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May 4, 2015 10:17 AM ET

Archived: The Illustrated Baby Animals Book

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015

The Illustrated Baby Animals Book

By Jennifer Cossins

The story of the project

Hello! Thanks for checking out my project!

I’m here to seek your support to self-publish my fourth illustrated book, at this stage known as The Baby Animal Book!

Two years ago I published my first book with the assistance of a Pozible campaign. This book was called A Compendium of Collective Nouns and it went really well – in fact, it still sells well to this day! Since then, I have been able to successfully self-publish two more books by myself. But now, I need your help again as self-publishing is an expensive business and I don’t have the ready funds available to get my newest project, the baby book, printed and out into the world!

As an illustrator with a special love for drawing animals and interesting words, the idea of a book of baby animals has been bandied about in my world for sometime. After all, the words are so much fun! For example, a baby platypus is called a puggle! A baby owl is an owlet and a baby hare is a leveret! And there are many more, from the basic pups and calves to kits and goslings and whelps! There will even be puffins, one of my favourites as a baby puffin is called a puffling! Too cute!!

So after a couple of years of pondering the idea (while I’ve been obsessing over collective nouns!) it’s time to bring it to life! I’m close to completing the artwork, and it’s almost time to send it off to the printers. Which is where you come in!

Basically, I plan to raise the money for printing by pre-selling the book. Additionally, if you want to support me further, you can get other products as rewards that I will be making from the illustrations created for the book, such as art prints, magnets and cards.

The book will sell for $20 when it’s finished, so if you’d like to pre-purchase it, just select the $20 reward! As a bonus for helping me get this book out there you’ll also get a bonus Red Parka greeting card and free shipping within Australia! If you want more copies or would just like to support me further, there are other rewards you can select as well. 

All rewards will be really good value so it’s just like buying something in advance! I’m so excited about this book so thank you so much for helping me continue to follow my dream of being a published author/illustrator!

How the funds will be used

I’m seeking $6000 in funding for this book. The budget is pretty simple as my main cost is printing and $6000 will cover getting an initial print run of books printed and shipped to Tasmania. I will be using my own funds to cover other costs associated with self-publishing, like marketing, distribution and a book launch.

If excess funds are raised, I will use it to print more copies of the book so I can spread the baby animal joy even further! 

Some of my other work

My previous three books can be seen on my website here.

My first book, A Compendium of Collective Nouns, was published in Nov 2013 an I have since sold over 5000 copies! This still astounds me as I remember when the first batch of 1000 arrived it was so many books I couldn’t imagine ever selling them all. But they keep going and are now stocked in bookshop all around the country.

My second book was a follow up, featuring 50 new collective nouns, and was published last year. My third, a book about Tasmanian Birds, was also published late last year and has received significant praise and press coverage, as well as topping the local best seller non-fiction chart in the week after it’s release.

I have my own small shop in Hobart where my books and other work are for sale and I have a strong following online both in Australia and overseas. I know this book can be as successful as my others once I am able to get it out there and hopefully with another title under my belt I will be able to become more established as a writer and illustrator.

Thank you so much for supporting me!! 

Project Team

Jennifer Cossins Ambassador

Hobart, Tasmania Message Supported 13 Projects Facebook linked as Jennifer Cossins with 348 friends.

I am a Tasmanian illustrator, blogger, writer, coffee addict, entrepreneur, gypsy, crafter and lover of all things colourful and creative! I have a dream of making the world a brighter, happier place with my little design business Red Parka.


Contact Information:

Jennifer Cossins

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