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May 4, 2015 9:08 AM ET

Archived: Nexster is your One-Stop-Shop for Social Media

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015

Nexster is your One-Stop-Shop for Social Media

Nexster, Inc., announced today that it is launching its first round of funding seeking $100,000 for its social media amalgamation/social scoring website: Nexster is utilizing the Crowdfunding Website Angellist.com and Nexster’s campaign can be found at https://angel.co/Nexster. A short video on the launch can be seen here.



Nexster.com provides three distinct, interrelating services. First, Nexster tackles Social Scoring in an entirely unique way. Quite simply, Nexster.com’s version of social scoring (“InternetWorth”) is intentionally targeted at younger non-professional audiences for the sole purpose of entertainment.


In short, “InternetWorth” serves as a popularity meter that teens and adults alike can use to compete online for fun. In function, as well, “InternetWorth” is fundamentally different from any other scoring platforms. Nexster.com’s scoring process involves a very simple algorithm that has definitive ratios (e.g. 1 Facebook friend equals 10 “dubs”), and “InternetWorth” is cumulative and principally infinite, stimulating ongoing competition and user retention.


Second, Nexster.com’s “Feeds” service provides a simplified and streamlined data stream of accumulated posts, videos, tweets, etc. from various social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Accordingly, Nexster.com allows users to see a global view of their entire social media sphere, in a single aggregated feed.

Last, Nexster.com’s networking functionality (e.g. chatting, connections, groups, posting, etc.) allows users to be able to use Nexster almost exclusively for their social media needs. In essence, Nexster is both an intermediary and a nexus for bringing together wide-ranging social media content into one place.






The current plans for monetizing the site are based on advertising and analytics services. Advertising can be implemented with banner ads using services like Google AdSense, and down the line can become more targeted and unique to Nexster.com, similar to Facebook advertisements. Long term, Nexster.com also has the opportunity to implement analytics services that would be superior in scope to many of the current analytical services due to the multiplicity of Nexster.com’s content.


Social Scoring & Feed Aggregation in One!


Nexster measures your popularity online through a scoring platform known as InternetWorth. No business, just competition, entertainment and fun! Scoring is simple, and is completely based on ratios (e.g. 1 Facebook friend earns you 10 dubs, and 1 YouTube comment earns you 5 dubs). In a sense, Nexster is like a global online popularity contest, based on social media presence.

On the more practical side, once configured, Nexster also continuously fetches posts from each of your social networks and combines them into a simple aggregated feed. That means you can see your friend’s Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, Tumblr gif’s, Instagram photos etc. all in the same place!

It takes less than three minutes to sign up, it’s completely free, and it’s incredibly easy to use!


For More Information Contact:
Sasha Sibley at: 240-428-8145




Contact Information:

For More Information Contact:
Sasha Sibley at: 240-428-8145

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