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Apr 15, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Archived: TYD Media: Publisher of luxury publications using new age methods (in a traditional industry) to market them

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2015

TYD Media

Publisher of luxury publications using new age methods (in a traditional industry) to market them.



SOUGHT: £50,000



TYD Media was founded by Blessing Platinum-Williams and Michael Williams. It is an interactive digital publishing company that specialises in the development and production of lifestyle publications and turning them into stunning interactive apps.

In December 2012, we launched our first publication, TYD [The Young Director]; a quarterly, fully-interactive, iPad-based business, fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine for the successful entrepreneur under-30. The publication takes pride in ‘sexing up’ the young entrepreneur scene with its clean aesthetic, informal language and its energetic approach to promoting the ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’ philosophy.

Despite no external investment in the company to date, the magazine has seen steady growth with a steady flow of downloads.

You can download our latest issue here: http://tydmag.com/dlwinter15


What makes TYD stand out from other magazines is its unconventional approach to the topic of young entrepreneurship – we stand to show entrepreneurship in a glamorous light which makes the magazine attractive to individuals who would want to be featured as well as advertisers who want the opportunity to get their brand in front of ‘new-money’ eyes.

We believe that we bring a completely new spin on the typical business magazine.



We have launched 8 issues to date. We have also featured great people such as Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel; and James Middleton, the founder of Boomf, who features in our current Winter 2015 Issue.


The Magazine:
As a digital publication, our advertising offering can be adapted into a series of solutions from interactive sponsored content to data-capturing campaigns. The minimum spend for an advertiser in one issue of TYD is £12,500 and that is for a static advert placement (the equivalent of what one would find in a printed magazine).
Eventually, with the introduction of an Arabian and a printed ‘Mayfair’ Edition of TYD, our advertising solutions will be priced slightly higher.

Online & Social Media:
Our website will function separately to the magazine. It will curate and publish its own content and is expected to generate its revenue via Sponsored Content and banner placements charged per 1000 impressions (cpm).

As we consistently produce and upload video content to the TYD and TYD UAE YouTube Channels we anticipate that we will start to generate revenue as our amount of views and subscribers increase. We intend to also charge brands for premium bespoke videos and product placement.

We plan to sell exclusive TYD-branded merchandise from fashionable t-shirts to luxury leather accessories. Pre-orders would be accepted from our website before manufacturing to avoid leftover stock.

TYD plans to host an array of events where attendees will be charged a fee. Event proposals include Entrepreneur Breakfasts Events, Special Guest Talks over Dinner and themed parties.

The Under-30s Club:
The Under-30s Club which is currently being planned for launch would be TYD’s Private Members Club. We would invite influential members who will be charged an annual fee to join the club and enjoy exclusive benefits from luxury and lifestyle brands we have partnered with. This is a revenue stream that would be better-developed as our audience and reputation as a brand grows.

Contract Publishing:
As mentioned earlier, by leveraging our new publishing platform, we will be able to offer our creative services to brands by producing interactive magazine apps with bespoke content.

Brand Partnerships:
We will charge a premium to brands who would like to leverage our name, audience and influence to further their marketing and sales efforts.



The proceeds raised from our campaign would give us a much needed boost to raise the profile of the magazine so we can start to generate revenue and, in the near future, build the best team.

It is planned to cover the following:
Marketing & PR

In-house Digital Publishing System – With this we would be able to expand the TYD title onto multiple viewing devices (iPhone and Android) and establish a much-needed subscription platform so we can start selling subscriptions to the magazine app. It will also enable the use of many analytical tools which we all know is key to entice those advertisers and make money!

Intellectual Property

Computing Equipment & Software.


TYD is aimed at the young entrepreneur who is currently succeeding in their business endeavours and the aspirational entrepreneur on the rise. They have built their businesses from the ground up to a level where they are able to earn a considerable regular income and as well as invest their earnings, are able to spend it on the finer things that life has to offer.

Our audience appreciate luxury and success which is what TYD embodies.


In recent years the world has seen a significant rise in young, successful entrepreneurs who are performing well in their sectors and setting new standards of achievement. TYD not only acts as a platform where these young pioneers are celebrated but it is also a guide on where to spend their disposable income to enhance their lifestyle.

TYD aims to introduce readers to a new experience that goes beyond print. Our readers are mobile and so using elements such as animation, video and sound to tell a story about an interesting subject (all on their tablet and smartphone) creates an appeal that print cannot deliver.



TYD will be heavily marketed through social media influencers, viral video marketing, a potential television show, targeted PR campaigns as well as Internet Display Advertising and other means of effective advertising.


Other magazines that could be seen as competition include Wired – for their approach to showcasing tech entrepreneurs and technological content; and Forbes – purely for the fact that they are a renowned brand with easy access to the latest individuals. Whilst both magazines are flourishing, TYD’s niche of being stylish, glamourous and favouring the successful entrepreneur under-30 and their achievements we believe gives us a competitive edge. Plus, we are considered a digital magazine which we believe means far lower production costs and barriers to entry in comparison to our print counterparts.



Contact Information:

Blessing Platinum-Williams
Michael Williams

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