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Apr 26, 2015 12:10 PM ET

Archived: New Zealand healing: set mine and many others mental health issues free

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2015

New Zealand healing

by Alison

New Zealand to set mine and many others mental health issues free

About this project

After battling severe depression and anxiety and several failed suicide attempts over the last 8 years I have finally began the healing process. As my depression was extreme I was unable to hold a job down. I took up photography as a hobbie and is now my greatest passion. I planned to travel the world and capture the most amazing sights. Unfortunately my liver and kidneys are damaged due to paracetamol abuse after several attempts to end my life. Unfortunately my dream has been shattered and I’m devistated my dreams have been ruined through my own selfish acts. Fortunately I have been given a once in a life time chance to work in newzealand, my dream location! I just have to get myself there and get travel insurance, which you can imagine will be very hard for me. I don’t usually ask people for things but I feel this is a huge opportunity for me. Please donate to help live my dream.

I plan to capture the most amazing sights, create a journal of my journey, and create this into an album to share my adventure, all book sales will go to several different mental health charities.

Risks and challenges

The first risk for me is actually getting there, I’ve never travelled alone before.
I will also be climbing new Zealand’s largest mountains to grab the amazing scenery.

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