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Apr 12, 2015 1:00 PM ET

Archived: freiya – the smart watering can: Built-in technology that connects to your smart phone, keeps track of your flowers and reminds you to water them

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 12, 2015

freiya – the smart watering can

by freiya

Freiya has built-in technology that connects to your smart phone. It keeps track of your flowers and reminds you to water them!

About this project


  • Motion sensor technology
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity for long battery life
  • Smart phone app (iOS & Android) that keeps your plants healthy
  • Database of plants with watering guidelines
  • Beautiful Scandinavian design

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How does it help me to keep my plants alive?

Simply put, the Freiya app will notify you whenever one or more plants need to be watered. It can also remind you to add fertilizer, if needed.

The app knows what plants you have in your household and creates a watering schedule to keep all plants healthy with minimum effort from you.

How does it work?

Freiya is equipped with electronics that help it keep track of her surroundings. It knows when you water a plant and what temperature it is.

The app is Freiya‘s brain. It knows the plants in your home and remembers when they were watered last time. It knows what pot a plant is in and how much sunlight it gets. It can gather temperature and weather data to adjust the watering schedule to such external factors. It can also give you advice on plant care and use of fertilizers.

The app also allows you to share data with other members of your household as well as friends. If you’re on vacation your plant-sitter can get help from Frieya to keep your plants happy while you’re gone!

A few words about the design

Freiya was designed with more aspects in mind than to just create a functional watering can.

It had to be a design feature in a modern living space, a sculptural piece of art sitting in the window sill at all times. This secondary purpose, apposed to being able to water plants, gives the user more incentive to actually hydrate their green life.

A third important factor in the design process was to create an ergonomic piece, both physical and cognitional.

The combination of the three factors fused into a organic shape with distinctive extremities that have self-explanatory purposes.


Well, that’s up to you! We will offer Freiya in white & black, as the prototypes you can see here, and we might also make a run in orange. But we are here to connect with you and hear what you think! We will set up a voting option for you, where you can cast your vote on what colorsyou would like Freiya to have!

Our story

Freiya was born during a workshop at MINC (incubator and co-working space in Malmö, Sweden), where the Swedish celebrity chef Tina Nordström wanted ideas for new kitchens. One of our founders – Micael – attended the workshop and came up with the idea of a watering can that could tell you when it was time to water your plants (probably since Micael has killed several plants).

The idea has since then been developed and the team has grown to were we are today with a great product and a solid team .

Meet the team!

We are a dedicated team, mainly from Sweden, with competence in project management, electrical & mechanical engineering, industrial- & interaction design, marketing, social media, sales, distribution and, of course, botany.


We have put together a timeline for you, pointing out some important event between now and Freiya being done and ready for delivery!

Thank you!

We hope that you like our project and consider to support us. Please tell your friends and spread the word!

Risks and challenges

With a team with solid experience within product development, project management and entrepreneurship, we expect that we can mitigate any foreseeable risks and lessen the impact of any unpleasant surprises.

We work with top-tier suppliers that we have previous experience with and that are known to deliver on time. However, in a project as complex as this delays and problems can and will show up, so we have adjusted our delivery plan accordingly.

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