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Apr 27, 2015 9:46 AM ET

Archived: A Dollar For Change Campaign: develop a plan to create a viable stone industry in Haiti that will produce desirable, high quality and non-perishable commodities, which then can be sold on the international market

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2015

A Dollar For Change Campaign

We, at Shaataauh, are building a state-of-the-art training facility in the South of Haiti to train 1000 people yearly in the art of stone extraction, transformation and sales. We need $2 million to reach that goal.

Haiti’s future is very gloomy when looking at the statistics. Haiti’s national production is recorded at an all time low. We produce practically nothing for export. We have no industry to create meaningful employment for the residents of Haiti. The only meaningful export comes out of the garment boutique. I call it boutique because everything from the fabrics to the needles are imported. Haiti’s only involvement is the cheap labor. The workers earn a wage equivalent to 5 US dollars a day with no health insurance or other fringe benefits. It is said that the garment boutique employs about 25 thousand workers, as per the State Department of the United States. The 876.8 million dollars of exports came from the garment boutique. We are told that Haiti’s industries are textiles, sugar refinery, flour milling, cement, light assembly using imported parts. We have already stated the reason why the textile industry is a misnomer. As for the rest, Haiti imports more sugar then it refines, more flour than it mills, more cement than it produces. The light assembly lines should include the “textile industry” since the people of Haiti merely put the apparels together.
The Dollar for Change Campaign that we started is to ensure that we demonstrate that we can create wealth using the natural resources that we have in abundance. The relief we seek to bring to Haiti concerns all of the friends of Haiti. Haiti’s future is encumbered upon each and every one of us who would like to make a difference in Haiti. Anpil Men Chay Pa Lou. Visit the campaign on Shaataauh.com and fundly.com/a-dollar-for-change-campaign-1. Thank you for your support.
Sipote Shaataauh se sipote Ayiti.

The current plight of Haiti and her people has remained unchanged due to a lack of vision and fruitful action on the part of those who possess the means to bring about change.  The Haitian mass is afforded no opportunity to pull itself out of its impoverished conditions, which is equivalent to a slow death.  These men and women struggle to survive in a country where a lack of economic development has led to an unemployment rate that has reached well over 80%.

We, at Shaataauh Marbres, S.A., have been working tirelessly for several years to develop a plan to create a viable stone industry in Haiti that will produce desirable, high quality and non-perishable commodities, which then can be sold on the international market.   A training center will be erected to train a total of 1000 men and women annually in the art of stone working and transformation, thereby creating employment opportunities which will help curb the state of poverty that currently plagues this great nation.

Shaataauh subscribes to the traditional wisdom that “mining is the key that converts dormant mineral wealth into schools, homes, ports, and other forms of capital that directly contribute to economic development.”

We, at Shaataauh Marbres, S.A., have come to a crossroad; and in order to materialize our vision, we need the financial assistance of everyone who is concerned with the fate of Haiti.  We need to raise $2 million to complete construction of our training facility and to purchase state-of-the art-equipment. The stone industry worldwide is estimated to be well in excess of 80 billion dollars. The United States, the third biggest stone consumers in the world, imports well over 4 billion dollars worth of stone products yearly; while Haiti imported last year well over 10 million dollars worth of ceramics and stone products. With a strong stone industry we can bring relief to Haiti’s unemployed, particularly the rural population; hence, the reason we are embarking on this campaign. Acting responsibly, before starting this campaign we secured the exploitation permit for one of our stone quarries appraised by Global Evaluation for more than half of a billion dollars.   We know with your support we can reverse the tide of poverty in Haiti. Therefore, we are asking you to make a purchase of one of our items as a show of support. Understanding that you may be unable to make a large purchase, you can still support our cause by engraving your name in the hall of contributors with the payment of at least a dollar. Join us and be part of our A Dollar For Change Campaign (ADFCC).

We understand the skepticism individuals may feel when considering whether or not to support a newly introduced campaign given the fruitless results of other campaigns.  With Shaataauh Marbres, S.A., you will be able to view periodic progress reports on our site and our blog to keep you abreast of our endeavors.   In time, you, contributors of this campaign, will see the gift of prosperity you have bestowed upon Haiti.  We are asking you to engrave your name by paying at a least one (1) US dollar. Note that even if you inscribed your name in the hall of contributors, you can still make a bigger contribution by purchasing one of the items showcased on the “Contribute” Page.  The names of our contributors will be engraved in our Hall of Contributors on our webpage, unless directed otherwise.

Your support of A Dollar For Change Campaign (ADFCC) is greatly appreciated. Let us change the course of Haiti. Please spread the word.

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