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Apr 19, 2015 3:00 PM ET

Archived: Phantom Fiber Corporation: full service end to end business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in retail, e commerce and mobile environments

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2015

Phantom Fiber Corporation

New York, NY 10005, US
Business Products & Services

Phantom Fiber specializes in electronic payments, alternative lending, marketing and customer engagement. Utilizing the most innovative proprietary cloud based disruptive technology platforms, the Company provides full service end to end business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses in retail, e commerce and mobile environments.

Our customers, the business owners, select from a variety of packages in which they may offer instant deals and promotions, gain access to capital, manage inventory, reporting and customer contact and engagement. On average, our customers save up to $6,000 per year.

We have the experience, the direction, the solution and most important, the team.

Products / Services

End to End Business Solution and Technology Company

Phantom Fiber’s cloud based disruptive technology provides seamless integration for small to mid-sized businesses operating in retail, e commerce and mobile environments throughout the United States.

We Offer:
– A full suite of customer engagement tools.
– Discounted Merchant Services, E-Commerce, Mobile Payments.
– Website Solutions
– BitCoin integration
– Alternative Lending.

We offer discounted stability, reliability and flexibility. The convenience of making one call to solve the numerous service needs of a business owner. We are a unique company which has bundled these many solutions, saving our customer $3000-$6,000 annually. Scaling cost of acquisition and economies of scale enhances ROI, maximizing revenue.

Appealing to a broad range of investors, our minimum investment is set at $5,000. We intend to raise $6,000,000 in this round to build robust marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities while acquiring competitors and leveraging existing customers.


President Executive Officer
Kevin H. Kading

Kevin H. KadingKevin H Kading CEO and Director of M&A, is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kading Companies S.A. since its founding in 1995. Between 1979 and 1995, he held various positions at several investment banking firms, ranging from retail sales to Regional Vice President. From 1995 on, Mr. Kading has founded and participated in a number of public and private companies. He has been a member of the Securities Traders Association both nationally and in New York since 1995. Mr. Kading was a founder, officer, and Chairman of the Board of Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. from 1997 to February 2006. Mr. Kading was a founder and officer of Syringex Medical, Inc., from October 1997 to June 2004.

Director Executive Officer
Lawrence C. McQuade

Lawrence C. McQuade Lawrence C. McQuade is the founding Partner of River Capital. Was the CEO of Procon Incorporated, Oversaw the building of the largest LNG facility in the world at that time. Served as Asst. Secretary of Commerce during the administrations of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Mr. McQuade was the Executive VP, Board Member at W.R. Grace & Company and Vice Chairman of Prudential Mutual Funds. Mr. McQuade served the Board of Directors of Qualitas International, Prudential Mutual Funds, NNRF, Laredo National Bancshares, Bunzl PLC, Applied Bioscience, and many others. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has been Director, Overseas Development Council; Director International Management & Development Institute; Director, Foreign Policy Association; Expert Advisor, UN Commission on Transnational Corporations; Co-Founder & Director, Asian Programs Foundation. He is a graduate of Yale University {Phi Beta Kappa), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar), and Harvard Law School.

Director Financial Officer
Philip C. Kempisty

Philip C. KempistyMr. Kempisty has over 40 years of accounting, financial planning, tax, consulting, merger and acquisition experience. He has worked with and for a number of public companies, in addition to being a partner in a New York based accounting firm and the CEO and President of an international consulting firm. Mr. Kempisty has oversight of the Company’s financial reporting as well as serving in a more general advisory role.

Director Technology Officer
Frank A. Cristaudo

Frank A. CristaudoFrank A Cristaudo is a West Point graduate, founder of XoDoc Technologies and 1 Click Manager, industry leading web based business systems, acquired by PHFB Jan 2015. Information Technology Expert, Mr. Cristaudo designed and engineered XoDoc which supported dozens of alternative lenders, more than 17,000 sales agents, 1,000,000 merchants and 90 payment processors worldwide. Mr. Cristaudo’s XoDoc and its’ subsidiaries were successfully integrated with TSYS, First Data, Cynergy Data and many other domestic and international electronic payment providers. Furthermore, XoDoc supports 4000 office copier locations, XoDoc International – Transnational Settlements and Eastern Atlantic Payment Platform. XoDoc Technologies continues to focus its efforts in the Finance, Big Data and Service industries. Frank A Cristaudo is a retired Army Captain, since the late 90’s led XoDoc and is now Phantom Fiber CTO, CIO and Director.

Director Marketing Officer
Daniel R. Martin

Daniel R. MartinMr. Martin has been, from Jan. 1997 – present an Adjunct Professor of Management at Pace University in NY. He was the President, COO, and Director of Milestone Scientific, Inc. (NYSE-AMEX) in NYC. At E-Z-EM, Inc. in Westbury, NY (NASDAQ) Mr. Martin Held numerous executives positions as President, Director, Managing director and alike for the following: Sterling Drug, Inc., NYC. Howland Martin Corp. for the Western Hemisphere/Asia Pacific for Bell & Howell Co., in Chicago, IL. Managing Director for Merck & Co., Inc. in Colombia and Peru. He has a BA in Economics from Cornell University; from Columbia University Graduate School of Business he has an MS in managementDirector of both the White Plains Hospital Foundation and the National Aphasia Association in NY. He is a Director for Country Life Vitamins; a Director for Allergy Research Group in Alameda, CA, he is a Director for Del Monte (Asia) Pte., LTD, Singapore. Listed in Whos’ Who in America

Contact Information:

Kevin H. Kading , CEO
Cell- 917.575.1920

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