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May 7, 2015 5:01 PM ET

Archived: Trinity Energy Group Inc. is actively engaged in oil, gas and energy opportunities in North America, Central America and Worldwide

iCrowdNewswire - May 7, 2015

Trinity Energy Group Inc

Irvine, CA 92612, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

Trinity Energy Group Inc. (“TEG” or “the Company”), a Nevada corporation headquartered in Irvine, California, is actively engaged in oil, gas and energy opportunities in North America, Central America and Worldwide. TEG’s scope of activity ranges from due-diligence for potential investments through development, supervision and management of drilling and production operations, oversight and management of investments, and execution of exit strategies for existing projects. Trinity has assembled a team of seasoned experts with industry expertise and core-competencies to manage the investment life-cycle from project acquisition through development, drilling, production and exit strategy for investor liquidity of each project and investment.

(The Kelly Lease)
The Kelly lease is approximately 40 acres in size and is located in Bakersfield Ca. The interest to be acquired is 70% Working Interest (WI) and 56% Net Revenue Interest (NRI) and the lease contains approximately 6.7 million gross barrels of oil (mbo) in place (which equates to approximately 4.0 million barrels of oil recoverable) in five different producing zones of the China Grade formation which can be produced by a steam flood operation. Some 15 wells were drilled in the 1940’s and ‘50’s and were produced for a time. However, when oil prices plunged in the mid to late 1990’s, the operation became uneconomic and the operator of that time simply abandoned the field. The California Department of Oil and Gas assumed operations and performed abandonment procedures on the existing wells in 2002, which left most of the downhole piping in place. We believe that we can utilize these wells to serve as production wells but new steam injection wells will need to be drilled and equipped.


President Executive Officer
Dr. R.G. Bailey

Dr. Bailey is the Chairman of Bailey Petroleum, LLC in Houston, Texas. Bailey Petroleum, LLC is involved in exploration and production ventures, with both consultation and working interest participation. Dr. Bailey has a lifetime career in the petroleum industry with extensive engineering, management and senior assignments. He has domestic and international experience in all aspects of the industry both upstream and downstream, with particular Middle East skills, along with U.S. onshore and offshore. Dr. Bailey is retired from Exxon, lastly as President, Exxon Arabian Gulf, where he was responsible for all Exxon business interests in the Arabian Gulf region. Currently he serves as Chairman of a publicly traded companies; BCM Energy, and is the Chief Executive Officer of another public company, MCW Energy. Dr. Bailey is a member of Middle East Policy Council and a life member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and a noted author and speaker on energy.

Chief Executive Officer
Brian Figueroa

Brian Figueroa has over 25 years of corporate management and entrepreneurial experience. The Figueroa family owns a premiere landscape and property maintenance business throughout the Northern California area. Mr. Figueroa helped build this 40-year-old company into a thriving commercial and residential contracting firm and served as CEO during its growth years. After running the company as the CEO through its peak years, Mr. Figueroa leveraged his established contact base to build his investment and entrepreneurial career through the founding, co- founding and participation in domestic and international businesses of various industries, including construction, telecommunications, gaming and energy. In 2008, Mr. Figueroa built a telecom franchise business with thousands of sales representatives in four years. Since 2006, he was also an investor in several oil, gas and energy projects, whereby he built the expertise and contacts in the petroleum industry.

Senior Vice President Operations
Lester Cufaude

Lester acts as Director of Operations for Pacific Coast Exploration (PCE). He has extensive background and experience in all facets of the petroleum business, resulting from several decades of extensive hands-on involvement while representing owners of surface and mineral interests, independent production companies, and operators throughout Northern California. Lester has an extensive background in ranching and his forefathers owned large ranches in the Rio Vista, California area since 1853. In 1963, gas was discovered on the original family ranch and production has continued to the present. Lester organized an oil company for his family and it is still very active in the Lindsey Slough Gas field in the Delta of California. Lester graduated from Fresno State University in 1975 and played professional baseball for several years, before pursuing construction and business opportunities in Colorado. In 1987, Lester graduated sixth in his class from law school.

Chief Financial Officer
Mike Pugh

Chief Financial Officer , Mike Pugh Mike is currently the CFO for Trinity. Mr. Pugh has over forty years of extensive experience in financial accounting and administrative management for publicly trading entities, with a concentration in E&P companies both domestic and international. Mr. Pugh held several positions at Devon/Santa Fe Snyder (a multi-national oil and gas E&P company with over 2,000 employees and 40,000 barrels per day production), culminating as International Treasurer. Mr. Pugh also worked as CFO/VP for several E&P startup ventures, where he successfully completed the public offering of securities and oversaw SEC regulatory, reporting and compliance responsibilities (10K, 10-Q, 8-K, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.). Throughout his career, Mr. Pugh has negotiated several hundred million in funding and credit negotiations with banks and corporation in the energy sector, and he was responsible for several successful acquisitions and dispositions.

Craig Illausky

Project manager with 30 years of expertise in the construction industry. Construction and demolition experience including power, food and beverage, entertainment, refining environmental, retail, heavy civil construction, commercial concrete, bridge construction . Other experience includes the development of special program management for projects including “Mobil On the Run” “Santa Anita” Raceway, Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola

Director Engineering
Dale Hankins

Dale Hankins has been active in the petroleum industry for fifty (50) years, having obtained his BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of California in 1955. Through the course of a very active career in all facets of petroleum engineering, he has earned the respect of geologists, engineers, owners and producers throughout the western United States.

Contact Information:

Brian Figueroa, Founder & CEO, email: Brian@TrinityEnergyGroupInc.com Ph# 916-532-0057

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