Beyond the Fur: Revealing your animals' profoundly spiritual and healing messages - Have you ever wondered what your animals are really trying to tell you? This enlightening book will help you recognize, interpret and understand their deeper messages just waiting to be revealed - iCrowdNewswire

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Apr 27, 2015 11:33 AM ET

Beyond the Fur: Revealing your animals’ profoundly spiritual and healing messages – Have you ever wondered what your animals are really trying to tell you? This enlightening book will help you recognize, interpret and understand their deeper messages just waiting to be revealed

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

Beyond the Fur: Revealing your animals’ profoundly spiritual and healing messages

by Tammy Billups

Have you ever wondered what your animals are really trying to tell you? This enlightening book will help you recognize, interpret and understand their deeper messages just waiting to be revealed.

Education & Training, Health, Nonfiction, Spirituality
Page Length:
100 – 250 Pages
Book Status:
Working Draft
Beyond the Fur is for anyone whose heart has been touched by an animal. Working with animals and people across the country the last 14 years, I’ve delved deeply into the connection between people and animals and have discovered much about the emotional, energetic, and symbolic components to the relationships. 
Is it a coincidence that you and your pets are together? 
What are the hidden messages they have for you?
How can you help them heal their emotional wounds? 
If you’ve ever opened your heart to an animal, you already know the bond goes beyond what you can see and touch. There is an unspoken connection…a knowing between the two of you. 
Over the years, I have come to realize, through my work with people and animals, that the soul connection we have with them shows up in a multitude of ways. Many times they are trying to communicate with us but the message goes under the radar because our awareness or consciousness level isn’t quite up to speed yet on interpreting these ingenious forms of communication.
Beyond the Fur will show you how you can further enhance the quality of your animals’ lives by simply understanding how to interpret their many messages through symbolic, physical, unconscious and behavioral mirroring. The book will be chock full of examples and stories that you will be able to relate to if you’ve had pets. 
Your companions are always teaching and giving you messages at some level! Once you receive their unspoken communicative gifts, and allow into your experience the aha moments, you’ll both begin to feel better. 
The behaviors and even ailments of your animal companions are tools to assist you to more easily understand their divine messages for you. Beyond the Fur will help you raise your awareness to a higher perspective which will allow a beautiful unfolding of a deeper relationship with the animals in your life. 

Interview with Tammy Billups

What was your inspiration for the book?

Like many other people, my first pet was the first unconditional love I experienced. In my 30’s, not having healed any of my childhood emotional wounds, I was sick. A lot. I had four surgeries, chronic sinus infections, asthma, a heart defect, allergies, gallstones. I was always sick and, unfortunately, and not so coincidentally, so were my animal companions.

Through the last month of my mother’s life in 1999, I had an awakening to a new way of thinking and being which jolted me out of the bad dream I had been living the first 40 years of my life. I immediately began immersing myself in healing ME from the inside out through progressive and natural holistic modalities.

Then, within months of my mother’s passing, it was as if my animals said together, “Okay, she got it,” because, sadly, all three of my animal companions passed within months at 6, 9, and 11 years of age through diseases or physical issues which mirrored mine.

While it was a year I will never forget, since that time, I’ve been very clear that I want to help others benefit from what I learned on my holistic healing journey, and from my animals, to ensure nobody will have to suffer the way I did, and so their animals won’t have to absorb their unhealed emotional “stuff.”

I know that everything I experienced happened so I can share the pearls of wisdom to help others through Beyond the Fur, and I’m so very grateful to my animals for their teachings. Surely they’re in the hall of fame in Heaven, and I will never forget what they did for me. They are what inspires me to be so passionate about helping people understand their animals’ profound messages.

What do you plan to do with the funds you raise?

The minimum I need to produce the book is $22,000 which will pay for the following:

E-Book Design
Book design
Project Management
Video production
International shipping (additional costs)
Pubslush fees

It is my intention to stand in the light, to reach every being that will benefit from this book. I would be beyond grateful and excited if we go over the minimum $22,000 goal.

Going over the goal will allow me to focus more time on outreach efforts, marketing, advertising, speaking, book signings, speaking engagements, and workshops.

When we get to at least $50K, I will donate 200 copies of Beyond the Fur to no-kill animal organizations’ volunteers and their boards. I’ll even send them to some of your favorites, so when we get to $50K (notice, I said WHEN) then I’ll review all of the suggested organizations to donate them to and choose. Let’s share the knowledge of Beyond the Fur to reach more animal lovers!

When we get to $55K and up, I will donate bioenergetic sessions to orphan animals and will choose from your suggestions with the guardians/foster mom/facilities’ permission only. I’ll add more details to this post as we get closer.

FYI- A percentage of the proceeds of Beyond the Fur book sales, once printed, will go to support one of my favorite no-kill animal organizations: Our Pals Place in Marietta GA.

Why are you writing Beyond the Fur?

Beyond the Fur is a way for me to give back to animals. They have been incredible healers and teachers that have inspired me, through my personal experiences and my clients, to write this book. It feels divinely guided and I’ve been keeping files and folders of data for 7+ years specifically for its creation.

My enthusiasm and passion to share the content of Beyond the Fur is off the chart! It is so incredibly fascinating to me that the animals are also on a soul journey to evolve and want to help us do the same. I’ve seen their messages be life-changing for myself, my pets, and my clients.

So to summarize why I’m writing this book, I’d say that I honestly do not feel like I have a choice. It is wired through every fiber of my being to write it. I believe it is one of the reasons I am here.

When can I expect to receive my book?

I am utterly and completely committed to getting you a quality book before the end of October. There could be an unforeseen act of God or nature that could delay the potential launch date. However, I’m completely supported by an awesome team to move this project forward with ease and grace. I’m hoping I’ve thought of most everything that could occur and am trying to proactively cover all the bases in advance.

We’re in this together and I want you to be in an OMMMM state of mind when you receive your goodies. If there are any unforeseen delays I will let all backers and supporters know as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to message me.

Here’s the projected timeline:
Completing the manuscript – 8-10 weeks (beginning as soon as the campaign is funded)
Editing – 4 weeks
Layout – 2 weeks
Proofing – 2 weeks
Printing proof copies — 2 weeks
Reviews — 4 weeks
Printing final copies — 2 weeks
e-book – 2 weeks
Expected to ship the books end of October, 2015 (if not earlier)

Who’s on your team?

Producing Beyond the Fur takes an open-hearted, animal loving village! Meet the team I am blessed to partner with:

*Nanette Littlestone, Editor & Publisher —
*Gary Parkes, PR & Marketing —
*Video by Nick Rhodes —
*Jill VanMatre, Author Photo —

They are all incredible at their craft and I highly suggest that you check out their websites and connect if you have needs. I must be doing something right to have them alongside of me in the creation of this book.

Why should someone donate to your campaign?

Because they love animals and want to learn more about their unspoken teachings so they can heal and love at deeper levels.

Because they want to be part of raising awareness about this beautiful spiritual connection with animals and play a role in helping it reach those who will benefit from the knowledge.

Because they find the idea of the book meaningful for them or someone they care about.

Because they believe in me and want to help me reach those who will benefit from the book.

Can you share testimonials from your work with animals?

Absolutely! Here are a couple but you can go to my website to see more:

“Since 2004, Tammy has partnered with my animal advocate and rescue organization to help the homeless pets housed in our Pet Adoption Facility. Many of the orphan pets we work with have emotional wounds and physical challenges due to their backgrounds. Consistently, Tammy’s Bioenergy Therapy sessions, coupled with her ability to quickly sense their higher purpose messages, have allowed the space for them to benefit and have assisted us in making the best decisions possible on their behalf. I have witnessed countless positive physical and emotional shifts in the animals after sessions, which also includes my own personal pet companions. Tammy has raised my awareness, allowing me to take a step back in tough situations and look at things from a higher perspective.” Gigi Graves, Executive Director,

“Ming has a newfound confidence in himself. Thank you so much for helping me with the insight to understand and communicate more effectively with Ming to miraculously help him stop a negative behavior (urinating on everything). I tried endless other ways to help him to stop. You were my last hope and the shift was virtually overnight. I am so relieved and we are both so much happier now.” Lisa Lester

Why is this book so important?

Beyond the Fur gives you the power to improve your conscious choices regarding your animals’ health. It also teaches you the deeper meaning of why you are in each others’ lives. The cool and profound part is that both you and your animal(s) will benefit through your ability to recognize, interpret, and understand their messages.

More and more people are ready for a shift in consciousness… such that they’re feeling nudged to look at these relationships differently…but they just don’t know where to start.

Beyond the Fur will open the door to creating a deeper understanding of your animals’ actions, behaviors and even physical manifestations.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

YES! I’d like to express deep gratitude to:

*Hope Merrill, Founder of Conscious Living Center (Specializing in Transformational Learning) for letting us film the video at her beautiful center. Special thanks to my video co-stars: Magic, Molly, and Gus.

*My sister and besties. They always give me wonderful insights, edits, and sage advice, along with complete and unconditional love and support. I will forever be grateful for their presence in my life: Shelley, Tara, Helen, and Cynthia.

*My closest animal teachers and companions, past and present: Khalua, Bailey, Vasi, MaiTaiGuy, Sundance, Toro, and Gigi. This book would not be happening without their lighting the path for me to embrace my best self.

*My family, friends, clients (2- & 4-legged), nature, animals and the Universal flow of love and grace in my life that I call God.

*Anyone who helps orphan animals to heal and find loving homes in peaceful and loving ways. I thank you for all you do.

*YOU. Yup, you. If you’re reading this, I’m sending you gratitude for walking with me on this journey. Breathe it in. It’s real.

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