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May 8, 2015 5:17 PM ET

Archived: CINDER: iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector that fits

iCrowdNewswire - May 8, 2015

CINDER: iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector that fits

The shape of CINDER matches the exact shape of the iPhone 6 screen – including the curved sides.
Cupert Technology

We introduce CINDER in black and white for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
CINDER also fits the new iPhone 6s series.

The iPhone 6 has a unique design with curved sides. Even the glass front has curved edges, designed to follow the curved design.

No existing tempered glass screen protector matches this design.
They are all flat from egde to edge and leaves you with gaps and hard edges!

Today’s technology is only able to produce flat screen protectors, as a result the edges from today’s screen protectors leave you with a big gap around your iPhone screen.

Your fingers and hands can easily catch on the floating edges. This is inconvenient and the protector can easily slip off again.

CINDER matches the design of the iPhone 6 Glass like no other Screen Protector without comprising its design and functionality in any way.

Using CINDER enhances the user experience in many ways while preserving the design and functionality of the iPhone 6:

Corning® Gorilla® Glass and the unique new oleophobic coating used on CINDER enhances the touch feeling

Real Curved Glass Edges follows the exact shape of the iPhone glass edges

0.20mm thickness provides an almost invisible protector without adding noticable weight

CINDER squeezes 12 layers of protection, including Corning® Gorilla® Glass, into only 0.20 mm, making it both impact and scratch resistant, and very very light.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is the most resistant glass material available today and is used by many big brands in electronical devices and is superior in all aspects compared to old plastic films (PET and TPU).

CINDER will help you avoid expensive repairs (a replacement screen costs a minimum of $250).

It will also prolong the life of your phone and help it keep its value. Second hand phones are given ratings now from A to C. With less wear and tear or marks CINDER will help you keep your phone in the best condition.  

CINDER can pay for itself by doing its job… protecting your iPhone 6.

CINDER is easy to install and anyone can do it.

Maximum reusability.
Our unique adhesive makes it possible to remove and apply CINDER again and again without affecting your iPhone or CINDER in any way.
You dont need to get it right the first time. Just try again.

You can even reuse CINDER in the future if needed.

Working cases;
Apple leather case
Apple Silicone case
Ringke Fusion
Rhinoshield Crash Guard
Thule Atmos X3
Urban Armor Gear
Incipio NGP – updated May 4th
Speck CandyShell Grip – updated May 4th

Cases not working;
Spigen Tough Armor Cover Case

In test soon;
Incipio dual pro
Spigen Air Skin
Powersupport Air Jacket

After several iterations, many tests and more than a year in the making CINDER is now ready for the public.

We look forward to bringing CINDER to market and appreciate all your help and support. You are probably wondering about now why we chose to call our cutting edge iPhone protector CINDER. Well like the fairy tale, CINDER is the only glass that fits… (and once this fact is realised she becomes an overnight success…)

All we want, is for you and your iPhone 6 to live happily ever after… and CINDER can help make that happen.

We wish to raise $25,000 to begin full scale production.
This covers manufacturing, packaging, and all preparations for retail.

We expect to begin shipping 4-6 weeks after this campaign ends.

CINDER will ship worldwide.

Shipping cost for 1 CINDER is $5
You can find a Perk named ‘Shipping – 1 CINDER’.

All shipping prices for the different packages is written in the perks.

Important notice: Remember to purchase a Shipping perk!

To make CINDER a reality we had to be very careful selecting the perfect production facility. With such a complex product we need to control all the elements.

‘To achieve an exact fit on the iPhone 6, ultra precision techniques and machinery are needed.

CINDER is all about the perfect fitting and to achieve this we had to use the newest technology and the best possible manufacturing techniques. To give you an idea, imagine a normal screen protector as an average family car and CINDER as a Formula One car. That’s the kind of leap we’re talking about.

Our team of designers is based in Denmark, specializing in creating unmatched aesthetic appeal and functional value for the end user. Our research and development team, located in California USA, enables us to identify needs and develop solutions proactively, keeping us ahead of the competition.

Our products are manufactured on an ISO-9001-certified factory with 8 years of experience in the field, ‘using the best engineering and facilities available in glass production and working under the strictest standards for quality control.’

Cupert Technology, the name derived from its place of origin Cupertino, was founded in 2015.

Cupert Technology is set to launch a complete range of cutting-edge mobile accessories that deliver unparalleled luxury and convenience for the users.

Other screen protectors say they have smooth edges isn’t that the same?

NO. Today’s flat solutions use terms like ‘smooth edges’, ’rounded edges’ and to some extend ‘curved edges’ which only means the hard flat edges have been polished, they are NOT physically curved like CINDER.

I have seen some other brands with curved edges?

Our competitors have tried to solve the problem by adding aluminium, porcelain or even plastic to the edges, leaving you with a bad user experience and the iPhone’s design is compromised.

Is CINDER for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and both colors?
When the campaign is finished we will send out a survey to find out which model(s) you prefer.

How long will CINDER last?

Applied correctly and treated well CINDER could outlast your phone and as it is washable, you can actually swap it to a new phone if your handset malfunctions for any reason.

Will CINDER stop my case from fitting?

A good question, but no we have tried CINDER with a number of cases and it still fits in nearly all of them.

Will CINDER fit the new iPhone 6s series?


Do you ship Worldwide?


How much is shipping costs?
1 CINDER is $5.
All shipping prices are listed in the perk information.

Please remember to add this to your purchase.

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Cupert Technology

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