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May 1, 2015 9:38 AM ET

Archived: Meteor – Le tracker d’activité du footballeur.

iCrowdNewswire - May 1, 2015
Meteor traverse le football et vous apporte le meilleur du sport professionnel.

The Meteor is an activity tracker created specifically for footballers. You wrap it around your calf, beneath your sock to gather the most accurate, real-time analysis of your shot strength, vertical jump and running attributes. When you sync your Meteor with your Footbar profile all of the data is transformed into an in depth analysis of your skills.

25,000 licensed French Football Federation club players are already part of the Footbar community, using our algorithm to track their progress. Together with footbar.fr, Meteor gives you the power to monitor your physical progress in practice, pick-up games and, most importantly, official competition.

Scientific analysis already plays a key role in the practice of modern professional football. To learn more about this subject, see the report “Data Révolution” by Aurélien Delfosse for lequipe.fr. Unfortunately, since Charles Reep and his first experiments with “Kick and Rush,” the gap between amateur football and technology has but widened, and over half a century later we are still waiting for the first tenable performance diagnostic tools to become available for amateur players.

Footbar is, before all else, a comprehensive scientific analysis of Footballers’ performance. If evaluating your performance was simply limited to counting the number of steps taken with the help of a smart bracelet, our system would be of no interest; first because bracelets of any kind are prohibited during competition, but more importantly because the talent of a footballer is based upon more than the simple number of kilometers run.

We have developed a model of evaluation for individual performance which is specifically designed to take into account the conditions of amateur football. It is capable of rapidly analysing a large quantity of information (more than 20,000 matches per week since April 2014) and necessitates neither the presence of a camera, nor an observer on the pitchside. How does it work?

Your skills are evaluated with the help of our analytical model in more than a dozen criteria, 7 of which require the analytics gathered by Meteor. We give you a score between 0 and 100 in these criterias, based on your level of competition: for example, if you play in the CFA, your base score is higher than that of a player who only plays pick-up games with his friends during the weekends.) With the evolution of your performance and with our measures, you lose/win points in these criteria:

Thanks to these tools, you know that you have an 83 in Sprint Speed, but it is even better if:

  • You know that in your category (Attacker-U17-Male for example) the players have a median Sprint Speed of 71
  • You know that in your league there are only 2 players with a higher Sprint Speed
  • You can ascertain that with your current level of performance you have the skill to play in a level two divisions higher.
  • You are substantially faster than the center defenders of your next match, but you have to be careful of their physical power

For this reason the new site will be armed with powerful tools of comparison to see how you measure up to other players in the community.

Footbar.fr is a free and continually evolving encyclopedia of amateur football; it is an index of detailed statistics for every club, team, player, coach, manager etc… It tracks your personal progress in football, your prizes, the matches you’ve played with which clubs and teammates, and against which adversaries. You have the power to access all of this information for free and as easily as possible.

For several years, clubs have been using social media or their own websites to post updates. These websites are usually managed by volunteers who spend countless hours updating scores, player statistics and game data.

For those who would like developer access to our data to create additional applications we offer access to automatically retrieve data from our website, or integrate our informations into a personalized application.

To obtain developer access, please contact Sylvain: sylvain@footbar.fr

Our story begins in April 2013, when Sylvain decided to kick off a project to develop amateur football based on scientific data analysis. He developed the first version of the site for the players of the Telecom ParisTech team, then for FC Ste Hélène sur Isère.


Loïc joined the project in Fall 2013 to present the project to the clubs of Yvelines. We took the initiative to become well known and even recruited volunteers to film amateur matches with professional equipment and commentators to post on youtube.

In March 2014, we were welcomed into the StartUp42 accelerator and spent several months developing a site which began with a dozen clubs, and evolved into a site to encompass all French amateur clubs. This is also where we began conceptualizing a fitness tracker dedicated to football.

We began developing Meteor in September 2014 in The Garage, the FabLab of Alcatel Lucent and we enlarged our team.  Antonia joined us to head marketing and communication and we can count on the support of the Storm Studio team to develop the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of Meteor.

Meteor comes loaded with a processor STM32F072, the latest version of the famous core of ARM cortex-M0, developed by the Grenoble-based firm ST Microelectronics, it communicates with an accelerometer, the LIS2DH12 also developed by ST, a micro SD card and a micro USB port. The sensor is powered by a Li-ion battery and recharged via USB cable.


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