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Archived: TomBoxes.com: A premium time of the month box for women

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Tomboxes.com is a premium time of the month box for women. Every month we curate a box full of items a woman needs and wants for her time of the month. Filled with name brand tampons or pads, makeup, hair and skin care items, jewelry and more our monthly subscription service is sent every 28 days to help brighten up a females time of the month

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Tomboxes.com is a premium time of the month box for women. We offer several levels of boxes to meet various needs and budgets. Our standard tombox is $16/month and comes with a choice of tampons or pads, 2-3 beauty items, 1 jewelry items and chocolate for only $16. We also offer add ons to this box sch as double the makeup and jewelry for $6 more or Venus razor blades for $12 more.

We also offer a no-flow box for women who are pregnant, not as regular as other women or those who want to bring their own hygiene product. For only $10 a month they get the same items in the standard box minus the tampons or pads.

President Executive Officer
Michael Krongel

Michael Krongel is one of the founders and chief architects of Tomboxes.com. Michael has over 15 years of online advertising and business experience. He helps to develop, implement and oversee the company’s business goals and objectives. A true entrepreneur, Michael has been the driving force behind many successful business ventures. In 1999 Michael helped found Intermark Media one of the Internets first performance based ad agencies, having grew the company from $0 in sales to over $90 million, Michael has the experience, knowledge and ability to replicate his success over and over again. In 2012 he launched an eCommerce business and grew it to over 1.7million in sales in its first full year of business and sold it in 2014.


Funding Goal: $750,000

Funding Type: Equity

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