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Apr 24, 2015 1:24 PM ET

Infinity Telemedicine Group: Change the paradigm of medicine to be affordable and accessible to All people, All classes & All locations

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 24, 2015

Infinity Telemedicine Group

Albuquerque, NM 87109, US

Affordable, Accessible, Everywhere


Change the paradigm of medicine to be
affordable and accessible to
All people, All classes & All locations


Ability to Transcend Geographical Boundaries
Technology is a tool not the treatment and can be used to provide high fidelity tele-medicine most

Well trained nurses are your extension, eyes, ears and touch for patient assessments,
treatments, medication changes, IV initiation and immediate diagnostics.

Ability to Reduce Costs
No brick and mortar overhead
Still be able to bill for your encounter while reducing your overhead
Extending your practice without building outlying clinics or travel.

Ability to Increase Patient Comfort, Security, and Satisfaction
What is better than the comfort and safety of the patient’s home?
Better healing and rest.
Decreased exposure to nosocomial infections.
The relationship of focused one on one care.

Products / Services

1. Concierge Medicine

Direct pay for medical services in patients homes and or offices
Rapid access to physicians and medical care and treatments.

2. Readmission Prevention

Cost saving to hospitals by referring patients into our aggressive program allowing patients have the ongoing medical treatment with out frequent admissions to a hospital . This prevents the hospital from being penalized at up to 4% of their total benefits package from CMS for high recurrent readmission of certain patients with chronic disease processes.

3. Pre Paid Medical Plans for small business

At only the quarter of the cost of a traditional insurance plan allows small business entities to use our services in the form of a Pre Paid Medical plan that encompass a wide range of medical services that is highly focused on prevention and wellness for the employee and their family. Providing access to physicians, nurses, medical care and treatments.

5. Coumadin Clinic

Providing instant blood studies for patients on anticoagulants (blood thinners) for medication management and adjustments with out weekly visits to a doctors office or clinic.

6. Hospital In Home

Provide IV therapies such as IV antibiotics and wound care management and cardiac tele monitoring in the comfort of their home .


Chief Executive Officer
Gary Gonzales

Registered Nurse and Paramedic 18 years experience in emergency medicine, flight team and management in the medical industry. Published author “Grandpa y los Conejitos”. Native Northern New Mexican , Married for 20 years with two grown children. Currently a House Supervisor for a Northern New Mexico Hospital and oversee all medical operations for that Hospital.

Chief Operating Officer
John Taxeras

Retired Marine Corps officer, helicopter pilot and strategic planner for world wide deployment and employment of multi-disciplined resources. Presidential Command Pilot for President Reagan. MS degree is Management Systems. 35+ years of leadership and management experience in aviation, planning and medical operations. Successfully started multiple businesses in food service and air medical transportation. Currently COO for new start up company.

Vice President Physician/Medical Officer
Nancy Taxeras

Registered nurse for 35 plus years in emergency medicine, air medical transport, ICU and general med-surg. Multiple successful leadership assignments over the past 14 years. Many of the most recent assignments have been in interim leadership positions as a change agent for hospital departments that had suffered deficiencies in performance. Successfully improved every metric in each assignment. Currently VP of Clinical Operations for new company.

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