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May 5, 2015 10:31 AM ET

Destin Marathon & Half Marathon Pre-Registration

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

Destin Marathon & Half Marathon Pre-Registration

A new marathon experience, in a beautiful location, rooted in treating our runners like family.
Zane Race Director

We need a simple favor today: Pre-register now for our race

This whole page is created to ask you to do one simple thing:  Pre-register for our April 17th, 2016 Kill Cliff Destin Marathon & Half Marathon benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation so we have enough runners committed that we can cover the overhead of putting on an outstanding race for you.   You do that in 38 days and we will take care of the rest*. I promise these are the lowest entry fees you will ever see for this event.

*Running and/or training is recommended

That’s great, but why is this on Indiegogo? 

First, we aren’t your Grandma’s marathon (although we love our grandmas).  You might see we do things a little differently than you are used to.  Second, traditional registration sites don’t allow us to meet a set registration goal before accepting your registration fees.  Our campaign is all or nothing.  If our campaign is funded in 38 days, we are going to exceed your expectations by putting on a bigger and better race than you could have imagined.  It’s not in our DNA to put on a half-assed event; there are plenty of those out there and we absolutely refuse to allow the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon to take that path. 

You work with us by fully funding this campaign before it ends and together we will create a world-class marathon and half-marathon, in one of the most loved beach towns in America, by bringing each runner into our race family and giving every runner a well-organized and supported event for a fair price. 


What are the Perks of registering so early?

In addition to the lowest entry fees ever, we are going to give you more than an empty gel wrapper stuck to the bottom of your shoe or a loud fart from the runner in front of you (those are included free with each marathon registration purchased). 

Check out these bonk-proof deals:  We have everything from a $1 Fist Bump to the $10,000 Ultimate Running Vacation Week! 

Want to know what exactly each perk item is?  Go to our “What is each perk item” section below.

After you’ve previewed all of our perks, we suggest purchasing one because these won’t last! 


More Perks

The other perk that you don’t see on the list takes a little math, so we called in an expert.  If we exceed our goal within these 38 days, we are not just going to put those $$ under our mattress for later.  We are going to reinvest them into making your race even better than already planned. 


How Can It Get Better?  Raise over $50,000, and we will let you vote on how you want to improve your race and make those perks you already purchased worth more.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Additional Race Weekend Gift for our Indiegogo Supporters
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Better Race Swag (nicer shirts, bigger medals, stuffed goodie bags)
  • Bigger and Better Bands at the Finish Line
  • More Free Beer
  • A Full Bar at the Expo for our Indiegogo supporters
  • More Live Tracking Points

We have lots of crazy, good ideas.  We just need the additional $$ and support to make them happen! 

What Costs So Much?

It will cost over $100,000 to put on a high-quality, first-year race for 1,000+ runners. Luckily, for all of us, our amazing sponsors have already agreed to make up the other half if we meet our crowdfunding goal within 38 days. First-year only expenses like a traffic management plan can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars.  We are not a big corporation with deep pockets, nor do we want you to have to take out a second mortgage to pay a $200 entry fee.  In fact, I hate high-priced races just as much as you do.  I want to put on an amazing, affordable marathon in my hometown and bring people from around the world to experience this gorgeous place.  I’m personally unable to fund all the race expenses until most runners register… long after a lot of bills are due (we know ‘you’ would never wait ’til the last minute, but ‘other’ runners do). 

Other Ways To Help

  1. Stalk us all over the Internet:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever other crazy stuff you are into.  Go ahead and LIKE or FOLLOW whatever we post, and you’ll be helping your friends discover the greatest crowdfunding campaign they’ll ever join. Please help your friends be awesome.
  2. Annoy your friends:  We need to reach as many marathon runners as we can, and we can’t do it alone.  Following us?  Help us spread the word.  Repost our stuff.  Or post your own.  We’ll share stuff you post — if you produce your own cool content related to the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon, let us know by emailing [email protected] or Facebooking us and we’ll share it. 
  3. Grab entries for your friends now: You are going to want to run this race and it’s going to be way more fun if your running friends are there with you.  So go ahead, get crazy, and plan ahead by getting an entry.  Then, have your friends get their entries now so that we can put on a better race for everyone. 
  4. Google ‘Destin’ then send your friends photos of our amazing beaches: Put something witty in the subject line like “This Marathon looks like a real beach”. Then, make them come to this page and donate, even if it’s just $1.  

Who is putting this race on?

I am Zane Holscher, the Founder and Race Director of the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon and Half Marathon benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation (and the voice on the video).  Having served as an Air Force Officer for 14 years, I know what it takes to produce a well-organized and precisely executed operation.  Coupled with over 6 years’ experience directing races, ranging from 5K to 6 Days, and nearly everything in between, I have the knowledge required to bring the best of short races, marathons, and ultra marathons together to the make this event one-of-a-kind, just for you! 

Over the past 5 years, I’ve volunteered thousands of hours of my time to direct the Destin Beach Ultra Runs and facilitated our runners raising over $190,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  Read all about how this new marathon has come into being on my blog.  Now, it’s time to bring the amazing experience our ultra runners receive to the roads for marathon and half-marathon runners!  


When will I get my perks?
The stickers, training shirts, and planks will be mailed approximately 1 month after the close of the campaign.  Please allow another 5-10 days for shipping.  All Race Day perks will be collected the weekend of April 17, 2016.
What is each perk item? 
Below are the details of each individual item and icons indicating the perk package that contains each item.  The perk packages are on the top right of this page.                                                              
  • A Happy Heart:  You get to feel good about helping us make something amazing for the running community!  Included in ALL perk packages!                         
  • Vote on T-Shirt Design & More:  You will be one of the select people that gets to vote on the race T-shirt design, the Finishers’ medal design, and other race swag designs.


  • Sticker: A sticker with the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon logo on it. 


  • Training T-Shirt: These are the highest-quality cotton shirts…  We are talking really soft and comfortable shirts that you will want to wear all the time. They are cut differently for men and women so everyone looks and feels great.  The fish design was painted by famed Destin artist, Don Sawyer, just for you!  When we reach our goal, you can choose from the painting or a simple Kill Cliff Destin Marathonlogo shirt in the colors below.



  • Entry Full/Half Marathon: You get an entry into the race just like the people who register after this campaign is over.  Only you are getting it much cheaper than they will.  Each runner will get a goodie bag, race shirt, finishers’ medal, and much more, depending on how much we raise here. 


  • Corral Start: We can’t start 1,000s of people all at once, so we will start the race in waves. You can buy your way into one of the first two start corrals by purchasing one of the perk packages below.  This eliminates time standing around at the start and gets you to the finish party faster! 


  • Plank Owner Plank: This is an approximately 4″x 6″ solid wood, laser engraved wood plank.  Each Plank Owner will also be immortalized on a Plank Owner page on the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon website.  The wood planks will be personalized with your name for those who purchase the two highest-level packages. A plankowner/plankholder is an individual who was a member of the crew of a United States Navy Ship when that ship was originally commissioned (put into service).  Plankholder is also often applied to members of newly commissioned units, new military bases and recommissioning crews as well… And now it applies to founding crew members of new marathons!
  • Plank Owner Post-Party:  You will get into a VIP section of the post-race area where you will have access to a free restaurant-catered brunch and intoxicating (and non-intoxicating) drinks to celebrate your success.  If we raise enough to have a band, you will have great seats to enjoy the show.  You will also be the only ones able to buy a limited number of additional Plankowner Post-Party tickets for your friends or family. 


  • Condo/Accommodations:  You will stay in a ResortQuest beach accommodation for the number of nights in your package during race weekend.  ResortQuest has several awesome beach properties in the Destin and Okaloosa Island area.  They will fill the amazing Waterscape Resort on Okaloosa Island, closest to packet pickup/race start, first based on perk purchase date, and then move to the Destin properties if those are full. If you want to switch properties after assignment, and there is room, it won’t be a problem.                                                                             


  • Race Day Transportation: You don’t have to ride the race bus to the start and have a DD home!  Depending on your party size, a car or small bus will pick your party up at your condo and take to you the race start.   They will also take you from the finish line back to your condo when you are done partying.  Maybe you want to hit another place on the way home, they can even take you there (10 hours maximum from first pickup to last drop-off). 


  • Massage:  A one-hour post race massage for you.  We will let you work with the massage professional to decide what time is right for you.  Maybe you want it on the beach the day after the race, or just have them come to your condo; it’s your choice. 


  • Pacer: This is a runner that will run at the pace you request and stay with you the whole race.  You must request your desired pace at least 3 months in advance.  These folks are professionals who will keep you motivated and on schedule! 


  • Rental Car:  A full-size or better rental car, picked up at the airport of your choice.  The basic rental fee will be paid, you are responsible for insurance, fuel, late returns and/or any damages.  





What happens to my money if you don’t reach your goal in 38 days?

First off, don’t jinx us! But in the highly unlikely event that you failed to get enough of your friends on board to meet our goal, nothing happens to your money. You keep it….all of it.

Are rewards available in all countries?  How will you know where to send my perks? What happens if I move before you send out the perks? How do I change my address?

Once the campaign ends, we’ll give you more details about how to get your perks, change your address, tell us your preferred perk details, and so on. 

Please note that we will not ship perks that require shipping to areas outside of the United States.  If you are located outside of the continental US and choose a perk that requires mailing and a race registration, we will have your perk packet at pickup during the weekend of April 17, 2016.  Otherwise, please don’t purchase a perk that requires mailing if you live outside the US and are not planning on attending the event.

What if I want more than one perk package?

You can make multiple pledges on Indiegogo using a single account.  Just please make sure you use the same email address and login, so we’ll know that all of your perks are meant to go to the same person.

What if I want one of the perks, and it’s sold out?

Snooze you lose, bub.  You gotta get these perks while they’re hot.  So, pre-register now.  If possible, we’ll increase the number of a few limited release perks and we’ll be adding a few more awesome perks throughout the month.  Stay tuned.

What is the race course?

We are currently working on approval for a point-to-point course from the Ft. Walton Beach area, finishing in east Destin.  The Half Marathon will start at the 13.1 mile point of the full marathon on Okaloosa Island. 

Is this a charity race?

This race will benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation.  The Navy SEAL Foundation provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families.  Runners will be encouraged, and given resources, to use their running to raise funds for this great charity.  But the Kill Cliff Destin Marathon is not a 501(c)3 public charity, we hope to be able to pay ourselves and a small staff for the long hours they put into planning the event.  

I see sand, is your race in the sand?

No sand for this race. All road to keep you moving fast!  If you want sand (and a lot of it), check out the Destin Beach Ultra Runs.

You already have a few major sponsors, why do you have to crowdfund?

We are very lucky to have talked a few amazing sponsors into supporting our first year event. But they don’t want to spend money on an event where the only runners are my 3 friends and 4 relatives…so they have agreed to provide the sponsorship money ONLY if we meet our $50,000 crowdfunding goal in 38 days! Show them you support this event by choosing a perk now!

Your question isn’t answered here?  Just ask us by email at [email protected] 


Thank you for your time.  We can’t wait to see you in Destin on April 17, 2016!

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