Creating a safe world to explore

We have the opportunity to create an online community dedicated to building a safe environment for our families. Using your Mediaxus profile you’ll be able to share your own playlists with members and view what others have created. Post reviews and ratings on music, TV shows, and movies, and interact directly with your Facebook profile or Google apps. 

Our library is made up of mainstream titles with dedicated sections for children’s material and familey-themed entertainment. Be a part of a healthy online community that has the same vision of quality content for your family. Give your children the content they want while protecting them from what they should be avoiding. 


A Few Features Mediaxus Will Provide

Media Battles brings more options and features to the user than any other entertainment site on the planet.

The Power of Three

Many other applications on the market offer TV and film; many others offer music. No other applications offer both. Media Battles will be the first application to offer a huge library of television shows, movies and music. No more having to go to multiple sites, and having multiple bookmarks and passwords. Everything that you want in online entertainment is available on one site.

Because of that . . .


One Low Monthly Fee or Watch Free

Instead of having subscription fees for multiple web services, you can have just one monthly fee for one service. We offer Paid and free packages, but even our biggest price-point package is cheaper for you than having two or three subscription packages in other places! It’s win-win.


Just like the other web services, our services provide entertainment options instantly to you 24/7.  Whether you want a sitcom to play in the background  while you’re folding laundry on a Saturday afternoon, or you want some music to keep you awake while you work a night shift at your job, everything is instantly available all the time.



Media Battles plays not only on your PC or Mac, or on your TV, but also on your  mobile phone  or iPad  or Tablet or other device. You can take it with you for long rides by car or train, or just to show your friend a really funny skit from a comedy show when you go over to their house. You can watch or listen to MB in coffeeshops or anywhere else that there’s a wi-fi connection and a signal.


With Media Battles, you can have up to three separate accounts under one subscription. This way, you can enjoy a different set of programming than what you might want for your youngest child or your oldest child. The content settings can be customized for each account, but only from the main account. The reason for this setup is so that your children can’t simply go into the settings and change them to something other than what you set. You, as the parent, are in control at all times.



Media Battles offers its users one of the easiest interfaces on the Web. Kids can use it to watch shows on their account just as easily as their knowledgeable parents—and conversely, technologically-challenged parents can use the application just as easily as their tech-savvy kids!


User Interface Customization

Because MB’s library is so large, we offer a unique way to customize your layout. With a simple drag and drop, you can move items around on your page so that the Movies tab comes after the Music tab but before the TV tab, or you can put TV before Music and Movies, or you can put your personalized Playlist in the uppermost corner instead of any of those things.

You can also make the layout more pleasing for when you use it on your TV instead of your computer. You can even customize some of the color scheme. MB is customizable in many different ways to create the layout that you like best.


Easy Login Integration

While you can choose a username and password specific to Media Battles, you can also integrate MB easily with your other web destinations. With just a few clicks, you can set up MB to share playlists and ratings with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also create a setup that allows you to navigate to Media Battles from those other sites.

SSL Encyrpted Browsing and Streaming

SSL means “Security Socket Locket.” What it means for you is that your information is safe with us. When you pay for MB online, your credit card information is fully protected by the latest and highest quality web standards. Even other things such as your playlists can remain private unless you choose to share them.


Ad-Free (For Paid Accounts)

How many times have you watched a show or movie on regular TV and been annoyed by all of the commercials? You thought that you were getting away from advertisements when you went to online viewing. And while there are certainly fewer of them, they can still be annoying.

Hulu and Dailymotion often play the same advertisement over and over. YouTube will sometimes make you watch a commercial in front of a movie preview—so you’re watching a commercial before you can get to a different commercial. Live365 and Spotify both have frequent and repetitive ads.

Advertising can often be inappropriate for the audience, too. If you’ve ever cued up a Disney cartoon for your children on YouTube and been suddenly subjected to an ad for Victoria’s Secret or Texas Chainsaw 3D, you know the perils of watching ads online.

Advertisements won’t be a concern any more with Media Battles. Your subscription fee already takes care of the cost of running and maintaining the website and providing the content, so there won’t be any additional advertisements to disrupt from your enjoyment of the programming. Only Netflix also provides an ad-free environment for TV and film; no other application allows a lack of commercials in between songs. MB is unique in its reprieve from the onslaught of advertising.

Custom Folders and Playlists

Spotify and iTunes offer customizable playlists, but they don’t offer movies and TV shows. Netflix has movies and TV shows, but only a generic “Queue.” Some other sites have “Favorites” as their only option. Media Battles offers infinitely customizable playlists, into which you can put both video and audio.

For instance, if one member of the family really likes a series of sci-fi movies, he can put the movies and the soundtracks for the movies in the same playlist. If another family member likes comedies, she can put sitcoms, comedy movies, and albums by her favorite stand-up artists all in one playlist. You can even just call something “My Playlist” and put your favorites of everything in there. It’s all up to you and your family. Create as many different playlists as you like and for as many different uses that you wish.

You can also share your playlists with the others on your account and with others on Media Battles. You can even share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter (although of course these people will have to have their own subscriptions to Media Battles to view the content. However, your friends will still be able to see the titles).

Communicate, Rate, Review and Share

Make your voice heard! At MB, you don’t just have to be a passive participant. You can rate every movie, TV show, episode, album or song that you listen to or watch. You can also leave a review explaining why you liked or didn’t like your entertainment choice. You can share your review with other users on MB, and you can even share that review with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also find other reviewers with tastes similar to yours, and follow them on MB so that you’re notified when they post new reviews.


Streaming Quality Options

Not all computers and browsers are created equal. Some can handle streaming and audio and video expertly; others struggle along.  MB comes with three quality settings so that your programs can continue to buffer as quickly as possible based on your computer’s memory and storage abilities.


User Inappropriate Content Submission

Media Battles strives to be the most family-friendly media application on the planet. But with thousands of hours of content, and with extremely subjective ratings from rating boards, not every program or song winds up with the most appropriate rating. If you watch or listen to something that you think got too low of a rating for the type or amount of content that it had, you can submit a comment about the content level. You can rate the program on a scale on 1 to 10 for language, violence and sexuality (the higher the rating, the heavier the content).

MB will take those ratings into consideration and review the product to see if a higher rating level is warranted than it originally received. If we confirm the rough content, that product will be blocked from younger viewers whose families have the appropriate settings on their accounts.

Easy Purchase Instead of Waiting

On Netflix, you often have to wait for the most popular movies to be available by other means for several months before you can get a streaming version on your computer. You can buy the discs or (in many cases) rent them from Redbox, but you can’t do it from the comfort of your own home. The newest episodes of TV shows are also not available from Netflix.

Media Battles hopes to work around this annoying obstacle. Shortly after launch, we plan to implement an exciting new strategy where you can buy the movie or TV show for download as soon as it’s released. It’s the best aspect of iTunes combined with the best aspects of Netflix. You can also keep your downloaded copy for life.


About Us

Media Battles, Inc



Media Battles, Inc. is a multimedia company with the goal of providing safe, family-friendly entertainment on one comprehensive platform so that parents can feel secure in the entertainment choices viewed by their family. As such, Media Battles has designed the Mediaxus All-in-one media streaming and filtering application, which is the first of its kind, and which includes the ability to customize playlist. Mediaxus also brings together video and audio into one application in a way that has never been seen before. Media Battles has designed these tools because it believes in advancement and innovation in technology that creates more choices for the end user. While Mediaxus is the first application to be designed by Media Battles, we remain open to new ideas and innovations in the future.


Eric Griffin – CEO

CEO of Media Battles, with professional experience in online media and marketing 


Eric Griffin is the CEO of Media Battles. Eric is an entrepreneur who has professional experience in both online media and in online marketing. He has worked in web design for several years and has a substantial amount of knowledge of the online market.


Simon Brody – Attorney

Simon Brody is General Counsel of Media Battles 


Simon Brody is General Counsel of Media Battles. He is licensed US attorney with 15 years’ experience in IP, media, business, branding, publicity and contract & proposal writing.


Md Prawez Musharraf – Lead Developer

Lead Developer at Media Battles with professional experience in Web and application development 


I am Md Prawez Musharraf, apart from being a developer, I love to engage heavily into latest technology trends which helps me gain more to what I do for a living. I do like hearing to music, participating in extra-curricular activities and I also take interest in sports. Being an Indian, I love cricket I have over 5+ years of experience developing websites and web applications. My core expertise is in. +PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and JQuery . +I have good experience working with different Open source Frameworks and CMS applications. +I have been exposed to Zend, CodeIgniter, Smarty, Core Php . I have been part of some complex web applications with rich interfaces and heavy databases. +My experience includes developing SaaS web applications, Custom CMS Websites, Portals, eCommerce solutions, Social Networking Website and Intranets.



Contact Information:

Media Battles
Eric Griffin
Simon Brody
Md Prawez Musharraf

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