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May 5, 2015 7:11 AM ET

Archived: NCS Services, Inc. Technology

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015


NCS Services, Inc.



NCS Services is an online donation processing service that allows contributors to give electronically to churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations. Rid yourself of the hassles that come with cash and checks, and experience a one-on-one, profitable consulting relationship.

NCS Services makes your job easier, helping you to help others.


The research says it all. The over 1 million nonprofit organizations and 220,000 churches in the U.S. struggle in three areas: increasing financial resources, improving communication with its members and reducing administrative burdens. And with the unnecessary distractions of handling an estimated 300 million checks per year, these struggles divert further and further from their solution.

NCS Services’ electronic giving-and-reporting platform addresses each of these areas by removing the inefficiencies inherent in Cash & Check management, so you can achieve your mission with no bumps in the road.


We’re not ordinary. At NCS Services, we don’t simply process your donations. We provide you with a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager whose sole focus is to help increase donations — bringing you closer to making a difference

Time is precious. Signing up with us is hassle-free, requiring no merchant account — just a page-long enrollment!

Piggy bank required. With our Freemium Model, NCS Services has no fees, hidden costs, or startup costs. A $100 donation will cost you no more than $3.50, and the entire donation will go straight to your bank account — facilitating the creation of annual accounting reports

Safety first. Don’t worry, we’ll handle security for you. Our PCI Level One Compliance system is the highest standard available in the industry today, so you can work with peace of mind

Our web-based mobiles solution enables donors to give to their favorite charities anytime, anywhere


PLEDGE TRACKING. Our Pledge module takes the manual work out of tracking the status of pledging over time

EVENT TRACKING (PAID OR NONPAID). Event registration is an ideal outreach mechanism

GUEST DONATION. Easily collect from one-time contributors with our fast, simple and secure guest feature

REPORT. Our comprehensive and extensive reporting module provides you with your nonprofit’s information easily and efficiently

eGIVE. Online giving will keep members connected with your organization anytime, making it easier for them to contribute and you to receive donations

TEXT. Donate to a cause you believe in with a simple text message, or communicate to all of your members with text blasting

APPS. With a social app, you can communicate with and receive donations from your members anytime, anywhere

CHECKOUT. Effortlessly accept payments from your laptop at any of your functions, meetings or fundraising events

KIOSK. Draw a crowd with this point-of-attraction, informing guests and members about your latest news and receive contributions with ease


Our community is thriving. We have over 2,100 nonprofit organization customers—including the Salvation Army and Make-a-Wish Foundation—and over 161,000 eGive platform users

It’s branded. Our company owns all of our electronic giving intellectual property

We have more in mind to make a difference. NCS Services is currently developing an iPad Kiosk, a WordPress plugin and an IOS/Android App — so your organization can thrive along with ours


20+ years leading developmental stage companies in technology and services.

20+ years of marketing and sales experience in the faith-based and nonprofit markets.

20+ years in private and public accounting.

20+ years in information technology, and voted CIO of the Year 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA.

20+ years working with nonprofits in a financial and legal capacity.

10+ years as a risk analyst and portfolio manager, and very active with charitable organizations.

Contact Information:

Doug wright
Jackie Bailey
Kimberli Ramsey
John Hensberger
Marc Moore
Garrett Cooper

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