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Apr 22, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Archived: Last Scene: A murder mystery that places a screenwriter at a crossroads when trying to decide on a ‘perfect ending’ for his latest screenplay

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2015

Last Scene

Last Scene is written and directed by Andrew H. Littlefield. A murder mystery that places a screenwriter at a crossroads when trying to decide on a ‘perfect ending’ for his latest screenplay.

More Info

I’m truly excited to inform you of my latest film project, ‘Last Scene’.  A murder mystery that places a screenwriter at a crossroads when trying to decide on a ‘perfect ending’ for his latest screenplay.  As the writer delves deeper into the story, his thoughts and ideas actually become his reality.  My motivation behind this story was to reveal how I could relate to what the writer was feeling, and how we become so involved with the characters, we want nothing more than to give the audience the satisfaction of an amazing ending.

We’ve completed pre-production and put together an amazing trailer for our fundraising campaign using illustrated storyboards, two scenes from the film itself, and original music to give you a taste of what’s to come. The trailer is posted above so please watch, share, and support!

Project Description

With each project I recruit people that are as passionate as I am about making films.  One thing I learned about making a movie is that you need driven people who are well-organized and want to make the best project possible.  I’ve been fortunate to network and surround myself with some of the best crew members over the years and have pulled them on board for ‘Last Scene’.  With your help, I will have a finished cut of ‘Last Scene’ by next Summer, with a World Premiere Screening at a theater in Chicago, and then ready to screen it to the entire world after that! Once we get funded, I’ll be posting monthly updates on the progress I’m making and keeping you in the loop with Exclusive Video Updates!  Making a film is a rewarding but expensive undertaking. In fact, the goal of $5,000 only represents a portion of what we’ll need to shoot the current script. Donations towards this project go directly to financing equipment rental, insurance and shoot permit costs, production vehicle rentals, set build, catering and more.  Our aim is not to cut corners with a “just get it done” approach. Our budget is sensible but it is also a blueprint for a professional production; our crew will consist of working film professionals and while some of them will lend us their time and skills for scaled rates or for free, our practices and set operations will otherwise be industry standard. The need for fiscal support cannot be overstated, but we’ll keep this request brief; we invite you into a partnership that begins with a generous monetary donation and ends with a finished work that could not have been made without you! Thank you for your support!

Risks and Challenges:

I’m asking for your help financially so I can make a truly entertaining narrative with unique characters and style.  It’s going to cost some money to do this right, otherwise I just wasn’t interested in making it. Anyone can grab a camera and edit footage that they’ve shot, for relatively no money. The biggest challenge is making it a high quality production that is both entertaining to watch, but also looks and sounds great. I’ve learned quite a lot over the years, and want this to be a keepsake for all independent film fans! 

This is going to take 6 days to film and several months to edit, mix, add music etc.

When it comes to fulfillment of rewards, the only variable subject to change is the estimated date of delivery.  All rewards are guaranteed pending success of the campaign.

If the shoot date shifts due to logistics, all backers will be informed and will be kept up-to-date on revisions to the fulfillment schedule.

Filmmaking is a collaboration. Success depends on the team’s ability to coalesce around the goal of making a great movie and on the commitment, creativity and vision of the team’s leaders.

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