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Apr 16, 2015 11:45 AM ET

Change My Path: Engine for creating interactive education on mobile devices

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 16, 2015

Change My Path

Engine for creating interactive education on mobile devices.



Why now?  Why interactive education on mobile devices?  Because higher education is moving online. Last year alone, $35B was spent on the eLearning market.

One huge problem:  how do you succesfully put educational content on mobile devices?


Change My Path is developing an engine to create interactive education for mobile devices.  This creation engine will deliver educational content to mobile devices, but in a way that keeps students engaged.

We’re targeting educational content developers (online course, textbook publisher, college professor, teacher) who want to get their content onto mobile devices.


The vision of Change My Path is to do for education what Apple did for iPhone and iPad apps — make it easy for people to download engaging, interactive education content on their mobile devices.


We’re not conventional educators trying to do videos of monotonous, sleep-inducing lectures. We’re hardcore gamers with great industry experience — we’ve been part of teams that have developed games that grossed $100M.

Change My Path’s interactive framework for education content, will help address the dropout problem – 90% of people taking online courses dropout! (source: The Economist Magazine). Existing companies are putting course material on mobile devices, but they are missing the key part – you have to make it interactive or it won’t work, people will get bored and go on to the next thing.


Education and career opportunity are subjects that hit very close to home for the Change My Path team. CEO Zack Karlsson lacked the financial means to pay for college, and began his career with only a high-school education, working in the customer service department at a gaming company. Eventually, he worked his way up through the ranks to VP of Business Development at Capcom, an established gaming company. Our CTO and Chief Scientist, Stephen Williams, was primarily self-taught as well, and has risen to the position of senior technical project lead at several major companies.

Zack Karlsson, CEO
Zack is a former VP of Business Development & Digital Platforms at Capcom, a gaming company with $1.2 billion market cap, and has held executive management positions at DoubleFine, a leading independent games studio and Namco Bandai, a video game publisher.

Stephen Williams, CTO
Stephen is an expert in system scalability, augmented/virtual reality technology, and information security. He was the Lead Architect and Lead Developer of Geico web quotes and the US Treasury Secure Payments system.

David Mandel, Co-Founder & Chairman

Chairman of a data platform startup, where he was the founding CEO, with customers including several major firms on Wall Street.  Seed investor in Broadcom, Access 360 (IBM), Fulcrum Microsystems (Intel).  Lead investor for Innovent (BRCM).


Contact Information:

Zack Karlsson
Stephen Williams
David Mandel

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