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May 4, 2015 8:57 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015


REMIX eHookah is the first affordable stand alone electronic hookah. The Next Generation is here!
While the Vaping community is an innovative one, constantly coming out with new inventions, ideas, and products, there IS one group that has been neglected from the industry and that’s hookah!   

Introducing REMIX™ Electronic Hookah; the next generation of social smoking. The Remix is a modern 2-hosed hookah that has been re-engineered into an electronic device.  It has LED lighting, a patent pending 6 cartridge flavor-mixing system, and the ability to give users a customized look.
No more prep! No more cleanup! No more hot coals! Just plug in and go!

In many ways, REMIX™ is different than the traditional hookah but still retains all of the elements of the hookah.  REMIX™ is a social device that allows for up to 2 people to vape simultaneously while being able to control and mix the flavors.  It does not require any coal, water, or any time to prepare and clean up!

Six Cartridge Flavor-Selection

REMIX uses a very unique patent pending system for mixing & matching flavors with a push of a button.

Customizable Look

REMIX is comprised of 3 main segments; the Stem, Core, and Base. The stem and base are aesthetical but there is more to them; they are customizable.

LED Lighting

By implementing LED lighting, you are now able to see the eHookah in low lit places and it brings out a brighter atmosphere to the party.

Power and Portability

We’ve engineered the REMIX to be as portable as possible so that you can hookah anywhere!


Show off the REMIX eHookah at your Retail location for an exclusive deal only offered to Retail Venues!  By purchasing the REMIX ehookah at the price of $295, you will have a 3 month money-back, satisfaction guarantee.  Please contact us for more information at info@ngensmoke.com.

NGEN SMOKE LLC is a 3-man entrepreneurial start-up consisting of Ryan Eng, Chief Executive Officer, David Lam, Chief Engineering Officer, and Eric Wong, Chief Marketing Officer. We are a Vaping Technologies company focusing on bringing revolutionary Vape products to the world. Join us on our adventure as we explore the next generation of vape!



How do I get my REMIX eHookah?

Simply go on our crowdfunding page at Indiegogo (linked below) to get your REMIX! Thank you for your contribution! http://www.ngensmoke.com/indiegogo


Who is the REMIX eHookah made for?

The REMIX eHookah is perfect for anyone who loves the hookah experience or enjoys vaping with their friends. The 6 flavor selection and mixing feature is great for regular users, vape shop testing displays, and venue owners like hookah cafes, nightclubs, and festivals.


How much does the REMIX eHookah cost?

The REMIX eHookah retail price will be based on a “reach goal” sliding scale. What that means is the more we raise through the crowdfunding campaign, the cheaper the retail price will be! This is because a larger order quantity ensures that the manufacturing is cheaper for each unit.


What’s in the shipped box?

The box will ship a REMIX eHookah, one REMIX deluxe hose, 6 pre-filled cartridge variety pack, and an A/C adaptor cord. The REMIX eHookah will come with all three main parts: the stem, the core, and the base.


Will the pre-filled cartridge variety pack contain nicotine?

No. However, you can refill the cartridges after they have been used up once to twice more with your e-Juice that contains your nicotine level. New cartridges can be bought from our website early January 2016.


Where can I purchase new cartridges?

Our cartridges are 510 cartridges that modified to work best with the REMIX eHookah. They can only be found through our company’s website store early January 2016. DISCLAIMER: To ensure safety, do not use third-party cartridges. They are not supported towards the REMIX eHookah.


Will the REMIX come with batteries?

Batteries are not included with the REMIX eHookah and must be purchased separately.


What type of batteries does the REMIX eHookah use?

The REMIX eHookah uses four 18650 high drain 3.7V batteries. Do not use any other batteries that are unspecified. You can purchase these at your local and online vape/e-cigarette shop.


Does the REMIX eHookah cause health problems?

The REMIX eHookah uses the same technology in electronic cigarettes. This technology has been proven to be overwhelmingly healthier than traditional tobacco products. As a result, the REMIX is a safer alternative to the traditional hookah, truly a leap forward to the future.


How do I set up the eHookah?

Twist open the core’s cap to insert your cartridges by twisting them into the cartridge slots until secure. Then, replace the cap and twist to lock. At that point, you can choose to use the A/C adaptor or four 18650-type batteries to power the REMIX eHookah. Simply place the core on top of the base, fit properly into the bayonet locking system, and twist to lock. Next, place the stem on top of the core, fit properly into the bayonet locking system, and twist to lock.


Is the REMIX portable?

The REMIX eHookah can be used anywhere: in your living room, in a hookah cafe, at the nightclub, or even on the beach! It uses four 18650-type batteries that can be charged with the A/C adapter, even while its being used.


What LED colors are available?

All REMIX eHookahs allow you to switch the LED colors between red, green. blue, and pure white. The LED glow will grow stronger while you inhale, making each pull a virtual light show!


What options are there to customize later?

In addition to the built-in color changing options, we’ll be releasing the twist-lock system open source so you can create your own eHookah designs through 3D printing! We can’t wait to see what you create!


How can I get a custom shape eHookah design for my company for branding and marketing purposes?

Simply contact us to speak with our engineer at info@ngensmoke.com. We’ll be happy to build a relationship with you to create an innovative eHookah for your next fundraiser, festival, or venue!



When will the REMIX eHookah ship?

Our shipment date is targeted for early 2016.


Why do I have to wait so long?

As our valued supporters, we want to get you the best price so we need to know how many to make before production begins. The REMIX eHookah will be the first electronic hookah of its kind and you’ll be glad you waited. We will continue to update you all as we progress forward!


Where do you ship?

We’ll be shipping to the continental United States. For HI and AK, an extra shipping cost will apply.


Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping is included for all orders within the continental United States. For HI and AK, an extra shipping cost will apply.


Do I have to pay VAT?

We will pay customs and VAT if applicable, however you are making a contribution and receiving a REMIX eHookah as a gift and should



What is the 6 cartridge flavor selection and mixing technology?

The 6 cartridge flavor selection and mixing technology allows you to place 6 cartridges of any flavor into the unit. This allows you to mix and match your flavors at the push of a button.


Will the cartridges be refillable?

Yes, we’ll also be offering refillable cartridges to the public so you can be free to vape any flavor you wish!


What PG/VG balances work best with the REMIX eHookah?

PG/VG mixes of 50/50, 40/60, and 30/70 work best in the REMIX to produce the best flavor and cloud size.


What functions are available on the core?

The core contains all the important functional components and works on its own without the stem and base which are aesthetic. You can select the LED color, place the cartridges in, power, and charge the device all within the core.


How is your cartridge different from other cartridges?

Our cartridges are similar to the popular 510 cartomizers which are an industry standard for quality and consistency. The difference is that we’ve modified our cartridges to optimize airflow so you get the perfect eHookah experience.


What are the dimensions and weight of the REMIX?

The REMIX eHookah will be 21” tall and 7” wide at the base. The weight is forecasted to be 4 lbs.


What is the expected battery life?

We estimate a battery life of over 4 hours during use.


What are the power requirements?

The REMIX eHookah runs off four(4) 18650-type batteries when used portably. When near an electrical outlet, the REMIX can be powered with an AC adapter and can even charge your batteries while in use!

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Who created the REMIX eHookah?

NGEN SMOKE LLC is a 3-man entrepreneurial start-up consisting of Ryan Eng, Chief Executive Officer, David Lam, Chief Technology Officer, and Eric Wong, Chief Marketing Officer. We are a Vaping Technologies company focusing on bringing revolutionary Vape products to the world. Join us on our adventure as we explore the world of Vape!


Who are your investors?

Up to this point, we’ve actually self funded the entire project as a team up until now. We took all our savings talk about how the 3 founders funded it and that we are seeking more funding. For inquires about investing, contact info@ngensmoke.com with the subject line “INVESTMENT INTEREST”.


How can we discuss a potential partnership?

Simply message us at info@ngensmoke.com to build a relationship. We’ll be happy to see how we can work together in special events, cross-promotion, or developing another innovative product.


Who do I contact for investment opportunities?

Please message info@ngensmoke.com and we will send you our investment package.


How big is your team?

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer – Ryan Eng
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer – David Lam
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer – Eric Wong
  Engineers – Tri-Power Designs – Anthony La Rosa & Vasily Romanov
Industrial Designer – Alexander Tran
Branding Specialist/Graphic Designer – Designs by Ant Gibbz – Anthony Gibbons
Videographer – the Great Giraffe Cinema – Crisanto Jorda
Website Designer – Climb on Creative – Stavro Basis
Legal – Young & Ma LLP – Tiffany Ma & Richard Young


What is the future for NGEN SMOKE?

Our business model demonstrates the potential of connecting “like-minded” industries together to further the technologies of today. We look forward to creating new vaping technologies with beautiful designs that everyone can enjoy!


What is the expected battery life?

We estimate a battery life of over 4 hours during use.


Who did your website? Who did your graphics?

Our website designer is Stavro Basis from Climb On Creative. Our graphic designer/branding specialist is Anthony Gibbons from Designs By Ant Gibbz.


I’m a member of the press. Who do I contact?

Please email us at info@ngensmoke.com to get in touch. We’d love to tell you all about the REMIX eHookah and get this innovative product covered as your popular story!.



Is there a warranty for the REMIX eHookah?

There will be a standard manufacturer warranty of 1 year.


Can I get a refund?

Sorry, contributions are non-refundable. By contributing to the campaign, you acknowledge that you understand that the REMIX eHookah is a work in progress and that you are contributing to making it come to market instead of making a direct purchase.


How can I check the status?

Simply check the updates on the campaign page to find out the stage we are at in the manufacturing process. We will be also sending out e-mail updates to you even after the campaign ends to keep you in the loop!


There was an error with my contribution. What happened?

Please refer to the following article about how to resolve common contribution errors. https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles/526846-Common-Contribution-Errors


Why am I checking out through indiegogo?

The Indiegogo platform allows us to maintain transparency for our campaign to do our best for you all: our contributors. This way, all the stats, numbers, deadlines, and dollars that are raised are public and real. Additionally, we’d have the support of the crowdfunding community to help keep us on track.


How do I choose more than one perk?

Indiegogo’s platform is designed for one perk per contribution so you’d have to contribute individually for each additional perk. If you need any additional help with ordering, please email ainfo@ngensmoke.com and use the subject line of “ORDERING HELP NEEDED.”


How do I make bulk orders (more than 10 units)?

We already have a perk for a bulk purchase of 10 REMIX eHookahs. For orders larger than 10 units, please contact info@ngensmoke.com and use the subject line of “BULK ORDER REQUEST.”


How do I arrange for the money-back Retail Perk?

Please contact a info@ngensmoke.com and use the subject line of “RETAIL PERK”. By purchasing the REMIX eHookah at the price of $295, you will have a 3 month money-back, satisfaction guarantee. We will contact you after the campaign ends! DO NOT purchase if you are not an owner of a retail store or have non-permissions to order. Limit 2(two) per Retail Store. Must provide 2 proof of business(es): Business License, Business Tax ID, or Business Cards


I don’t see my answer here. Who do I contact?

Please check the updates page on the campaign page to get recent news on our developments that may answer your questions. For additional questions, please email info@ngensmoke.com and we will respond as soon as possible!


How old do I have to be to get a REMIX eHookah?

You must be 19 years or older to purchase the REMIX eHookah. Please determine your state laws and act accordingly.

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