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Apr 28, 2015 11:25 AM ET Your Online Community for Buying and Selling Used and New Clothes

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2015

Your Online Community for Buying and Selling Used and New Clothes


Meet the ultimate marketplace where you can renew your wardrobe for the fraction of the price and earn money while getting rid of the clothing you don’t wear.

The wardrobe battle.  We all do it.  You’ve got a well-stocked closet, filled with everything from 8-year-old sweatpants to bridesmaid’s dresses.  The seasons change, and it’s time for a shopping trip – $500 and 3 bags later, you come home and realize you have absolutely no more room in your drawers.  Some of the items are still new, because they were not the right size and you forgot to return it. Some of the items you just put on couple of times. You will not wear it, but it does not feel right to throw them away or give it to goodwill.

With, you don’t have to choose.

At, we believe that you don’t have to throw away your old stuff when you run out of room in your drawers or outgrow your favorite clothes. We are a trendy and convenient online marketplace for you to sell, buy, or exchange clothes, shoes, and accessories – you get extra income, big savings, and create less waste along the way.
 is the new online community for women to sell, buy or exchange their new or gently used clothing, shoes and accessories.

We are serving a real need among women who have new or gently used clothing that do not fit them or their needs and style anymore. We are providing a convenient place for them to sell their clothes. Most of the sellers are happy to sell fast their still great quality shoes, clothing and accessories for a fraction of their original price, because alternative is just giving them away for free or throwing them out, which feels like a waste and is not friendly to our environment.

As for the buyers, we are offering a convenient and safe venue for them to shop through a wide selection of clothing at a very attractive price.

Fashion Forward Community
You can enjoy being among the company of like-minded women, from students to professionals, to mothers, and everything else in between. Everyone is looking to find great deals and earn or save money, as well as meet and be inspired by other women who have the same fashion sense as them.

Your Online Runway
We have a wide selection at very low prices so you can easily build your whole wardrobe from what we have to offer. The items for selling, buying, and swapping in our marketplace include women’s clothes, shoes, bags and purses, jewelry, and accessories.


Tested business model is modeled on similar clothing marketplaces in US that are clearly successful and fast growing. Threadup, Poshmark and Vinted are just a few recent success stories. We know that the need for this type of service is strong and tested in US and some other countries. We will replicate or exceed this success in other markets.

Little or no direct competition will establish itself in one of the largest internet markets in the world that still has no or very little competition. We already launched in Russia – comfortably the largest and fastest growing internet market in Europe, with 64 million monthly internet users and 20% e-commerce growth rate.

By the end of the year we want to have a foothold in Brazil – the largest market in Latin America.

Clear monetization method will charge a fee for the items that are sold on the platform. It is usual and accepted way to monetize this type of service. Since for many users alternative to is throwing their clothing away or giving it for free, they are not very sensitive to the size of the fee.

Super efficient marketing
We developed marketing tools that allow us to attract visitors and users for up to 12 times cheaper than industry benchmark.

Strong execution
In every startup team and execution is the key to success. Founder and CEO/CMO of the company is a former Boston Consulting Group consultant with years of entrepreneurship experience. He has extensive knowledge of Russian online market.

We also have two strong candidates with 10 years of relevant experience for the position of CTO.

In we believe that fast and smart execution is the key therefore we have everything ready to rapidly expand our user base. While we see that similar type of online marketplaces often raise 500.000 or 1.000.000 dollars in seed round we know that we can get significant traction in Russia and launch in other markets just with 270.000 dollars. We believe in lean startup.


Launch in the first market
We have already completed our platform and our service is already live and serving our initial market in Russia, the first of many more. So far, we have received numerous positive feedback from our growing user base.

Extremely efficient marketing methods
We have developed and already tested extremely efficient marketing methods that allow us to identify and target users that are interested in our services with great precision. Our innovative marketing tools allow us to attract visitors for up to 12 times cheaper than competitors.

Strong growth from the start
We had the first real visitors registering and using the service immediately after the launch of the site. Currently we have hundreds of listed items and experience a fast growing number of monthly visits and number of registered users.


Jonas DamulisJonas Damulis – Founder, CEO, CMO
Jonas is a former Boston Consulting Group consultant with a passion for entrepreneurship. He spent couple of years in Moscow working on various consulting projects for Boston Consulting Group, before joining BCG he took part in consulting projects in UK and India.

Jonas has extensive knowledge of Russian online market having worked on online related projects while in Boston Consulting Group and as a founder of online children’s clothing store focused on Russian market. He speaks Russian fluently.

Jonas is a serial entrepreneur being founder and co-founder of four different startups in various countries both before and after his consulting career. He speaks 5 languages and has lived and worked in 5 countries so far, which makes him well positioned to run a cross country startup and manage multinational teams. 

Jonas has an MBA from the London Business School, MSc in Financial Economics and BSc in Economics from the University of Iceland.

Two shortlisted candidates for CTO’s position has two strong candidates for CTO’s position with 10+ years of relevant experience; final choice will be made at the end or immediately after fundraising.


David Barros – Advisor – All things IT and point of contact for Latin America
David has over 10 years experience working in IT industry. The last 9 years he was part of The Descartes Systems Group Inc., most recently working as an implementation manager. His experience includes project management, team building, overseeing international and multicultural teams, stakeholder management, developing business and system processes’ requirements analysis and improvement proposals, analysis of usability requirements, system testing and QA. David has significant business development management experience being a country manager for Portugal, Spain, Italy and Middle East. David is a certified project manager (PMP & PRINCE2 Practitioner certified) with a successful track record. He has worked with dozens of startups developing online solutions as a project manager and advisor. It will be extremely useful to have his advice regarding IT architecture, UX and to have second opinion regarding all things IT related.

David is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and has extensive network of contacts in Brazil and Latin American countries, which will be very useful for us as soon as expands to these markets.

Andreas Voniatis – Advisor – SEO and marketing guru
Andreas is an experienced SEO professional who’s provided consultancy services and online PR, to such clients as Exxon Mobil, Tesco, HSBC, Zurich, Quorn as well as startups including Discount Vouchers. His work has been featured in the Telegraph (UK) and Search Engine Watch, particularly for reverse engineering the Google Penguin algorithm to a 98% statistical confidence level in 2013. Andreas is founder and the Managing Director of Artios – company that increases revenue generating traffic by using data science to solve digital marketing problems of Content, SEO and Inbound Marketing. Artios proprietary software uses maths and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase business visibility online. Their recommendations have a 95% (or higher) statistical probability of increasing website traffic. Andreas also formed an SEO agency Alchemy Viral in 2010 and MathSight in 2013. He is a qualified management accountant (ACMA) and holds a degree in Economics with honors from Leeds University. Andreas has basic working knowledge of Russian.

Contact Information:

Jonas Damulis

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