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Apr 28, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: Sweet Spot Hammock Hangers: Sweet Spot Hammock Hangers are a custom set of brackets that allow college students to hang a hammock in their dorm room

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

Sweet Spot Hammock Hangers

by Derek Plumb

Sweet Spot Hammock Hangers are a custom set of brackets that allow college students to hang a hammock in their dorm room.

Derek Plumb

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About this project


 The campaign is to help get the Sweet Spot Hammock Hangers project off the ground. Our fundraising goal will break us even (prototype manufacturing, patent & rewards costs), and everything donated beyond that will help get the production process going faster.

As college student affairs professional, one thing that’s understood about college students is that very few actually get adequate amounts of quality sleep. And we all know that very few people perform at their best when they’re not running on enough sleep. The primary way that I’ve seen students combat their daily fatigue helps to explain the explosion of sales of coffee and energy drinks around college campuses in the last decade. But we all know that caffeinated drinks just deal with the symptoms of being tired, and I wanted to come up with something that actually helps to solve with the actual problem: Students need more rest/sleep, even if that comes in the form of an afternoon nap. So, I’ve come up with a cozier and more comfortable way to catch an afternoon nap. (Check out these 3 articles on the benefits of naps andhammocks).  It’s also just a great space to lounge in. Or Read. Or write a paper. Or Study. Or binge on Netflix. Whatever you do at college, you can now do more comfortably.

YOUR CONTRIBUTION With your support, I’d like to make this available to every college campus that has loftable beds. The money raised will go toward patenting costs, as well as designing & manufacturing a few other sizes of Hammock Hangers so that we can ensure that every college bed, no matter it’s dimensions or manufacturer, has a Hammock Hanger that fits it. 

If you’d like to follow along with the progress on this project (beyond the kickstarter campaign, you can follow our facebook page.  

Whether you call it leisure, being more comfortable, or finding your zen, the theme I implemented into to the reward tiers are items to help you feel a little more comfortable and relaxed.

At the time of the Kickstarter Launch, I wasn’t able to offer a set of Hammock Hangers as a reward simply because I have not found a company to partner with and go into full production mode yet, and I’m incredibly hesitant about promising things now that I can’t fully ensure in the future. However, I can confidently say this:  If we meet our goal, then these will be a reality for on campus college students with lofted beds, and any amount of money we raise over our goal will help speed up the process of making these available.

If you share in the belief that college environments ought to be more comfortable, and if you’d like to see these available on college campuses soon, then help create that reality by donating to the campaign.  

*This Project is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by any College or University. 

Risks and challenges

The primary hurdle is taking an idea, a product, and turning it into a business. To accomplish that, I’m searching for the right partner: either a manufacturer to begin the mass production process or a college furniture company looking to partner on a licensing deal.

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