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May 5, 2015 10:53 AM ET

HAVEN – The Stronger, Smarter Home Lock

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015



Meet HAVEN: the stronger, smarter home security platform.

Every 13 seconds, there is a home invasion or burglary in the United States. And while home automation technology is making home security smarter, it’s really not making it safer.

HAVEN is a first-of-its-kind “preventative” home security platform.  Our floor-anchored, electronic locking wedge fortifies the door at its strongest point – the base.

The result: HAVEN, stops home intruders in their tracks, and keeps your home — and the things and the people that matter most — safe and sound.

HAVEN will be an integrated platform that connects sensors on doors, windows, and valuables back to the HAVEN base lock.  Our HAVEN 360 technology will be the first line of defense and a breakthrough preventative lock and security system.  We plan to expand our 360 technology to interact with a variety of IoT devices within the smart home space leveraging our enterprise connected system within a cloud platform.


Every year, more than 2 million homes are broken into in the United States alone — that’s 1 in every 36 homes.

Burglars steal an average of $2,230 worth of property with every invasion, and that doesn’t even begin to factor in the stress and emotional trauma that comes from having your home invaded, your possessions looted and the safety of your loved ones called into question.

With home invasions happening at such alarming rates, it’s no wonder there are so many options for security systems designed to prevent you and your family from becoming the next victims. But as security systems get smarter, so have the burglars, with lock bumping, 3D key printing and other emerging technologies making it only too easy to disarm even the most technologic deadbolt systems.

The majority of innovation in the home lock space has been centered around making deadbolts smarter or connected with a better user interface — despite the overwhelming evidence that deadbolt-based home lock systems are simply not getting the job done, and the lock strikeplate is actually the weakest part of the door.

At HAVEN, we believe people are living with a false sense of security. Our revolutionary solution is stronger, smarter and safer than any other home locking system you can buy.


Stronger, smarter and more secure than any other lock on the market today, the HAVEN smart lock is a truly revolutionary new take on home security:

The strongest part of any door is its base, so that’s where the HAVEN team focused our solution. The HAVEN lock system is simple in its concept and design: It anchors flat against the floor inside of your home, instead of on the frame of your door. The home owner has two installation options: 1) A custom VHB tape designed by 3M or 2) anchored by lag bolts.  

When locked, the HAVEN simply flips like a wedge up to withstand even the strongest methods of forced entry. Made with steel and glass-reinforced nylon and aluminum, the HAVEN system stands strong against relentless kicking, lock bumping and even a battering ram. 


The HAVEN smart lock is equipped with convenient digital capabilities. Inside the HAVEN lives a Wifi and Bluetooth interface, and a small accelerometer that can detect excessive force and automatically send an alert to your smart device or embedded speaker. It also allows you to schedule specific times when your HAVEN will lock and unlock. You can share access to friends and family via the mobile application or get notification when your young child comes home from school.  

HAVEN 360 is the future of home security.  By taking a thoughtful approach to every entry point and every valuable, HAVEN will give you total peace of mind.

HAVEN will be an integrated platform that connects sensors on doors, windows, and valuables back to the HAVEN base lock.  Our HAVEN 360 technology will be the first line of defense and a breakthrough preventative lock and security system.   We plan to expand our 360 technology to interact with a variety of IoT devices with in the home connected space leveraging our enterprise connected system with Google Firebase’s cloud platform.

Our keyless entry lets you lock and unlock the door from wherever you are using your smart device. We also offer a key fob for when you don’t have your phone. Our system also allows digital key sharing, letting you give certain people access to lock and unlock your HAVEN. You can set it up to activate and expire whenever you want. This is perfect for homeowners renting out their place to temporary tenants.

Amid the home automation trend sweeping the nation, we fit in perfectly. You can sync your HAVEN to other smart home devices like Apple HomeKit and the Nest ecosystem to, say, turn on your lights when your HAVEN detects unusual force. We are continually developing HAVEN so that it can connect with even more of your digital devices to make your life even easier. 


In creating the HAVEN system, we worked with fire marshals, contractors and code inspectors to make sure our product was safe in every sense of the word. Our identity protection feature makes sure that your HAVEN only responds to the devices you choose. And if you ever lose your phone, you can lock and unlock your home from any computer.

In the event of a power or mechanical outage, you can continue to control your HAVEN through the two internal batteries and wireless components included in every system. HAVEN also comes standard with a mechanical footplate that you can press to mechanicaly lower HAVEN in case of an emergency.


We have come a long way since the concept for HAVEN was born in April 2014. In our first six months, we built a functioning prototype and ran it through numerous tests that it passed with flying colors.

We then launched a Kickstarter campaign to confirm our product market fit and validate the customers’ price threshold and product features. While we only reached $116K of our $150K Kickstarter goal, we drove hundreds of thousands of people to our website, where we sold 361 preorders of HAVEN units in 30 days. So, while Kickstarter didn’t get us funding, it did kickstart our presence. We became a staff pick on the Kickstarter website and drew a tremendous amount of press attention from some of the biggest tech and business journals and magazines in the nation. See below just some of what the press has to say about HAVEN (click on the images below to read their respective articles):



Potential partnerships and interested clients include big names like:

We are completing design for manufacturing and have identified our suppliers and production partner.  We plan to start production and assembly and start shipping the first HAVEN pre-orders by October 2015. To learn more, please request access to the Business Plan side of this profile.


The Haven lock began as a simple solution to a real problem. In February 2014, Haven co-founder Clay Banks experienced a series of home invasions in his neighborhood. The serial thief was using a bump key to enter people’s homes. Clay had never heard of this quiet and shockingly simple method of breaking in to homes.

Soon after, Clay met Alex Bertelli, the other soon-to-be co-founder of Haven. It turns out that Alex’s neighborhood had experienced similar break-ins in his neighborhood in January 2014. In thinking of solutions to this alarming problem, Alex birthed an idea that originated from his service in the Army. During his service, Alex noticed that the most important buildings and embassies were fortified by simple, electronically activated Pylon barriers. He came up with a home-friendly version.

Together, Clay and Alex formed an experienced team around their new concept and created HAVEN. In just six months, the team of 14 engineers, developers and designers created a fully functioning prototype that has caught the attention of some of this biggest tech and home automation/security players in the industry. At HAVEN, we are quickly revolutionizing home and business security to keep you and the ones you care about safe.

Alex draws his experience from his time in the Army Special Operations Aviation. During his time serving, he directed high-visibility missions that required the synchronization of 1,000 soldiers and $1 billion+ in assets, the management of a 10,500 flying hour program, and the employment of 38 special operations helicopters valued at more than $1 billion. Alex’s operations management experience in the Army allows him to focus on product development, project management and next generation security prevention technology at HAVEN.

Clay is an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on customer discovery, traction, strategic growth and partnerships. Before crowdfunding was even a term, Clay crowd sourced authors and self-published a book that sold more than 9,000 copies in less than five months. Since then, he has founded or co-founded three other mobile/technology companies and has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 for International Business and Economic Development. As a leader in economic development, Clay works with advanced manufactures to invest and create jobs for Tennessee. So far in his short career, Clay has led efforts with companies to invest more than $2 billion in capital and create 8,000+ jobs.

Keith is a Senior Application developer for RANDA Solutions, an INC. 5000 data and application development firm based in Nashville, TN serving the public education sector. At HAVEN, he is our Senior Developer, with specialties in C#, TSQL, CSS3, XML, HTML, JavaScript, and a list of other technical jargon. With his keen knowledge of all things tech, Keith will lead our teams of mobile application, board, and chip developers.

Scott has 37 years of experience in advanced manufacturing and prototyping, including eight years owning Integrated Machining, a research and development metal working shop, three years in Quality Assessment of high precision, and six years of axis CNC and CMM programming. At HAVEN, Scott will oversee hardware manufacturing, sourcing, tool and mold production, assembly and quality control.

Brian has years of experience in product design using SolidWorks (Complex Parts, Large Assemblies, 2d Drawings, Renders), CFD Analysis and Finite Element Analysis. As VP of Engineering at HAVEN, Brian will manage mechanical design and engineering.


Jason is an electrical engineer with over 26 years as a product designer for various companies including Peavey Electronics, Valley International, Midwestern Electronics, and Elan Home Systems.  He has also worked as a consultant for various companies designing and producing electrical hardware and firmware. He has been involved in the design and production of over 75 finished products ranging from High Power Class-D audio amplifiers to rf-based wearable tech. His skills include analog and digital hardware design, pcb design, agency and safety approval (CE, FCC, UL), production transfer, and factory testing. He has traveled to China many times in support of off-shore production and testing.


Contact Information:

Alex Bertelli
Clay Banks
keith Williams
scott Dillard
Brian Smith
Jason Dunaway

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