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Apr 18, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Archived: DuXplore Inc: real estate construction, design, planning, development, finance, mortgages, title and insurance

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 18, 2015

DuXplore Inc

Las Vegas, NV 89102, US
Real Estate

Duxplore Inc, a Nevada Corp was conceptualized in 1998 and established in 1999. A Portion of Profits made by the Duxplore Family of Corporations is applied toward multiple charitable causes. Including Have Hope Foundation, Utopian Society Foundation, Peregrine Veteran Foundation, CEF, and many others.

From inception, Duxplore Inc, has been comprised of principles who have extensive experience in most real estate industries to include, but not limited to, real estate construction, design, planning, development, finance, mortgages, title and insurance. In addition to constant education, the Board of Directors continue to maintain a team of Professional Individuals who are proven to be the Best in Their Respect Fields. Duxplore’s bar of excellence is set high by design so that our members constantly challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Duxplore’s continued investment into research and development guarantees that we are equipped with the most effective and efficient systems allowing each division to meet and exceed every quarterly goal.

Doing business across the North American Continent with expansion plans into Dominican Republic, Belize, Mexico, Panama and Duxplore’s proven participation model provides security, stability and direction for our members and for their families. Nearly all transactions are fully syndicated allowing members to retain cost and interest associated with standard leveraging.

As the members of Duxplore continue to align themselves with other Leaders in the fields of expansion and execution for the current business model(s); opportunities continue to abound exponentially.

We always welcome new, mutually beneficial business arrangements with new Asset & Special Asset Managers, Fund Managers, Investment Advisers and Private Wealth management advisers.

The re-tooling of Duxplore’s Detroit based Hydro-Electric Generator Assembly Plant is our goal for 2nd Quarter 2014.

Products / Services

NPN Sevicing & Disposition

All Servicing of Non-performing Notes secured by Real Estate

Distressed REO Sales and Marketing

Liquidation of Distressed Real Estate Nationwide


President Research & Development
Lawrence Adam Gardner


Contact Information:

Lawrence Adam Gardner
(702) 718 1179

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