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Apr 14, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Archived: “WU” Design Customize Headphone – 5 different handmade styles with 3 different audio configurations, so you can choose a look and sound that suits you

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2015

WU” Design Customize Headphone

By WU Design 深圳市哲巫本计设计有限公司

The story of the project

Music, design & a passion for all things handmade are why we started creating our own headphones in March 2013. We wanted a pair of headphones that fit into the handicraft aesthetic and fashion we love.

We’ve created 5 different handmade styles with 3 different audio configurations, so you can choose a look and sound that suits you.


Our headphones are foldable…


And adaptable, with a detachable cable that you can easily replace when it gets worn out, without having to buy a whole new set. 

We also include a cable that lets you use the headphones as a headset for your phone 


Package Including:
1、 Headphone x 1
2、Manual & Warranty Card x 1
3、Audio Cables x 2
4、Carry Bag x 1

What’s handmade?

While we’re not crazy enough to try and make the audio components by hand, all the cloth elements of the casing have been hand sewn and attached by our team. 

Customised to your sound preferences

5 designs, 3 versions. We’ve developed three types of audio configurations to suit different listening styles – choose the one that best suits the music you love. 

Choices, choices!

We chose 45% woolen 55% polyester blended fabric – Soft, fade-resistance & hard-wearing.

Our material holds print very well, allowing us to play with different pattern styles. 

A leather-like fabric covers the sponge pads for extra comfort!

Our cords are a mix of regular cord with a fabric overlay, making them hardy and anti-tangle.

Sound Specifications

Driver A

Driver B

Driver C

How the funds will be used

All funds raised will go towards purchasing Acoustic Test Equipment and the development of new audio drivers.

The styles



There were mainly two difficulties we faced during the project:

1. Electro-Acoustic Development.
In order to accurately grasp the characteristics of each style of sound, we listened to more than a thousand different albums for every speaker driver we developed. 
Electro-acoustic equipment is very expensive, so we sourced companies that would work with us on the testing, development and adjustment of the diaphragm and coil.

2. Application of Materials.
Applying the materials and handmade elements of fashion to an electronic product required a lot of testing and the acquiring of new skills. Plus, certain fabrics can enhance or get in the way of audio quality. It took a lot of testing until we got to a final product we were satisfied with. 

Some of my other work

We love music. We’ve always believed that sound can bring you to new places and experiences. We call our little design studio “WU巫”, and work hard to bring users a better inner experience. 

Project Team

WU Design 深圳市哲巫本计设计有限公司

Shenzhen, CN Message Supported 0 Projects

深圳市哲巫本计设计有限公司是以Jack Ren为代表的具有工匠精神设计师共同创立的设计公司。我们着眼于产品细节,对其优化以及创新来改善目前市场上类似产品的不足,给消费者更极致的享受。 Shenzhen ZWBJ Design Co.Ltd. is represented by Jack Ren have the artisan spirit designer co-founded the company. We focus on product’ details, its optimization and innovation to improve the lack of similar products currently on the market, bring the ultimate enjoyment to consumers.


Contact Information:

WU Design 深圳市哲巫本计设计有限公司

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