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Archived: Pomegranate Underground – The Art Gallery for Our Generation: an affordable art gallery that the new generation of artists/fans can come together to enjoy

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Pomegranate Underground – The Art Gallery for Our Generation

by Adonis Carcamo

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We’re creating an affordable art gallery that the new generation of artists/fans can come together to enjoy.

About this project

Pomegranate Underground
Pomegranate Underground

We here at Pomegranate Underground are paving the way to creating an art community our area has never seen!

Who is Pomegranate Underground?

You. Your peers. Your Elders. Your Youth. WE are Pomegranate Underground. We are eloquent drops of life water in an ocean of madness. Together we have something to teach, to learn and everything to be proud of.

Why did we decide to do stuff?

Because we’re tired of overpriced and underworked art being passed off as divine by the so called “elite.” We’re tired of the traditional. The one dimensional world in a 4D life. We’re tired of seeing the same thing from gallery to gallery making it all stale to the taste. We’re tired of art being confined to a flat wall space.

Well what about other stuff?

Other stuff indeed my friend, other stuff indeed. Together we can develop a social progression in our very own hometown; build something we can be proud of and share. We want to establish something that our town can be proud of too, you know. Let us come together and inform our your that it is absolutely ok to create whatever art they want without fear of ridicule or jeer. As Pomegranate Underground we can build a network between artists and suppliers to build a fortified and every expanding art community that the world can appreciate. Let us not stop with the art savvy but rather grow with your everyday neighbor and remind them that art can be a part of their everyday life. We shall move with the speed of darkness and take the world by storm!


In the grand scheme of things our goal is to establish a fortified brand and a beautiful artistic network that will progress our community and be enjoyed by the public.

Risks and challenges

The obstacles I currently face right now are the facts that not only am I funding this myself but that I am also constructing this myself. This is incredibly time consuming and takes its toll on the body and mind. With a little extra funding I may be able to hire on a friend to help with with the labor of creating this beautiful place!

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