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May 4, 2015 1:57 PM ET

Archived: Crowdfunding versus group buying

iCrowdNewswire - May 4, 2015

Did you ever think of offering your product or service to be sold in a group buying platform? Are you afraid of leaving the 50% commission to one of those platforms plus commission?

Fact is, group-buying platforms are more adequate for local businesses. As the distribution is local, restaurants, hair salons, health spas and other local venues are the ones who benefit the most out of those platforms. Plus, you have to give a discount on your normal price, normally 50% off. Add the 50% commission to those platforms and you’re actually making 75% less off of each deal. Not sustainable right?

But if you are offering something that can be sold nationwide or worldwide, there is a better alternative to you: crowdfunding.  Yes, you can use crowdfunding to boost your sales too. May I name a direct advantage of selling through these channels? Commission rates to platforms are normally around 8%.

Many companies have been successfully using crowdfunding platforms to sell their products. Though not promoted this way, the means to use those platforms as a sales channel are there since the beginning. After all, any campaign will allow you to give perks and gifts to donors, depending on the amount given. Why not offer your very own product or service there?

We have lots of examples of successful campaigns done that way. Of course they all have some technological innovation or environmental cause behind, so you should aim for that. Let’s take a look at some of them:


An aquarium will always need filtering on the water, but that can be done in a natural way. The secret behind EcoQube-C is the plant on top of it. That plant filters the water, eliminating the need for a energy powered filter.

The whole campaign is configured as a sales page. Donate $59.00 and you get the aquarium with extras. Starting at $39.00, you get a basic aquarium. Shipping not included.

So far, they’ve raised nearly ¼ million dollars, with 28 days to go. And they pleaded only $15,000.

Tiko 3D Printer

How can a 3D Printer cost as low as $179.00 each? Crowdfunding is the answer. Tiko are promoting their campaign as a sales technique for their 3D printers. So far, they’ve made almost $3 million out of an initial pledge of just $100,000.

You can back them up with smaller amounts just to get the filaments, but with $179.00 you take home the full printer. And the delivery will be made only in December 2015!


Don’t neglect the power of crowdfunding platforms. If you have an innovative, ecofriendly product that people would want to buy elsewhere, think of distributing it via crowdfunding. You don’t need to have a great shipping date, but a good price helps a lot. And remember to contact us at iCrowdNewswire to help you out in promoting your project. We can help you on your way to success!


Image: public domain

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