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Apr 8, 2015 1:41 PM ET

Archived: EDUrent: helps students find housing, roommates and financial aid

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015


Orlando, Florida | E-Commerce, Internet Business, Social Media, Software, Websites

Full Pitch

EDUrent contracts with schools to provide their students with access to the EDUrent.com products. It’s free to the school & student. In exchange for free service, schools provide us with their enrollment reports. Enrollment reports are uploaded into our Database and our Housing Consultants and website take over from there. We’re compensated by the partner properties where we place students. We have a strong focus in the ‘for-profit’ educational sector. Many of our School clients are technical and specialized in nature (e.g., Design, Mechanical, Technology, etc.). These non-traditional schools have an abundant housing need but have few resources, typically due to their location (e.g., industrial & business parks). There are minimal alternatives and there are no student housing companies that provide all the products of EDUrent.com. One primary competitor significantly increases the housing costs for their school’s students, which is in direct contradiction to the goal of most educational institutions. The primary competitor has enjoyed little competition until now. EDUrent.com has already replaced the competitor at several accounts. EDUrent, LLC founded in 2012. EDUrent is the innovation of 2 entrepreneurs who have worked in the Student Housing sector for the last 5 years. Initially raised half a million dollars to build out EDUrent.com and our Backend database. We are now in an aggressive growth and expansion phase and looking for new investment to fuel that growth. EDUrent has strong networks and is adding new Schools on a monthly basis. Current, key revenue generating contract is for 5 years. Working to expand EDUrent from a client driven model to a consumer driven model. EDUrent will then be poised to rival sites like Rent.com, For Rent.com, Apartments.com, Zillow.com, etc. Competitive position and scalability will increase buyout interest and drive up price.

Our Mission

EDUrent.com helps students find housing specific to the school they’re attending, find potential roommates attending their school and help students raise funds to help pay for their housing. All supported by EDUrent Housing Consultants.


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