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May 6, 2015 7:28 AM ET

Archived: PharmaNetUSA Inc.: with breakthrough innovations in drug testing and specialized Medical Clinics, is poised to capture significant new business in pain management

iCrowdNewswire - May 6, 2015

PharmaNetUSA Inc.

Boca Raton, FL 33432, US

PharmaNetUSA Inc. with breakthrough innovations in drug testing and specialized Medical Clinics, is poised to capture significant new business in pain management.

Pain is the most common reason for seeking medical care with 32.8% of the population having persistent or chronic pain symptoms. Everyday 46 people die from an overdose of prescription painkillers in the U.S.. Most Physicians receive little or no training to treat pain, and less on how to identify abusers. Clearly there is a market void in pain management. PharmaNetUSA Inc. is launching a new business to fill this market void and provide significant returns to its investors.

To capture this market, PharmaNetUSA Inc. is opening a series of Chronic Pain Management Clinics and Drug Testing Labs in the USA. Based on market forecasts, we will capture sales of over $7.26 million in our first year of operations with EBITDA of over $3.178 million, and $22.3 million in our second year of operations with an EBITDA of $13.76 million. An indication of our potential for growth is large margins between our cost and sell price. Reimbursement rates for Urine Drug Testing from Medicaid/Medicare is $300 per test, and our all-inclusive cost is $75 per test. (75% margin or 300% markup)

PharmaNetUSA will begin operations in nine States that have passed “Pain Management Clinic Acts’ mandating that patients who have been prescribed narcotic medication for chronic and acute conditions, must participate in mandatory urine drug testing on a routine basis for compliance and for detection of potential abuses and illicit drugs.

PharmaNetUSA is uniquely positioned to rapidly become a leader in TeleHealth Chronic Pain Management Programs through our specialized Medical Clinics and State of the Art Drug Testing Laboratory. Our TeleHealth Network has the capability to link any Community, Agency, Physician, Treatment Provider or Patient with one of our Specialist Clinics, thus greatly streamlining the process and reducing costs.

Products / Services

Clinical Testing Laboratory and Chronic Pain Management Clinics

Clinical Testing Lab
Our Clinical Lab will be doing a “Pure Play” on Urine Drug Testing in the highest margin sector which is Chronic Pain Management.

Our Clinical Lab will be outfitted with the latest state of the art testing equipment including a Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) equipment for the fastest turnaround and unmatched accuracy in testing. A very high margin business.

Our cost to run a 23 Panel, 65 drug compound test with confirmations on all panels is $2.13 or under $75 all inclusive of overheads. Reimbursement rates from Medicaid/Medicare is $300, from Workers Comp is $500 and from Private Insurance is up to $1200.

Chronic Pain Management Clinics
PharmaNetUSA Inc. is opening a series of TeleHealth Chronic Pain Management Clinics in the USA (starting in Florida).


Chief Executive Officer
Mac Brown

Mac Brown, Chief Executive Officer / Chairman: An experienced Technology CEO; Sales, Marketing & Business Development Executive; Entrepreneur. Mac was a Founder, CEO of Magenn Power, Founder and CEO of Rebel.com; achieved revenues of $55M per year; (25% owned by Corel Corp., the NetWinder Office Server was the custom award winning software/hardware product of Rebel.com). Founder, CEO of Hardware Canada Computer; who was a computer and networking Value Added Reseller, as well as an OEM manufacturer for Newbridge Networks; achieved revenues of $40M / yr. achieving 54 straight quarters of profitability.

Executive Vice President Executive Officer
Dr. E. Lyle Gross

Dr. E. Lyle Gross, Chief Medical Officer: PharmaNetUSA’s Chief Medical Officer & Telemedicine Expert, Dr. E. Lyle Gross formerly of the Mayo Clinic, is a Physical Medicine and Chronic pain Specialist who not only has the expertise in interpreting toxicology reports and therapeutic levels but is also a recognized expert in prescription narcotics, opiates, synthetics and other alternatives for the management of pain. History: Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Fellowship training in the orthopedic, surgical and medical management of pain disorders. Staff Physician at the Mayo Clinic (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) from 1984 – 1986. Medical Director of the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (1986 – 1990). From 1990 – 2000, participated in the development of a comprehensive community based rehabilitation program for chronic pain patients, with medication management issues and work disability. In 2001 re-joined the Mayo Clinic as Medical Director of the Work I

Executive Vice President Operations
Ken Smith

Ken Smith, EVP of Operations / Director: Ken founded OnTrak Systems, Inc., in 1990 with a patented process for cleaning semiconductors. Intel, IBM, and AMD were among his largest customers. In 1994, Ken raised $7M from TA Associates, Boston, MA. Eight months later, OnTrak went public, NASDAQ (ONTK), raising $52M at a market value $150M. OnTrak merged with Lam Research at a value of $400M. Ken operated Global Drug Testing Labs (GDTL) from 2005 to 2014. Global was a major provider of drug testing and collection services to the criminal justice system serving probation departments, drug courts, juveniles, children and family services as well as private employers and the department of transportation. Global operated 5 labs in four states (Idaho, Utah, California, and Indiana) and performed approximately 15,000 tests per month.

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