Elixir Bio-Tech Inc.: launching the ‘Algae Industrial Park’ on 320 acres in Sierra County, NM, showcasing patented & proprietary Closed & Greenhouse bioreactor systems that produce Algae multi-purpose Biomass to Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Biofuels - iCrowdNewswire

Apr 13, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Elixir Bio-Tech Inc.: launching the ‘Algae Industrial Park’ on 320 acres in Sierra County, NM, showcasing patented & proprietary Closed & Greenhouse bioreactor systems that produce Algae multi-purpose Biomass to Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Biofuels

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2015

Elixir Bio-Tech Inc.

Las Cruces, NM 88005, US

Elixir Bio-Tech is launching the ‘Algae Industrial Park’ on 320 acres in Sierra County, NM, showcasing patented & proprietary Closed & Greenhouse bioreactor systems that produce Algae multi-purpose Biomass to Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Biofuels. Currently in high demand, scarce supply within the Health & Wellness & Biofuel markets. The Algae Industry is a rapid growth industry. Large investors include: the DOE/USDA, billions, $600M each: Exxon Mobll, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, & Phillips Petroleum in NM, alongside Bill Gates $150M in NM.
The Company’s key managers are experienced in Algae Engineering & Technology along with NM’s Santa Fe Community College’s (SFCC’s) Biofuel program & other collaborators to advance Algoculture methods in the emerging Algae frontier. Similar to the advent of corn, Algae Nutraceuticals & Biofuels address the many critical problems, crucial in the life & health sciences from malnutrition, hunger, Aids, chronic disorders to radiation sickness, CO2 reduction, Water recycling to renewable fuels.
New Mexico’s climate is ideal for Algae farming year round. This project is strategically located just 6 miles from Spaceport America housing Virgin Galactica, & Space X. with possible biofuel contracts.
Phase 1: immediate capital raise: $1M Algae Industrial Park property acquisition as collateral, loan/equity options; provides product flow buy/sell bulk & packaged algae products under offtake agreements to meet sales timelines & benchmark accomplishments in year 1.
Phase 2: Interim $5M pre-opening operating budget can be augmented by USDA REAP loan which provides post-application funding for land acquisition, working capital, construction, buildings, machinery, equipment & professional services: 80% guarantee; 20% company, lenders or investors. ROI is projected at 25% in year 2. Elixir Bio-Tech’s PPM is valued at $50M, under Regulation D Sec. Rule 506 for private investors; covers total project requirements over a 3 year period.

Products / Services

Algae Industrial Park

Elixir Bio-Tech is establishing the ‘Algae Industrial Park’ (AIP), to showcase patented & proprietary systems that produce Algae multi-purpose Biomass to Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Biocrude to Biorefinery. Initially there are four photobioreactor systems to include Greenhouse, Enclosed Tubular, Algae Microfarms & Algae Growth Units prototype. Each system produces independently on a tenant/lease basis within the AIP. The Company has 1st purchasing rights on all algae produced in the AIP. Purchase Orders & Royalty Agreements on sales are being implemented, providing a % of volume sales on algae products currently being marketed by the company’s affiliate, Elixir Int’l of New Mexico, Inc… Bulk algae imports are planned to be substituted by in-house production. The purchase agreement for the commercial property in Sierra County, NM has been consummated. Entitlements have been completed, with the survey & appraisal by the lender; the closing date is set for August 15, 2014.


President Executive Officer
Richard I. Warren

Richard I. WarrenFounder, Majority shareholder, President/CEO: responsible for the overall management of the business: microalgae researcher/writer with over 25 years in the algae business, knowledgeable in algae biomass processing, international marketing & sales; initiated marketing of brand name algae based nutraceutical & energy snacks; selling Algae bulk & packaged products since 1983. Established USFDA import quality control procedures; established packaging operations & U.S. Bonded Warehouse Outlet; USFDA registered import/export Agent for several bulk algae suppliers/buyers in South America & Asia; exports of bulk algae powder & tablets to England, France, Singapore & Mexico from 1996-2009; developed current import purchase agreements from bulk algae suppliers, up to 230 metric tons of Spirulina/Chlorella Algae for immediate sales in the 2014-16 periods with experienced sales team; formed key management team & collaborations with area Academia to open the AIP.

Consulting Development
John Roberts

Elixir Bio-Tech’s Project/Construction Manager: involved in the construction industry for over 31 years; responsible for construction management from pre-design to close-out phases for the AIP; served as special consultant to owners & building professionals; with unique the ability to negotiate with owners, city agencies, federal agencies, contractors, sub-contractors, architectural & design personnel; agreement in place to oversee AIP construction; President of Sierra County Economic Development, 2012-13; Project Director for Spaceport-America – T or C, NM with a $250 million construction budget for Spaceport America, completed in 2011. This facility is the first commercially built spaceport in the world with its primary tenant, Virgin Galactic (wwwspaceportamerica.com). Over 1,000 Space Flights are booked at $250,000 each; additionally bringing 2-5 family members. Just 6 miles from Spaceport, EBT is seeking JV partners to franchise a hospitality resort & NM tour activities.

Consulting Engineering
Karuna Hans Warren

Engineering Manager: responsible for overall infrastructure, site plans & architecture design; Bachelor of Science degree, Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, 1996; specialty in Environmental Engineering; Masters Degree in Engineering Management, Florida International University, 2006; University of Hawaii, Doctorate Acceptance, 2010; previous experience: Manager of Florida Power & Light for 10 yrs: Industrial Department; Project Manager: Soulder, Miller & Associates, Las Cruces, NM, 2007, Wastewater Technology; Consultant: Engineering Inc., NM, Water Technology, Wastewater Treatment, 2008-11; Operations/Planning Manager for Bear Valley Electric Service, 2011-14; worked in cooperation with the EPA, NM Environment Department & Construction Programs Bureau (NMED-CPB) & NMED-Ground Water Quality Bureau on permitting; member of the Professional Society of Civil Engineers; SWPPP Certified; OSHA Certified; Land Construction Safety Course certificate.

Managing Director Operating Officer
Francisco J. Ayala

Chief Technical Officer: Proprietary Greenhouse/Spirulina Maxima Production: responsible for overall cultivation and harvesting of bulk algae biomass at the AIP; Founder & Director of Solarium Biotechnology S.A. Spirulina Production Plant,1989-1999, located in the Atacama Desert, Chile; specializes in modular, semi-industrial and large scale algae production; expertise in designing bioreactors & greenhouses for Algae growth projects; provided consultant services in more than 10 Microalgae facilities globally in different countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa, since 1980; holds various degrees with research studies in Food Technology, Food Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmacy & Microalgae Biotechnology; has published over 12 extensive Algae Research Publications; participated in diverse international congresses & symposiums on Biotechnology, mass culture, production & use of microalgae/cyanobacteria known as Spirulina maxima, blue-green algae.

Managing/Manager Operations
Anibal R. Ayala

Production Manager & Bio-process Engineer: skilled designer of Algae Biomass & Aquaculture Production; overseer of algae cultures & production processes; career Biochemical Engineer, graduated in 2006, Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile, with specific skills in Algae Biotechnology & comparative research in producing Arthrospira (Spirulina) maxima cultures; worked as Production Manager, Technical Adviser, designing the Production Facilities for Arthrospira Platensis in Pica Village, Chile; Technical Manager of Arthorspira maxima cultures & production processes for Solarium Biotechnology; Consultant & Adviser in developing Cyanobacteria in Irun City, Spain; co-author of work presented at the 1st Latin American Congress of Algal Biotechnology, “Comparison of the productivity in cultures with and without greenhouses of Arthrospira maxima in the Atacama Desert, Chile.” Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Current research includes Conversion of Algae biomass into biofuel.

Vice President Marketing Officer
Gregory A. Edwards

Shareholder & Vice-President Global Marketing: Bulk Algae, Brand Name & Private Label Algae co-products. Gregory has been associated with the company’s affiliate marketing arm, Elixir International of New Mexico, Inc. (EINM) since 1992; currently represents the Company’s Elix-BioEnergy Systems with Algae presentations in Guatemala, Panama & Columbia; coordinates overall algae marketing & initiating small farmer initiatives combined bionutrient & biofuel projects for domestic & global markets; previous investor & Board Member of Horizon Petroleum Corporation in Boulder, Co.; worked on several oil projects in the U.S syndicating funds for drilling projects; negotiated with Pemex Union workers in Mexico, on residual oil purchasing; developed Biorefinery contacts for turnkey Algae aviation fuel & biodiesel refinery within AIP.

Senior Vice President Manufacturing/Production
Marie Wittwer Warren

Co-Founder, Shareholder & Vice-President Manufacturing/Packaging Operations brand names/private label: formulated original recipes and developed Brand Name Spirulina Maxima Products; initiated a Malnutrition Project in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 1985; originated & coordinated packaging procedures for bulk and brand name products in Mexico & U.S.; bulk & brand name quality control manager responsible for testing through FDA laboratories, outside contract manufacturing & initiated in-house bulk packaging; handles FDA Import Registrations for Food Safety; Nutrition & Health Researcher with the development of new algae based products & energy snacks for malnutrition, hunger, infant mortality & survival readiness; formulated over 50 algae recipes in a Spirulina cookbook; serves as a linguist in International company affairs; fluent in 5 languages; initiated professional work agreements consummated with all key management & consultants.

Managing/Manager Strategic Planning
Elan P.J. Edwards

Business Manager: Strategic planning with a diverse range of business leadership skills, including market analysis, sales & marketing, team building, quality assurance & finance; recognized skills to incorporate innovative management techniques to enhance business practices, increase productivity & boost revenues; educational background includes: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 1997 & Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 2000. Bachelor of Science, Sociology; CEO – International Wealth Academy: Created new innovative marketing strategies for an additional $1.2 Million in sales volume the first year; President – Creative Wealth Alliance: Created products in coaching, mentoring & customer service lowering industry cancellation standards from 12% – 18% to an unprecedented 2.3% within the first year & 4.6% total for company history; Division Manager – Premier Mentoring, Inc: Increased company revenue representing the highest divisional growth within 1 year.

Group Leader/Lead Marketing
Hugo Marroquin

Director of Latin American Affairs & Telemarketing Manager for EINM’s International Sales network; a Native Guatemalan with deep roots in Native traditions and culture; Spanish heritage allows the Company to reach out to the Hispanic and Native markets; experience in previous sales positions has gained recognition as the “Sales Guru”; currently promoting the Elix-BioEnergy Systems for Central, South America and Native America for Bio-alliances in developing & initiating Algae Small Farm cooperative projects; associated with Elixir since 2005, in its efforts to initiate and establish Algae Projects among indigenous people in the Americas through NativeSpirAlliance LLC, previous joint venture with EINM; coordinator for an annual ceremony within the AIP Historical Preservation segment on the property which also runs through Spaceport, known as Jornada Del Muerto (Dead Man’s Walk) later called the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, oldest wagon trail in North America.

Associate Technology/Technologist
Luke Sprangenburg

President/New Solutions Energy (NSE) & Head of Santa Fe Community College’s (SFCC) Biofuel program: Tubular Photobioreactors (PBr’s) Algae Biofuel Initiative; NSE’s patented system developed & showcased at SFCC. Patent Title: Methods & Apparatuses for cultivating phototropic microorganisms; Publications No. US-2013-0288228-A1, dated 10/31/2013; operating & capital lease, augmented by NM incentive programs at the AIP site. NSE’s initial demonstration on 2 acres with Commercial scale for Nannochloropsis algae to biodiesel & aviation fuel with Elixir Bio-Tech, 1st rights to production under Offtake; Tubular closed loop algae growing system’s prototype currently displayed SFCC; versatile patented all weather system promotes sustainable energy, fuel & food production. Tubular bioreactors are suitable for both anaerobic and aerobic bioprocesses for indoor/outdoor cultivation & harvesting of algae; systems are automated, scalable, affordable & suitable for salt & fresh water algae farming.

Associate Technology/Technologist
Jeffrey Scott

Managing Partner/Aztec Algae, LLC (AA)/Algae Micro-Farm (AMF): Enclosed proprietary all weather Algae PBr systems for Pharmaceuticals; operating & capital lease within ‘The Algae Industrial Park’, with up to 25 acres; Elixir Bio-Tech, 1st rights to production under Offtake agreement with AA/AMF to produce Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) a high value antioxidant, in bulk & extracts; HP is believed to increase visual acuity with Astaxanthin as the by-product with HP/Astaxanthin yields content of l%/3.5%; current jobber wholesale cost average at $150,000 per metric ton or $150 per kg.(2.21bs); current facility in Las Cruces, NM to initiate prototypes.

Associate Technology/Technologist
Jonathan L. Gal

Founder & President/Texas Clean Fuels, Inc.; agreement with Elixir Bio-Tech for prototype development & Global patent rights to build the Algae Growth Units (AGUs)/Microorganisms Systems (AGU’s/MoPS); Texas Clean Fuel to provide technical assistance installing AGU’s/MoPS in the AIP site; current license agreement between Texas Clean Fuels & Elixir Bio-tech has been consummated; Harvard biologist from the Class of 1989; studied the concept of making fuel from photosynthetic microorganisms as a lab technician at the National Institutes of Health; filed first provisional patent application for a Pbr designed for mass production of algae biomass feedstock for biofuels & bionutrients; Patent application # is: 20090023199 can also be found on the US PTO website, (www.uspto.gov) under ‘pending patents‘; numerous prototypes & technology successfully tested, refined, improved, & ready for commercialization primarily for small farm initiatives, rooftop & backyard technology.


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