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May 1, 2015 3:15 PM ET

Archived: POPUPTOWN: A collection of Pop-Ups hosted in a single space showcasing some of New York’s most creative fashion, art, and music entrepreneurs

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015


by Abby + Heidi

A collection of Pop-Ups hosted in a single space showcasing some of New York’s most creative fashion, art, and music entrepreneurs.

About this project


 After wanting to open our very own fashion store in NYC, we focused very hard on finding the right location. We crossed out boroughs and neighborhoods which we felt were too saturated and couldn’t be noticed in. We wanted to be in an area where there was a rising cultural scene, a good dynamic of people (local, trendy and hipsters alike) and a fast growing economy (so we can sustain our business and make a profit of course) — Enter Washington Heights!!!

 We quickly realized that rent is crazy expen$$$ive and that the overhead costs we would have to face would make it really hard to focus on being creative! So we thought…why not test the market with our product? We put our thinking caps on and came up with the genius idea for a pop-up. But after some more thinking we realized we weren’t the only ones with this issue and sought out to find a solution — Then POP! 

There it was… Pop-Uptown.


 Pop-Uptown understands there are many challenges and needs for brands to flourish in NYC. Because we too face the same issues, why not condense the task? Our goal is simple: To provide a platform to market their creations and help them attain a broader following. 

 Picture this: A creative space where you can sell your products without the usual burdens of a costly mortgage, how your brand will get noticed and how to attract new customers. We aim to make things easier for our retailers, allowing them to focus on their customers, without all the added worries that can otherwise delay their growth. 

 Pop-Uptown will go live on 7/15 in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan and live for a period of 6 months (But we really hope to live forever). 


 A hub for creative types, the brick & mortar destination will encompass a variety of carefully curated fashion-forward, creatively motivated and free-thinking retailers. We aim to host various different vendors ranging from new-design (new brands who bring cool trends and styles to the table) and vintage clothing (the old-school stuff), jewelry, artisanal foods, music (a dope DJ showing off his skills while you vibe), art (an exhibition where artist can put their best pieces on our walls to deck the space and also sell them), and design among others. 


 There are tons of costs associated with this project for take-off. Pop-Uptown will require an ample space, sound equipment, furniture, permits, security, and the list goes on.

 Because we can’t do things the traditional way (front all the money ourselves) — we’re not rich but we are bright, your assistance is of most importance. This is why we need YOU – the Kickstarter community to step in and lend us a helping hand. Your funds will go straight to help cover the above costs (every dollar counts). We know money doesn’t grow on trees (as much as we hope it would) but rest assured that we’ll make every penny count towards an amazing cause. 


 Uptown’s quickly emerging social scene calls for a new-wave retail experience, which is currently missing. A niche for shoppers to socialize and get inspired by some of the best creations that NYC has to offer. We have taken particular interest in the Washington Heights area, making it easy to further explore neighboring sections. Bordered by Harlem and the Upper West Side to the south, Inwood to the north, the Hudson River to the west, and Spanish Harlem to the east, Pop-Uptown will nest right in the center of Uptown Manhattan, where it’s easily accessible by five different subway lines and numerous bus routes.

 As one of Manhattan’s last true neighborhoods, the signs and patterns foreshadowing a thriving future are right in our faces. Like the LES and Meat Packing District in the 90’s or even Brooklyn’s own Williamsburg in the early 2000’s — There is a strong influx of people to the area influencing its very own renaissance.

 The revitalization is being influenced by the expansion of Columbia University, and fueled by recent college graduates, artists, hipsters and new families. This movement shows consistency in the near future and will inevitably lead to Washington Heights continuing to be one of Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods.

 With this new reputation as one of Manhattan’s hottest, trendiest areas, The Heights still retains its essential cultural backbone. Steeped in Latino heritage and ever-growing upscale services, the neighborhood is host to a wide array of delicious authentic foods, vibrant music and a local flair unique to the region. Building a bridge for locals and newcomers alike, Pop-Uptown will add to the cultural growth of the neighborhood.


Risks and challenges

Permits, Insurance, Community Board Acceptance, hiring the right staff, keeping vendors interested and Production and Construction delays are all possible business challenges that may arise — But that won’t stop us! Our concept is to help bring something new to the table, something beneficial to the growth of Uptown, with your donations (help) the community board will see how much we are supported with this idea. We’ve budgeted ourselves to plan for possible construction delays and being able to have company insurance. Oh and let’s not forget the beer and wine permit we’ll be needing.

We understand that being a business owner requires for us to wear many different hats. Finding the time to market the business and do the day-to-day operations can create some time constraints. But we have the time! We’ll be able to focus on continuously attracting new vendors, build a strong social media strategy and use our unique concept to tap into genuine emotion to make a lasting impact on consumers. This will get the word out on what’s happening and encourage the vendors to do the same. We know that by keeping our customers connected with their overall shopping experience, it will spark their interest in re-popping-in and further promoting our space.

As Pop-Uptown flourishes and the vendors make their own sales, we will need helping hands on deck — thats when our network comes into play. As business increases we anticipate a hiring challenge! We can’t juggle it all and are planning ahead on staffing needs. We’ll offer part-time opportunities to encourage people to be a part of this influential experience that will help shape Uptown into a retail mecca.

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