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May 5, 2015 7:00 AM ET

Archived: Linear Labs Inc.: Electric vehicles that don’t need new battery technology to get gasoline equivalence

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

Linear Labs Inc.

Dallas Fort Worth, TX 76049, US
Transportation & Distribution

Linear Labs Inc. ..
Update: After an exhaustive 5 month study by the Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas, the results are in! We smoked it! Ask for details!
Our technologies just changed the electric motor/generator world forever ushering in a new era in how we think about electric machines…An entirely new technology utilizing different principles than all previous electro-magnetic machines to date!. Incredibly efficient, far more powerful, absolutely dead quiet, completely fault tolerant.Linear Labs Magnetic Tunnel Saturation designs offer extremely high flux confinement and flux densities allowing unparalleled field saturation using conventional magnetic materials technologies. Unlike all machines used today the smallest current is turned into a motive force.
Extremely high efficiency across the entire rpm/torque range, not just at one point on a graph. Electric vehicles that don’t need new battery technology to get gasoline equivalence. Industrial motors that respond instantly to changing loads and continue to operate after a fault.
Linear Labs has produced technologies with the following attributes:
1. Technology that is Proprietary and Patentable. Patents pending on all technologies ,
(Base technology claims awarded by PCT/EPO, entering country phase).
2. Technology is Greenfield IP – Not like any other motor – differentiators are evident
3. Technology that can replace existing technologies in existing and extremely large markets
4. Technology focuses on a concentration of clearly defined major customers
5. Technology is a glove-fit for several large-cap global corporations, who are potential acquirers
6. Technology that can be licensed, and utilize existing customer infrastructure to manufacture
7. Technology that has been reduced to practice 4 times; 3rd party data and university studies confirms it works

Detailed Business Plan available on request

Products / Services

New Concept Technology Platforms,, Electric Motors and Generators, Linear Actuators and Generators

Linear Labs, formed in 2013, and located in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, has developed technologies for the electric motor, electric generator, and linear and rotary actuator markets. Over the last 5 years, Linear Labs has reduced to practice two rotary and two linear electric motor/generator prototypes utilizing a new methodology for electric motor/generator construction. The end result, proven by third party test data, is an electric motor that produces factors more torque or force for an equivalent amount of energy input compared to any other commercial machine or as a generator more voltage at incredibly low speeds This makes the technology applicable to any motor, generator, or actuator market, It is a truly disruptive technology due to its much higher output performance at lower energy input levels. This technology can be built using existing standard manufacturing methods and practices and the designs are no more expensive to produce than today’s machines.


Chief Technology Officer
Fred E. Hunstable

Inventor, Lead Designer

Director Executive Officer
Brad Hunstable
President Operations
John Curry


Contact Information:

Fred Hunstable Fhunstable@linearlabsinc.com

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