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Archived: Manley Rods – Adjustable Fishing Rods: featuring the revolutionary, patent-pending MRF System, which allows anglers to adjust the length of their rod butt

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Manley Rods – Adjustable Fishing Rods

by Robert Field

Fishing rods featuring the revolutionary, patent-pending MRF System, which allows anglers to adjust the length of their rod butt.

About this project

Our Product

Manley Rods are poised to revolutionize the fishing rod industry. The patent-pending MRF System (Multifunctional Rod Foundation), or Adjust-A-Butt system, is the first major innovation to fishing rods in close to a century. This system allows anglers to adjust the length of their rod butt on the fly, making the rod more versatile and able to be used for multiple techniques.

We have designed 48 models to cover everything in freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing, ensuring we can target a large market of anglers around the world. Our prototype models have been extensively tested by a long list of professional anglers and the feedback has been excellent. We need your support to help us go into production with our full line of rods.

There will be two retail price points for our initial line of rods:

  • Gold Series:   $179.95
  • Platinum Series:   $234.95

The Manley Advantage

Being able to adjust the length of your rod butt on the fly has a multitude of benefits for anglers:

  • Keep your butt short when working a lure so it’s out of your way.
  • Extend the butt in an instant to make a long two-handed cast.
  • Adjustable handle means every rod will fit every angler perfectly.
  • Place the butt right up against your forearm for more leverage while fighting a big fish.
  • Different lures or techniques require different length rod butts to work effectively. Now you can use one rod for multiple techniques.
  • You can adjust the rod butt length so it fits in any rod holder.
  • Kayak anglers can keep their rod butt short while sitting down and wearing a life jacket, then extend it as needed to make longer casts or for when standing up in the kayak.
  • Kids can grow into a fishing rod that grows with them!

Blank & Components

Our blank was designed by Head Rod Designer Mark Steven Crouse, who has won the World Championship of Rod Building twice, and is revered as one of the best rod builders in the world. Our blank is super sensitive, has tons of backbone, and is quickly gaining notoriety as one of the best blanks on the market.

The components in our rods are top of the line. Our rods feature the Microwave Line Control System, which is one of the hottest guide systems on the market right now. These guides reduce friction on your line as it passes through the guides, allowing you to cast up to 30% further and reducing line breakage.

Our rods feature the FUJI ACS Trigger reel seat (Gold Series baitcaster), the FUJI SK-2 two-piece reel seat (Platinum Series baitcaster), and the AERO Comfort reel seat (spinning), all of which are top selling reel seats in the world. We also use super-grade cork and high quality EVA for the handles in our rods. 

The Market

We’ve tested the market with a small run of prototype rods and the feedback on the rods has been overwhelmingly positive. The MRF System aside, the blank and components in our rods ensure we can go toe-to-toe with the best rods on the market. These rods are ultra sensitive, have all the backbone you’d ever need, and the MRF System provides anglers with the flexibility that no other rod on the market can offer.


We’ve already lined up a manufacturing company in China to build the rods at a competitive price with top notch quality control. We’ve also secured a distribution company in Nashville, TN to handle distribution to retailers and individual buyers. There are over 22,000 mom-and-pop fishing retailers in the U.S. alone, and we’ve also engaged several big chain stores and are negotiating with the buyers at those stores already.

We need funding to place the first order of production rods, and once that takes place, we will have the rods in our hands in approximately 30 days and can begin fulfilling Kickstarter rewards and store preorders right away.

 Reward Levels

Risks and challenges

One of the big challenges of penetrating the fishing rod industry and gaining market share is not having a big brand name. Anglers are familiar with other rod companies; they won’t be familiar with ours yet.

The MRF System will allow us to overcome that obstacle and quickly gain market share. Anglers are always looking for the latest and greatest product on the market, and having a system that no other rod company has will ensure we’re able to take market share from those companies by offering a completely unique and original product to customers.

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