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May 5, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: [RE:Activ] Wear eSports Apparel: Revolutionizing eSports with Performance Apparel for Professional and Enthusiast Gamers

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

[RE:Activ] Wear eSports Apparel

by [RE:Activ] Designs

Revolutionizing eSports with Performance Apparel for Professional and Enthusiast Gamers

[RE:Activ] Designs

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About this project


[RE:Activ] Wear – The Most Powerful Gaming Performance Gear That You Don’t Own (Yet)!

How Does It Work?

[RE:Activ] Wear makes use of KYMIRA’s state-of-the-art hybrid fiber technology to give the wearer increased blood flow and long-term comfort, allowing gamers to play at their best for extended periods of time.  There are 13 thermo-reactive compounds ground to microscopic grains. These particles are then embedded within a holofiber creating Celliant®, the main active material in our KYnergy™ Smart fabric. This allows our fabric to absorb both thermal energy emitted from the body and latent energy from the environment and direct it back into the wearer as infrared energy (IR). The IR passes through the skin cells and is absorbed by tissues in the body, leading to benefits such as increased circulation and relaxation of skeletal muscles.

[RE:Activ] Wear Is A Blend Of:  

  • Polyester for comfort  
  • Celliant® for IR exposure  
  • Spandex for maximum thermoregulatory effects

What is E-sports or eSports? Can I Eat It?

eSports is not edible, but it is fun! In the past 40 years, electronic gaming has gone from private living room adventures to live-streamed championships in stadiums across the world. From the humble days of black and white, electronic gaming has rocketed to a multi-billion dollar industry world-wide, netting 205 million viewers globally in 2014. In competitions where grand prizes total several million, gamers need every edge they can get in competing to be the best. From high resolution monitors to top of the line GPUs, gamers, both amateur and professional, need every advantage to win. However, the core essential piece of gear that defines the look of a gamer and enhances their performance has not existed… until now!

How does [RE:Activ] Wear Relate To eSports?

eSports and conventional sports have the same fundamentals:

  • Competition 
  • Performance centered-gear
  • Camaraderie 
  • Sponsors 
  • Championships 
  • Glory 

Professionals want the best gear available to enhance their performance. Gaming apparel, however, is often selected simply for comfort because there are no options for gamers. When compared with regular apparel, [RE:Activ] Wear has many unique features that enhance your performance: 

  • Increased Circulation – IR is absorbed by your tissues results in increased circulation in the body.  Oxygen and nutrients move more efficiently throughout the body, thus maintaining your performance both physically and mentally.
  • Thermoregulation – People are sensitive to temperature. We get uncomfortable when it is too hot or cold and don’t perform as well as we would if we were at an ideal temperature. [RE:Activ] Wear retains heat better than other fabrics so you can stay warm, even when the surroundings are cool. [RE:Activ] Wear dries quickly and wicks sweat away from your skin, so your body is cooled more efficiently in warmer conditions.
  • Relaxation of Skeletal Muscles – IR that passes through your body also relaxes your skeletal muscles, allowing you to feel good during several hours of training or during your toughest matches. 
  • Improved Endurance – [RE:Activ] Wear turns your body into a renewable source of energy, allowing your body to operate more efficiently. This allows you to play longer before needing a break, but also increases your recovery time during the break. 

Celliant® has gone through over 9 clinical trials that prove the technology provides increased circulation, thermoregulation, relaxation of skeletal muscles, and improved endurance.  Clinical trails have been conducted at the following locations:

  • UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Calgary

Tier Rewards 

[SPECTATOR] Entry Bundle ($5) -Thank you letter, a 2″ x 2″ KYnergy™ fabric square in the color of your choice, and a swag wristband! 

[INITIATE] Entry Bundle ($15) – [RE:ACTIV] branded drawstring bag, Personalized [RE:ACT] Wear Beta membership & thank you letter, a 2″ x 2″ KYnergy™ fabric square in the color of your choice, inclusion in Beta Member mailing list with exclusive offers and upcoming products, and a swag wristband! 

[RESIDENT] Entry Bundle ($35) – KYMIRA® ankle socks + [INITIATE]!

[ROGUE] Intermediate Bundle ($45) – KYMIRA® arm sleeves + [INITIATE]!

[WARRIOR] Intermediate Bundle ($60) – KYMIRA® arm sleeves and socks + [INITIATE]!

[ELITE] Limited Bundle ($80) – KYMIRA® arm sleeves with your name or gamer tag + [RESIDENT]! Limited to 100 units

[CORE] ($100) – [RE:ACTIV] eSports performance top & thank you letter!

[CORE] Limited Edition ($115) – [RE:ACTIV] eSports Performance top with your name or gamer tag & thank you letter! Limited to 100 units.

[KNIGHT] Intermediate Bundle ($120) – [RE:ACTIV] eSports performance top + [INITIATE]!

[LORD] Advanced Bundle ($145) – [RE:ACTIV] eSports performance top and KYMIRA arm sleeves with your name or gamer tag printed + [INITIATE]!  Limited to 100 units.

[ARCHMASTER] Advanced Bundle ($175) – [RE:ACTIV] emblazoned eSports performance top + [WARRIOR]! Limited to 20 units.

[GRANDMASTER] Advanced Bundle ($200) –  [RE:ACTIV] emblazoned eSports performance top and KYMIRA® arm sleeves with your name or gamer tag printed + [RESIDENT]!  Limited to 10 units.

[GENERAL] Immortality Bundle($1,000) – 5 x [GRANDMASTER] Limited Bundle!  We will also work with you to develop your own custom logo, or print your current logo on the top! Limited to 3 units

[HIGHLANDER] THE ONLY ONE ($5,000) – We will love you forever and draw you a picture of a Rainbow Unicorn <3 (only 1 though)

10 x [GRANDMASTER] Limited Bundle!  

6 x [CORE] Limited Bundle! 

We will work with you to develop your own custom brand and logo.  Our awesome marketing team will help you to develop your product for eSports!  Limited to 1 unit

About Us 

[RE:Activ] Designs is an omnichannel creative design company with special focus in the eSports industry.  With expertise in areas from Polymer & Color Chemistry to Cinematography, we re-imagine the impossible and make it reality. Our goal is to collaborate with innovative industry partners to generate quality designer products that will exceed customer expectations and dominate the gaming apparel industry.

Utilizing the rapid growth of social media platforms and advanced manufacturing technology, we look to leverage our expertise in our target markets and capitalize on momentum to expand toward additional targeted niche demographics.

Our Core Team

Cairyl – Concept Resource – Nutrition Science | Exercise | Product Testing | Concept Design  

Chris – Creative Director – Art | Design | UX | branding | Website Development

Matt – R&D Mad Scientist – Textiles | Manufacturing | R&D | Product testing

Mike – Master of Propaganda – Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Management | Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Tim – KYMIRA CEO – Entrepreneurship | Medical | Clean Tech | KYMIRA 

Tony – Founder Boss Ninja Biker CEO – Accounting | Entrepreneurship | IT Consultancy |  Innovation | Leadership | Networking  


Buy our shirts, they feel nice and make you game better, backed by sciences!

Risks and challenges

User adoption – differentiation between competitor products and ours at a glance. The difference is what’s on the inside, and you need to try it to believe it.

While the fabric has been clinically tested for all of the benefits we have listed, we have not finished our reaction time tests with the fabric. So far our data is indicating that there is an improvement in reaction time, but the experiments will need to be conducted elsewhere for it to be published. We will make an official announcement when the experiment is completed.

We will do our best to get your rewards in on time. However, an unforeseen issue with a manufacturer could come up and delay the process. We will send out an update if there is an issue or if the rewards are ready early. However, we guarantee you WILL receive your order.

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