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Apr 15, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Archived: D.I.Y Coffee Roasting – This will be South Australia’s first ever D.I.Y coffee roasting facility where anyone from the general public is welcome to give roasting a go

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2015

D.I.Y Coffee Roasting

By David Bilusich

The story of the project

When sharing the vision of setting up Coffee Institute with friends, family and colleagues, one question continually came up in conversation and that question is: “What makes you different”.

This is it! This will be South Australia’s first ever D.I.Y coffee roasting facility where anyone from the general public is welcome to give roasting a go. 

The process is simple, first timers will be given training on how to use the roaster and of course, run through safety procedures. Once they are trained, they will have the opportunity to blend and roast their own green coffee. The options are to book for hour blocks or if you desire, full days can be booked also. We will provide all the facilities required to test your final product and bags to take them home with you. The facility will have the ability to store roast information so users can progressively master the art of roasting and take steps towards perfecting their passion.

It will be an affordable solution for the budding coffee company start-up by freeing up the capital requirements of setting up their own roasting plant. Small espresso bars can lower costs by by green beans and roasting their own; allowing them the breathing space needed to continue providing you with the exceptional coffee experience you’ve come to expect.

Our desire is to collaborate with people who love coffee and to give them and us the chance to learn from each other.

We see new small business birthed from the ability to roast their own coffee. We see passions ignited and people taking the next steps to fulfilling dreams to enter into the coffee industry. We hope to provide training on the roaster and in preparing espresso/coffee beverages to people so that they can be confident to find jobs within the industry. We see this as a big door opener.

We require your support to see this become a reality. When embarking on such a journey, we see engagement with the local community as a logical approach. We want the local community to get involved and really feel apart of this project. We hope that for everyone who donates, that they will consider themselves a life long partner. Our rewards are delivered in a manner that will hopefully accomplish this and we look forward to beginning friendships over a cup of coffee.


How the funds will be used

Funding will be utilised in two main areas and they are:

Equipment ($40K)

Brand new Roaster with roast profiling software – supplied and installed
Floor Scales
Heat Sealer
Moisture Analyser
Utensils – includes buckets for green and roasted beans, cupping kits, espresso prep gear, pour over gear.

Renovation ($10K)

We have the space available but it requires a little TLC. We will also require minor electrical and plumbing work in order for the area to be operational. A little tiling, paint, safety gear and furnishings to make it a safe and comfortable place to work in.

Some of my other work

So Coffee Institute is our first solo venture but by no means is it our first rodeo. We’ve been involved in the espresso bar industry for well over a decade now and have watched the evolution take form in real time, with a finger on the pulse throughout. We were making coffee when Cibo only had two stores and Illy was all the rage. We’ve learnt a lot along the way too. Like what a Flat White ought to be. We’ve experienced life from the other side of the counter as an account manager for a coffee company. We’ve been privileged enough to work on some of the best (and worst) equipment. We’re dedicated to keep learning. Here’s to another decade making coffee.


With an operational espresso bar already up and running, we feel the risks are minimal and this project will only enhance the coffee scene in Adelaide. We have quickly built a fine reputation as a true player in the espresso bar arena and are confident in attracting the desired clientèle. We’ve all heard the term “Adelaide is a small place” and in this instance, as it being true, it will work in our advantage to quickly spread the word and gather interest in customers to utilise such a facility. The coffee scene is by no means in decline and on the contrary, continues to see positive growth and popularity amongst the masses.

Project Team

David Bilusich

Adelaide, South Australia 

Hi! Thanks for checking out the project I have going.

So I’ve been involved in the Adelaide coffee scene for around 12 years. I’ve watched it evolve into the vibrant culture it is today and I’m keen to remain involved for a long time to come. I hope to give a little back to the industry by offering something new – something different. That’s what this project is about.

At home I am a husband of a little over two years and we expect our first child, a boy in mid-May. Very exciting times. We also have a pet Samoyed named Arthur and ginger cat named Leo. I love my soccer – particularly Real Madrid, my beloved Croatia and of course the Socceroos! I’m also a dedicated member of Lifepoint Church and believe that Jesus was and is and is to come.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon for a coffee!

Contact Information:

David Bilusich

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