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Archived: CreativeWorx: Redefining Personal Productivity within the Enterprise (“Mint for Time”)

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Redefining Personal Productivity within the Enterprise (“Mint for Time”)

Companies need faster business intelligence in this increasingly competitive world. The CreativeWorx platform captures how people do their jobs and extracts key insights from that activity to improve employee and company productivity. Automatically. Privately. Respectfully. Elegantly. Effectively.

Our first product TimeTracker solves the problems of late and inaccurate timesheets that plague the professional services industries, including legal, consulting, advertising, freelancers, etc. These services professionals need accurate timesheets for billing and profitability analysis. TimeTracker automatically captures work effort, intelligently assigns billing codes and allowing for easy review & approval. It’s a game-changer.

Our second product, currently in stealth mode, will help virtually any company improve its employee’s productivity…automatically.


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