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Apr 19, 2015 11:00 AM ET

All4charity: raise as much money as possible for local and national charities and community projects

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2015

All4charity website

All4charity website

Project aim

To raise as much money as possible for local and national charities and community projects

About the project

 Hi, we are setting up a website which offers competitions both entry fee and FREE (without having to fill out endless pages of surveys or costing £4.50/week), prize draws and auctions WITH ALL PROFITS GOING TO CHARITY OR COMMUNITY PROJECTS.

Items such as sporting tickets and memorabilia, hospitality packages.

Concert tickets, memorabilia, hospitality packages, meet and greets.

Cinema and Theatre Premiere tickets,memorbilia and hospitality packages.

Signed artworks, first edition books,red carpet events, Award ceremony tickets/packages etc etc….the list is virtually endless to what we will be offering.

There will also be free weekly draws for our members with prizes such as supermarket vouchers and cash.

We have several charities and celebrities/sports people venues/companies interested in getting inolved but they quite rightly want to see commitment from us in the form of a professional working website.

Although as a country the UK is very generous with charity donation we feel that this website can add more cash to the pot, helping people and animals in need.

There are hundreds of community projects and individuals in need of help and we want to, with your help, get them the help they need.

Your donation will help us towards our goal and get the site up and running as soon as we can, therefore starting to raise money for charity/community projects as soon as possible.

As the site builds and attracts more members we are looking at hosting charity events around the country at local venues with the view to raising more monies, there will be a huge competition for the annual children in need drive and special christmas competitions/draws.

Although working with major UK charities we will be concentrating initially on local smaller charities and community projects, just like some you may see here on crowdfunder.

Want to know a bit more about us?

I am a fully qualified electrcal installation engineer and for the last 2 years have been installing sensory rooms for an internationally known and respected company in various places for autistic needs, dementia and alzhiemer sufferers, special needs children etc etc, i have a passion for animal welfare and childrens charities and have been donating for years and now want to take the next step and go full time helping the people in need.

My partner has 25 years experience in the care sector and has been caring for dementia/alzhiemer patients for more than 20 years, she is also a passionate charity backer also backing childrens and aged charities but concentrates mainly on animal welfare.

We both feel that this site could raise THOUSANDS of pounds for charities and community projects… but at the same time giving our members the chance to enter competitions and prize draws for the things they possibly could not normally afford, bid on items they can get cheaper than normal but at the same time have fun and chat along with other members.

Our long term goal would be to set up our own foundation and run this alongside our website ALL4CHARITY.

As a donator you will automatically receive our weekly email newsletter telling you everthing that is going off in the ALL4CHARITY world, everything will be transparent and you will clearly see where your generous donation is going and the difference it is helping to make.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and if you feel you could help PLEASE donate to make our website a reality.


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