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May 5, 2015 9:08 AM ET

Archived: What’s going on? Ask someone who knows: Find out what people who know the city are doing; don’t waste another minute with a run of the mill experience

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

What’s going on? Ask someone who knows.

by Zachary House

Find out what people who know the city are doing. Don’t waste another minute with a run of the mill experience.

Zachary House

About this project

“What’s going on” is a user enriched company hoping to enable travelers to fully utilize their precious time. Even with today’s technology, pure human connections take time. At home, we have time to create those connections; but abroad each minute is fleeting. Each one of us is looking for an array of different ways to spend the finite amount of time we have left. It is due to humanity’s continued ability to remain individualistic that we are confronted with an issue that has yet to be conquered from a marketing stand point. Instead of generalized ways to spend your time in a new place, “What’s going on” takes your specific personality into account when tailoring a plan on how to spend the only real form of currency we have. Through numerous city insiders “What’s going on” hopes to provide any one, from any where, with experiences that only someone with local knowledge could achieve. It sounds arrogant, but when faced with the daunting aspect of a new city, a knowledgeable resource you can count on is invaluable. “What’s going on” isn’t here to tell you what’s cool, but rather to take your interests into consideration and put you in contact with those looking for something similar. The funds raised will go solely to website creation and incorporation of qualified contributors with insight into specific city’s. Like many other sites that look to connect people, “What’s going on” will begin in one city with hopes of branching out to many others. 

Risks and challenges

With the prominence of the Internet comes the unavoidable outcome of an excess in options. Ideas similar to “What’s going on” are a dime a dozen. But like the company, I too have the ability to compensate for where the others fall short. Because I’ve created this out of my own necessity I am able to address the very specific needs of the user. Because I’m am the type of person “What’s going on” aims to assist, I am also the best suited to cultivate the way in which the company is constructed. It would be easy to dismiss something like this as a glorified party invite site. A way to get the word out about classless and overcrowded events. That is exactly what “What’s going on” strives to weed out. Seldom is the most popular thing to do the most fun.

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