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Archived: Band & Me is a promotional platform for bands that drives exponential growth by converting regular fans into raging evangelists

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BandAndMe Inc.

Emeryville, CA 94608, US

Band & Me is a promotional platform for bands that drives exponential growth by converting regular fans into raging evangelists. Band & Me unlocks the full potential of direct-to-fan promotion by using a one-to-one connection between the band and each fan that lets bands deliver experiences their fans have never dreamed possible, personal communications like a thank-you text message, an invite to join the band backstage after a gig, or a live video chat. And fans have access to all the band’s content from across the web in Band & Me. As they engage and share content they automatically earn points towards special perks like exclusives and recognition events. Fans become part of the band’s journey with the chance to rate and review new songs before they’re released, and access to behind the scenes action with the band.

Bands using Band & Me to deliver these special experiences are rewarded with accelerated growth in new fans that’s measured not in percentages but in multiples, because their fans respond by becoming evangelists raving about the band to their networks of friends. This generates a continuous buzz that makes fan growth accelerate exponentially faster.

Our target market is not artists in the top 40, it’s the 20,000 bands who generate $5 billion in sales each year and who can’t afford spending on mass media like radio, print ad and retail displays to grow sales. They’ve tried to go directly to their fans using Facebook but social media’s one-to-many connections prevents their promotions from feeling direct and personal, leaving the viral power of their fans untapped. Band & Me makes direct-to-fan promotion truly effective for the fir time with a one-to-one connection that makes promotion feel personal. We will receive a minority portion of the benefit in higher band income through subscription fees, affiliate royalties and in-app purchase of digital goods by fans.

Products / Services

Band & Me

The Band & Me platform includes a mobile app which is really two products in one. The first solves a problem plaguing all fans passionate about certain bands… keeping up with the constant flow of news appearing about the band. Band & Me aggregates all the band’s content from across the web into one simple interface, making it easy for fans to see what’s new and receive alerts about really important events. The second product delivers completely new experiences that fans have never thought possible…. personalized messages directly from the band, recognition for helping the band succeed, a marketplace for special perks like a backstage pass, and video streaming of concerts and other live events right from their iPhone. The platform also includes a data warehouse for storing information about fans and content, and an admin panel for bands to learn about each fans and to send customized communications.


Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Wagster

Daniel WagsterDan is the President of BandAndMe, which he founded in October 2012. He is an experienced operator of early stage companies with multiple exists, a technology integrator, product builder, leader and mentor.


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