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Apr 15, 2015 12:45 PM ET

Archived: Defrozo: The ultimate marketing platform for photographers – a free, all-in-one platform that helps photographers better display and market their work online

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2015

Defrozo: The ultimate marketing platform for photographers.

by Demetrio Fortman

Defrozo is a free, all-in-one platform that helps photographers better display and market their work online.

About this project

Thank you for visiting our Kickstarter project. We’re a team of web developers keen on photography, and we’re building software to help any photographer fulfill a dream – make money doing what they love most.

As seen on:

One login to showcase your photography, organize your workflow, manage your clients, sell prints, and discover growth hacks tailored specifically to photographers? Meet Defrozo.

Why do you need Defrozo?

Time-consuming website management. Troubles with hosting. Custom equals expensive. Multiple subscriptions to stay in control of. Limited time to devote to the business side of things. No affordable tool to manage your client base. Defrozo is born out of many pains.

With Defrozo you get a single login to access all the tools you might need to organize your images, create your portfolio, manage your workflow and client base, and sell your work online. Everything done via a simple, drag-n-drop interface and integrated system, so that you could spend less time clicking the buttons and more time taking photographs.

What makes Defrozo stand out?

Entering the pond with some big fish like PhotoShelter, Zenfolio, ShootQ in it may seem doomed. But we all remember the David vs Goliath story, right?

Defrozo is the first universal platform available for free to include every tool a photographer might need to start their business from scratch or grow their established brand. In other words, Defrozo will have all the features offered by the leading software solutions under one roof, and more. Reinventing the wheel? No. Integrating odd wheels and gears into a sophisticated mechanism to drive your career? Yes.

Free forever

We’re not here to build a startup and sell it to some big dawg in the business. We believe we have an idea that will be a game change in the world of photography services. When we’re talking about our goal we imagine office workers that will be finally able to become full-time photographers, entrepreneurs that will find new ways to drive referrals to their business, as well as end customers that will receive unmatched service at no additional cost.

This is why the free version of Defrozo will always include the full spectrum of features. There will be an opportunity to upgrade for users requiring more customization and storage space in each functional module.

To fit photographers’ needs at any stage of their career, there will be three plans available:

Where we are & Where we’re heading

We’ve released the Defrozo Beta in June, 2014. Right now there are 3 modules available for use which are Website Builder, Media Library, and Image Delivery. You can see the TimeLine of our project with the progress points and plans reflected in it.

What are the benefits?

See this short video below to get a better idea of how Defrozo works and how it can actually improve your business workflow:

#{project_title}'s video poster

What’s under the Hood?

The Defrozo system is based on WordPress with self-written classes and functions added for the proprietary features.  At the product conception stage, we carefully analyzed the original WP admin panel and tailored it to the needs of photographers, based on the collected survey data. 

Simply put, we took the world’s most popular content management system, cut off the unnecessary stuff of it, added important features it lacked, and then framed it into a user-friendly admin interface that enables users to do most operations by simply dragging and dropping elements.

Defrozo is built the way to utilize both WordPress’s latest achievements and custom programs adjusted specifically for photography business management.  

All user websites are hosted on a single cloud server so that they could be updated all at once using the mechanism of symlinks. This approach allows us to implement platform updates fast and frequently.

Why we need your support?

Defrozo is not a vague concept, nor is it a prototype or demo version of the software. We have a working beta version which everyone can join for free but there’s still much to do in order to extend the functionality of available modules and add new ones. Your voice will help us make Defrozo a one-stop solution for photographers.

Who the hell are “We”?

My name is Demetrio Fortman. I’ve been developing software since2003 with my other brain children including MotoCMS content management system and MotoPress plugin for WordPress. My partners in the Defrozo team are the co-founder and COO Pavlovsky, senior developer Andrew Williams and our design warrior Brave. We often joke we’re like the Beatles in the world of software.

I came up with the idea of Defrozo at a party while talking to my pal, a professional photographer, who was complaining of how many accounts he needs to check on a daily basis in order to manage his website, blog, email marketing, and client base. That’s when I thought about a “tool to rule them all”.

My team mates at Moto CMS helped to set up the early prototypes of Defrozo and gather a focus group of 200 photographers around the world. Once we got the positive feedback and suggestions from our focus group, the project got its own small yet well-knit team.

Risks and challenges

This is a complex software project with unforeseen development challenges inevitably to take place. The biggest risk with a project like this is delivering it on time. To address this challenge, we’re setting biweekly milestones and make sure we hit them prioritizing existing module improvements above new features. Besides, we’ll regularly update our backers just as we’re doing it for our current users.

Our other major challenge will be connecting with the third-party services and vendors. We have the least experience in this area which makes it difficult to determine the precise timeline of completion. However, this will not affect the process of building the platform itself.

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