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Apr 8, 2015 1:25 PM ET

Archived: AshNetwork – Earn Free Rewards: AshNetwork aims to get rid of troubles with expiring points and terrible rewards in reward programs

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2015

AshNetwork – Earn Free Rewards

AshNetwork aims to get rid of troubles with expiring points and terrible rewards in reward programs.

AshNetwork – created by a 17 year old after witnessing the travails of his lower middle class family trying to earn a decent living.

Made for anyone all over the world, especially the bottom 99% and any teens.

**Note: Our rewards are inclusive (i.e. You make the $50 pledge, and you get the $50, $20, and $1 rewards, see below for more details.

The basic process on AshNetwork:

AshNetwork is the place to earn rewards while surfing the internet. We’re working hard to bring you many different ways to earn so you no longer have to deal with annoying internet quirks without being compensated for your troubles. And best of all, AshNetwork provides a 256 bit encryption so your account is safe. AND WE NEVER ASK FOR OR STORE CREDIT CARD NUMBERS ON OUR SITE.

We are also NOT competitors with your favorite miles-earning credit card or cash back credit card. Use those in tandem with our shopping section!

We have many ideas on how to expand the business. We don’t want to share these ideas, since they may be stolen, but they could very likely be stretch goals. Fund us to let AshNetwork reach its true potential.

Many current rewards program users deal with expiring points, small selections of rewards, and points dispersed over various accounts. It is unfair to those users who earn so many points to be ill-treated by companies they are buying goods and services from.

AshNetwork will bring the fairness back to rewards programs by never expiring points, continually adding rewards, and keeping users’ hard-earned points in one spot. AshNetwork is always working to bring the next big way for its users to earn, so we are always expanding our market so more consumers can benefit.

Note about AshCash: AshCash is a virtual currency created by us. AshCash has no monetary value and cannot currently be exchanged for any real currency (USD, GBP, CAN, etc.) legally. The exchange rate between AshCash and USD is recalculated consistently using a formula we created based on the laws of supply and demand. We’re giving you AshCash as a reward, and since gift cards cannot be rewards on Indiegogo, we’ll also have some limited edition AshNetwork merchandise and other famous Indiegogo products for backers to redeem with their starter AshCash.

Current ways to earn AshCash:

Shop Online:

We have partnered up with over 200 different online retailers, big and small (see video), to allow our users to earn by simply shopping on these websites. The amount of AshCash users receive is calculated using the total amount spent. For example, you go to site XYZ and make a $65 purchase. In our database, we have the percentage return for site XYZ, which in this example is 4%. 4% of $65 is $2.60, and based on our exchange rate at the time, the user will receive that $2.60 in AshCash.

Some of our many shopping sites on board
Some of our many shopping sites on board

Play Games:

Many teens and desk workers use online games to refresh their mind. They get really good at these games, and have nothing to show for it except a few high scores. AshNetwork has changed all that.

Our buy-in tournaments have small entry fees but allow you to win big! Enter with a fee from 1- 100 ASH, and win 1,000 to 100,000 ASH. Second and third place also win AshCash and some tournaments even have participation prizes. We have many fun games to choose from, and our platform has an API to allow interested game developers to connect their games to the AshNetwork database.

A few of the games from one of our game partners (Yoko, Helix, and Light Snake shown in video)
A few of the games from one of our game partners (Yoko, Helix, and Light Snake shown in video)

Tasks, Offers, and Surveys:

You might have seen this around the web. Sign up for an account on a site, and earn. Buy a subscription or product, and earn. Get a insurance quote, and earn. Complete a survey, and earn.

These are not the favorite of many online users because they ask for credit cards and lots of personal information. We have picked the most trustworthy companies to partner with, so for those of you that like this kind of thing, we got you covered.

Just a few examples of the thousands of offers that will be available to users.
Just a few examples of the thousands of offers that will be available to users.

Buy Entertainment Media:

Songs, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and apps are costing more and more these days. To amass a small library of 200 songs, you could pay anywhere from $180 to $258. Movies can cost up to $9.99 just for renting. TV shows are up to $3.99 on demand PER EPISODE.

We have found a way to give back to the users. Through our partnership with iTunes®, users can now use our specially generated links which direct you straight to the iTunes application on either your computer or portable device. From there you can buy your media directly off iTunes and earn AshCash every time you make a purchase.

This official badge will be all over our custom iTunes search.
This official badge will be all over our custom iTunes search.

Trade Ins:

Trade ins have been offered on the web for a while now. You can sell phones, books, and more. But you always see sites offering you less money than you would get if you sold it in online auction. But you don’t want to deal with the hassle of online auction.

We decided to bridge the gap by removing the hassle and getting users more bang for your buck. Through our trade in system, users ship directly to us, and they get more than they would on other sites because we don’t have to deal with the fees involving cash payouts to users. We just pay our users through AshCash!

Refer others:

Users can pick up a referral link on their profile page. Rather than have the simple 100 point per referral system, we decided on an exciting new referral system: percentage referrals. Users refer others using their link, and if a user signs up, then every time the new users earns, the user that referred gets a randomly generated 1 – 15% of the AshCash amount the new user earned. This happens on every positive transaction the new user has FOR LIFE.

Watch Videos:

Users can watch videos to earn marginal AshCash. Our video selection is small, but growing. And our video section is part of one of our stretch goals.


Spend AshCash through…

  • Our rewards store. Currently has gift cards which allows users to receive rewards quick and easy. Our systems allows us to send gift cards automatically without someone having to send all the codes manually through email. We will be adding more products to our store, some virtual and some physical. AshCash is not simply a tool to get gift cards!
  • Our lotteries and giveaways. Spend AshCash on our Pick ’em lottery system, which lets users win even more AshCash. Or spend AshCash to enter in giveaways. Giveaway prizes could be as small as gift cards to as large as TVs and even the occasional cruise!
Some of our rewards
Some of our rewards

___________________________________________________________We Need You….

Our site is currently running locally, and sometimes we have it open on the web. We’ll be able to share our URL with you shortly.

We have our SSL certificate already as well as our domain, so all transactions with AshCash are encrypted.

We need to move to a faster, dedicated server. We are currently running on shared hosting for development and testing and it frustrates us sometimes how slow the server is. Sometimes our database is so overloaded that our site is inaccessible. We definitely cannot launch on this hosting. As soon as we reach our goal, we are moving servers and will have the website live for everyone to see the homepage (sign up will still be disabled).

We need to get partners with us because currently the company is two people, me and my mom. And my mom doesn’t even do anything. I need a designer because my Photoshop skills are very basic. A fellow PHP and/or HTML5/CSS coder is also necessary.

We have other ideas that will allow users to earn more “lucratively”, but they require certain assets that we do not have.


Rewards: New accounts on our site are automatically awarded 100 ASH. If you pledge at least $20, we will make you an account with your desired username. The account will be credited with the amount list in the reward description.

On top of the account, we want to offer inclusive rewards. For example, say you make a $100 pledge.

The rewards you receive are:

  • Contributor Listing
  • Be a Beta Tester
  • Verified Account Status
  • Account with 42,500 ASH

We feel this is the best way to add a lot of value to your contribution. Let us know if you have any further questions regarding rewards, or anything else.

Risks and challenges

First of all, we will have a small budget for advertising even after all of your contributions. Marketing our website and spreading the word will be hard. But we have a strategy in place, and we hope that you guys can help us out on social media to help spread the word.

None of our services can be patented, which means these methods can (and have been) replicated. We know there are other sites out there with similar services. But at AshNetwork we feel we have the greatest collection of services, and the best ideas for new services that will allow our users to earn.

Ashwin Rajgopal, the majority owner, is still in high school (class of 2016). He has certain priorities that come before the business, such as college admissions (hopefully you understand). That is one reason why we are trying to bring in more people. The admissions process for Ashwin could be done as early as January, which in that case Ashwin will be back to the business almost full time.

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Ashwin Rajgopal
Sreekala Rajgopal

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