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Apr 29, 2015 9:06 AM ET

Archived: Rolljordan – ICELANDERS Norse – Fantasy Football

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 29, 2015

Fantasy Football Norse Team


Fantasy Football Norse Team
Rolljordan Miniatures

Rolljordan miniatures has been active for over 10 years mainly as a painting service. Now we are making our own line of Fantasy Football miniatures to be used in games like Elf Bowl ™, Blood Bowl ™ and other Fantasy Football games.
In the past years we have run several successful campaigns bit under the Rolljordan line and the MK1881 Line. The company is composed of several entities such as Massimiliano Gallo our designer, Cosimo Auricchio production and sculpting, Christian Kirylo logistics, sculpting, and other freelancer artist such as Raffaele Stumpo the sculptor of this team and Chiafele Giuseppe our box art artist.

We are looking to crowdfunding to cover both the molding cost and the cost to have the additional models sculpted.

Level 2 – You get to choose any one models from the lineman, runner and thrower models.

Level 3 – You get to choose any one model from the Ulf or Berzerkers

Level 4 – You get the Snow Troll

Level 5 – You get one of each Ulf and Berzerkers

Level 6 – You get 10x of your choice from lineman, thrower and runner

Level 7 – You get a basic team of 12 models. 1 each Ulf and Berz + 6 between lineman, runner and throwers.

Level 8 – You get the full team – 1 Snow Troll, 2 Berz, 2 Ulf, 2 runners, 1 trhower and 8 lineman

Level 9 – You get level 8 x 5

Not many, all the process is almost completely under control.  The main risk can be a small delay in delivery as many factors such as suppliers are not under our control. The sculptor, the caster and have been booked and 10 of the models are already been sculpted and will go into molding as the campaign is running. The majority of the costs have been paid for.
The biggest issue we may have is based on sales. the delivery date is set considering only 50 teams released and 3 more models released. Eventual new models or higher numbers may affect the delivery date.

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Rolljordan Miniatures

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