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May 5, 2015 12:54 PM ET

Archived: Medpro Properties Inc: unique revenue royalty secured investment vehicle from $50,000 and up

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

Medpro Properties Inc

Ft Myers, FL 33901, US
Real Estate

Medpro Properties Inc. offers a unique revenue royalty secured investment vehicle from $50,000 and up. Investors enjoy pre-defined 12 to 15% annual revenue royalties, paid quarterly for a pre-defined period of time or until a pre-defined amount is paid back. Investors do not have to wait for an exit to see returns and have lesser fear of investment loss.

Our approach to commercial income producing real estate investments are:
1. Buy right at acquisition– we will not buy unless we can at minimum double its acquisition value. As such, we make money when we buy.
2) Potential to increase value via rehab or conversion–if there does not exist an opportunity to increase the property value in a relatively short amount of time, that property does not meet our acquisition criteria. As such, we limit our risk exposure.
3) Ensure exit profits within 12 to 24 months– we seek to return investments back to our investors within 12 to 24 months. Thus lowering investors’ exposure.
4) Pay revenue royalties almost immediately allowing investors to enjoy liquidity and reduce fear of loss of investments.

Medpro Properties Inc is made up of an experienced and very innovative team banding together to do things differently. From our acquisition criteria to our conversions to exit to hold for long term cash flow—we are not confined by the industry box. We have NO BOX!

We don’t just fly, WE SOAR!

At acquisition, we add value, pay pre-defined revenue royalties in a pre-defined timeline and at exit, sell to end buyers at cost savings that help them to retain their wealth. We deliver what our investors expect and deserve. We know we have what it takes to help you enjoy your success – all day, every day.


Products / Services

Medical and Professional Office Buildings Acquisition

We identify, qualify and acquire cashflowing medical and professional office buildings nationwide that will meet our stringent acquisition criteria. We will not acquire the property unless we can double, triple, quadruple or more its acquisition value. Thus we know we will make a profit at acquisition. Our team of Professional source finders have an expansive network that consistently present qualified properties that we can buy at the most favorable prices nationwide.

Property Management

We offer complete and comprehensive management services, which allow our clients to live and work around the world with confidence in our management expertise.

We believe the property manager is responsible for satisfying the needs of the tenants in the most cost effective manner possible. Building strong tenant relationships ensures high occupancy and is critical to a building’s health. Our approach is to anticipate problems, repairs and maintenance based on our experience with medical properties.

Medical and Professional Office Condo Conversion

Upon acquisition of cashflowing medical and professional office buildings, we rehab and convert these into office condominiums. Such converted units will then be resold back to the existing tenants, new tenants and private investors to recoup the cost of acquisition, rehab, conversion. Remaining units will be kept for the duration for long term cashflow and appreciation.

Medical and Professional Office Building Rehab and Conversion

We rehab, convert and add value to the properties we acquire. Often at the very minimal doubling its acquisition value.

With our rehab and conversion methods, we seek to upgrade such properties to be in line with the current if not surpass the current trend.

Medical and Professional Office Condo Units Sale

Upon conversion and upgrades, we seek to resell such trendy units back to the existing tenants, new tenants and private investors at a significant own versus lease cost savings. At the same time, provide long term financing for the otherwise unable to qualify end buyers.


Chief Executive Officer
Felix Amabile

Felix AmabileFelix is responsible for the formulation and implementation of MedPro Properties Inc’s business model, working with the acquisition team to identify undervalued, off market and distressed medical and professional office buildings throughout the US that has a 2X-5X cost of acquisition upon conversion to office condominiums. In addition, Felix engages with high net worth individuals, investment groups and hedge funds to meet the company’s capital appetite. Performing on site visits and inspections of selected qualified properties for acquisition as well as presenting Tenant-to-Owner sales presentations upon condominium conversion are amongst his expertise in addition to being a well seasoned properties rehabber.

President Executive Officer
Jackie Tan

Jackie TanCalifornia BRE Licensed Realtor, a past Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist. With commercial properties, she can speed up the process of the sale significantly with her abilities to qualify and protect investors at acquisitions from risk of market loss, helps buyers retain values at purchase and or market entrance with creative financial structures. Her expertise also extends to small business loans, projects and raising major funds for film productions. Her leadership qualities span from leading a production team of more than 50 thru running her own mortgage company thru her own music and film production company. Jackie has extensive experience as a top loan producer, capital raiser, well sort after Executive Producer in the film industry, real estate investing specifically with under valued off market properties, commercial income producing properties, portfolio buy and sell, hotels, motels, professional office buildings and medical offices, condominium conversions, apartments.


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