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Apr 16, 2015 8:15 AM ET

Archived: Mindfulness & Neuroscience at Coventry Cathedral: third Mindfulness & Compassion event at the world renowned centre for peace, Coventry Cathedral in September 2015

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

Mindfulness & Neuroscience at Coventry Cathedral

Project aim

To hold the third Mindfulness & Compassion event at the world renowned centre for peace, Coventry Cathedral in September 2015

About the project

The Flame Centre for Mindfulness, holistic health and wellness is a not-for-profit organisation with an overall aim to provide access to Mindfulness and Compassion based approaches and their therapeutic applications in health, business and personal development and growth. 

The Flame Centre provides free mindfulness sessions at its centre, Central library, run classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and Spain. 

The Flame,  in 2013, launched its groundbreaking and innovative “Mindfulness & Compassion in the City” initaitive in partnership with leading experts in the fields of mindfulness, mind-body medicine and transpersonal psychology and held the first Mindfulness at Coventry Cathedral Event 2013.  

Its aims are to:

Introduce evidence-based contemplative practices to communities, through mindfulness and compassion-based awareness events in partnership with local agencies through-out the UK.

Raise awareness and access to mindfulness and compassion based approaches and their therapeutic applications for health, businesses, personal development and growth. 

The first groundbreaking FREE Mindfulness event was held at the world renowned centre for peace and reconsilation, Coventry Cathedral in November 2013, with over 300 attendees. 

Building on the success of this unique and historic event,  in 2014 the Flame held its “Mindfulness & Compassion at Coventry Cathedral” event, bringing contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion together with clinical evidence by experts, psychologists, case studies and an experential collective practice with over 450 people! The collective audience for the two events were in excess of 750 participants and growing.  

This year, the Flame plans to hold “Mindfulness & Neuroscience at Coventry Cathedral 2015″. (Mindfulness meets science) The Mindfulness & Neuroscience 2015 aims to meet two objectives:

1.) Build on the resounding success of the last two years and for 2015, bring together Mindfulness & compassion and current medical and scientific research.

2.) To help develop similar mindfulness & compassion initative in other City across the UK  

The funding for the project will cover the following

Venue Hire
Marketing and publicity
Video production
Presenters and experts basic costs
Water and Refreshments
Human resource – administration and project management 

Please check out our websites and links to previous events. Be part of the change…. 



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The Flame, transforming peoples lives


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