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May 5, 2015 4:41 PM ET

Archived: Bonne Clé UnderAnyWear: We believe men’s underwear should be stylish and really comfortable at the same time

iCrowdNewswire - May 5, 2015

Bonne Clé UnderAnyWear

by Bonne Clé

We believe men’s underwear should be stylish and really comfortable at the same time. We do that by combining passion with innovation.

Bonne Clé

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About this project

Undress in style with Bonne Clé!

  • Back us now and get the most wanted Black & White Collection 2015
  • Or the Bonne Clé Chic SS 2015 Collection
  • Be part of the Stylish Gentlemen out there
  • Only € 12,- shipment worldwide (Netherlands free)

Who we are.

Bonne Clé is a sophisticated lifestyle brand in men’s underwear. We focus on details to achieve highest possible quality, premium comfort and fashionable looks. We design products that combine passion with innovation.

Our Product

Bonne Clé believes men should wear clothing that is stylish, and make them feel as comfortable as possible. As a better man, you deserve the best underwear!

Men don’t really have a range of underwears. So we strives really hard to bring you men’s underwear that is stylish and really comfortable at the same time. Underwear that keeps you comfy and give you the stylish look women wants.

Bonne Clé Black and White Collection

We care for you, we care for the Planet too!

We develop our products using only the most lightweight Tencelfiber and minimum stitching. The result is underwear that feels as soft as silk and is as strong as polyester.

Bonne Clé underwear is very eco-friendly to produce, while absorbing moisture 50% better. 

Bonne Clé undies specs:

  • Moisture control
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Softer than silk
  • Cool as linnen
  • Eco-friendly

TIMI I Bonne Clé

#{project_title}'s video poster

 TIMI I Bonne Clé sustains Women Empowerment Project in Nepal. With local skills and empowerment training, underprivileged women are provided a chance for an independent future. Namasté foundation also support scholarships for children. 

Join Bonne Clé in its our mission to Create a Chance for a Life Change. 
Find more info about Namasté on www.namastefoundation.nl 


To all Gentlemen and Gentlewomen out there, We need you.

Our first collection underwear is ready to wear! If you like what we do and what we create for you, lend a hand so we can continue on this wonderful journey to keep creating luxury, stylish and comfy men undies. Below our specs for the second collection. Have a look .. 

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Risks and challenges

We don’t back down from Risks & Challenges, that’s the power of Bonne Clé.

We’ve tested and tested the prototypes to the point of destruction so we could bring you the perfect, luxurious and stylish underwear.

The ultimate defy was to get the perfect undies in production. But, we did it! We’ve already selected a manufacturer that meets our high quality standards.

We need you and your money so you can undress in style with Bonne Clé.

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