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Apr 26, 2015 2:10 PM ET

Archived: Family Business Needs Help: help us build our photography studio

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2015

[Image: Family Business Needs Help]

About This Campaign

My husband and I have a stuggling photography business that needs help building a studio.  We are a family of 4…2 children – 1 is 10-years old; the other is 14 months.  When our daugher was born in 2013, I could no longer work.  Previously I had a work-at-home position, but days before I gave birth they told me I could no longer work from home.  We are a one car family, so in order for me to go into the office we would need to pay for after school care for our 10-year-old, get another car (as well as all the expenses that come with that), get daycare for our daughter, and would need to purchase me a new wardrobe of work clothes.  This is also 3 weeks before we move in a house we are closing on.  We determined we would be breaking even or even in worse shape than if I quit, so I quit.  In the months ahead, my husband began putting some side businesses together for us.  We used our credit cards and purchased materials for a candle business and for a photography business.  My husband is a film school graduate and did some work in L.A. for a while, so he had skill and experience in this field.  These businesses both have grown extremely slow and as a result, my husband needed to file for bankruptcy (we put everything in his name).  We’ve also sold off a good deal of the photography equipment to help pay for bills before then. That leads us to today.  We are barely paying our bills and the home we moved into needs a number of repairs including the air conditioning.  We do ok at lining up photography appointments, however, a number of clients want to take studio photos and we have no studio.  We really can’t afford to lose any appointments.  We actually moved into a home that has a walk-out basement and a setup that is perfect for an in-home studio.  We completely lack the funds and means at the moment to build a studio in this basement though. So, we are asking for the public to help.  Please help us build our photography studio.  We desperately need it and will never be able to get it on our own. X

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