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May 5, 2015 10:14 AM ET

Archived: CreoPop 3D printing pen. Go create!

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

CreoPop 3D printing pen. Go create!

By Andreas Birnik and Dmitry Starodubtsev

Our Vision

Our vision is to make this breakthrough 3D printing technology accessible, fun, usable and affordable for everybody. We believe CreoPop™, with its low cost and all its practical applications, will soon find an indispensable place in your doodle drawer. CreoPop™ will change consumer behaviour and the way we think of industrial production. We grew up using Lego blocks to make 3D objects. This generation will grow-up inventing their own games using CreoPop™.

The 3D CreoPop™ Pen has been successfully beta tested and is ready for production. However, we want to make the 3D pen extremely affordable for everyone by going into mass production. So we need that one last push to get the ball rolling.

By supporting CreoPop™ you will help us make this next generation 3D pen accessible to each and all.

The story of the project

CreoPop™ started with a breakthrough in material sciences. We were looking at ways to make 3D printing more interesting by modifying the material properties of inks. Our team of material and chemical scientists worked very hard to discover the secret of at-home 3D printing with different materials and are continually innovating.

Imagine being able to make objects with different coloured inks, elastic ink, magnetic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, temperature sensitive ink, body paint ink and many more – It will change the way we consume and produce household items like buttons, trinkets, toys, mobile covers etc. unique and personal based on our needs.

We decided to make a 3D pen as the first application of our patented Inks.

3D Pen

Our scientists, after extensive research and testing, managed to create a different and unique process to pack the full power of 3D printing with light-sensitive photopolymers into the small size of a portable pen. A pen was more suitable to make 3D printing super easy and simple, because it affords its users much more control, comfort and flexibility to create whatever they want.

However, arriving at this breakthrough 3D printing pen was not easy. We had to find innovative solutions to the several problems and inconveniences we faced during the pen development process. Our biggest challenge was to find an alternate solution to the conventional 3D printing process, so as to do away with any heating parts in the CreoPop™ technology, or even the unpleasant burning plastic smell that is so prevalent with the conventional 3D pens. We admit it has beed a very difficult and long journey, but we made it! It was surely worth the effort, and now we are proud to present to you the world’s first 3D printing pen with Cool Ink. Now you can focus on the multiple creative applications and possibilities of what a 3D pen can do without having to worry about the drawbacks of conventional 3D printing.

How the funds will be used

First and foremost, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the Round 1 of our crowdfunding campaign! Your contributions have helped us in R&D, production of CreoPop™ pens and inks, fine-tuning the product based on initial feedback and inventing more inks. Our marketing activities in Round 1 mostly revolved around the US marketplace.

In the current crowdfunding round, Round 2, we will strive to make CreoPop™ accessible to markets in all geographies including Asia, Middle East, Europe, Japan and Australia. Your support in Round 2 is crucial for us to be able to make CreoPop™ affordable and available in your average, everyday mom-n-pop stores.

As a pre-order campaign, all funds will go towards manufacturing of the 3D pens, as well as research and development of new inks to change and shape the future of consumer behaviours. We are currently working on a body paint ink, an elastic ink and a conductive ink, amongst others.

In fact, after achieving a minimum number of pen units ordered for production, all the rest of the funds will be destined to further research and development.

Application ideas

Some of my other work

17 years of experience from building technology businesses in consumer internet, mobile communications, mobile infrastructure equipment and cleantech across Europe, Middle East and Asia. Andreas holds degrees from Harvard University, Stockholms School of Economics and Cranfield University.


Our biggest challenge is to reach as many people as possible and be able to share our vision and dream with them. At CreoPop™, we believe in a world where people are able to create whatever they want in a range of different materials as well as colors. The CreoPop™ 3D pen is the first step towards making this a reality.

We hope to be able to convince people to believe into a better world with us. So achieving a minimum volume of production to cut costs is imperative for us to be able to offer an affordable CreoPop™ 3D printing pen to every home.


Each ink cartridge can print a 14 meter line at a mm diameter.

Yes. Our logistics partner is able to ship to most locations around the world.

Yes. The CreoPop™ pen is charged using a simple USB connection, and so it can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have access to USB charging through a computer or an adapter.

Firstly, CreoPop™ uses light-sensitive photopolymers instead of heating and melting plastic at a high temperature. This makes the pen safe to use for both adults and children. Secondly, the CreoPop™ works with an amazing selection of inks. Thirdly, the CreoPop™ is totally cordless – nothing to knock your hand or pull the pen as you’re using it.

Yes – safer than any other 3D pen on the market. Our innovative photopolymer technology means that neither the pen nor the ink becomes hot. Other 3D pens heat to nearly 300 degrees Celsius – nearly enough to break down a non-stick cooking pan. As well as making the safest pen on the market, we also make the safest ink. Our ink has been extensively tested by certified third party test labs. It also does not omit any unpleasant or dangerous odours.

Legal Disclaimer

Delivery of rewards listed on this page is subject to the best efforts of the team and similar to other crowdfunding campaigns not guaranteed. This disclaimer has been added to set reasonable expectations for our contributors/funders.

Please note that any crowdfunding contributions are considered final; we do not offer refunds or product returns.

© 2015 CreoPop Pte Ltd. (“CreoPop”). All rights reserved. The information published herein is provided “as is” and is subject to change without prior notice. CreoPop™ makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to the information and specifically disclaims implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. CreoPop™ and the CreoPop™ logo are trademarks of CreoPop™ and will remain at all times the sole property of CreoPop™

Project Team

Andreas Birnik

Singapore, SG Message Supported 0 Projects

Andreas is co-founder of CreoPop, the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink, and co-founder of CarbonStory, a crowd-funding platform for climate change mitigation projects. Andreas also works as an advisor to technology companies including Eta Devices, a venture backed MIT spin-out. Andreas holds degrees from Harvard University (USA), Cranfield University (UK) and Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden).

Dmitry Starodubtsev

Singapore, SG Message Supported 0 Projects

Dmitry is co-founder of Creopop the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink, and co-founder of Medical Electronics, a wearable non-invasive glucometer (blood glucose measurement) provide painless glucose measurement, and doesn’t require ay expandible materials. Dmitry holds a Master’s degree in technical physics from Tomsk State University. From 2010-2013, Dmitry was a University professor at the Tomsk university of Control systems and radioelectronics where he taught marketing.

Contact Information:

Andreas Birnik
Dmitry Starodubtsev

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