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Archived: Ink Badger – Revolutionizing Tattoo and Art Industry! Never pay too much for the wrong artist again

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Ink Badger

Rich Harward
Developer and CEO
Campaign Team

Revolutionizing Tattoo and Art Industry! Never pay too much for the wrong artist again.

Ready to help out a True American dream? It all started when I joined the U.S. Marines to serve my country in the early 90’s. Now there is something that seems to be common across all branches….Tattoos. They are somewhat of a must in the military and now are very main stream in today’s society. This part is no big secret. The one thing that eluded me when I wanted to get my first Marine Corps tattoo was where to get it, how much is a good price, how do I know this is a reputable artist? This business has seemed to be a mystery for some time. I found that even the artists themselves find it very difficult to connect with a client base efficiently. I started an on base publication for military personnel to see local artists and their work. The publication grew by leaps and bounds and was very popular. Then I was moved to California and didn’t have the energy to restart this at a new base. I thought there has to be a better way. So after some years of research and planning(and major advances in the internet since 1991). Ink Badger was born. Ink Badger is a patent pending software that allows clients who are looking for A tattoo to upload a design and have multiple artists bid in your local area. Each artist has their own profile page and is rated by prior clients. Once an artist wins the bid, the client goes for the consult with their set price and the confidence they are getting a great price from the right tattoo artist. This also solves the problem of up and coming artist looking to break in the business to find that customer that would never be able to find them. The site is completed and we are in beta testing phase now. Ink Badger will also have an app that customers can upload a tattoo they currently have for a cover up bid, as well as all the capabilities as the full site. All the technology is in place to get my dream off the ground. Now we just need you to help us launch!!

And please remember because of our military roots we believe in giving back. A portion of our proceeds and your funding will go to Standown.org 


Stand Down House, owned & operated by Faith*Hope*Love*Charity, Inc. (FHLC, Inc.), helps male
veterans who are struggling due to mental / physical wounds & illness, addictions, homelessness and/or
other issues regain their lives through a multi tiered program, transitional living, & collaborative efforts.
FHLC, Inc. addresses the needs & unseen wounds of our veterans & military members.




What we need is to get a complete setup for a convention tour we will be launching starting in May 2015 at Tattoo Mania. We have already became a major sponsor for the event.

This is where we will get the most exposure to the tattoo community in a small amount of time. The impact we need to make at these events has to be impressive. We need the money raised to purchase a traveling trade booth setup that is surprisingly expensive. One example is below of just the back drop wall that are close to $2100 alone.

You may be thinking I’m not a tattoo type. That’s ok too. We still have some pretty great rewards for helping us get to our goal. From cool Ink Badger gear to custom shoes and tattoos, we have something for everyone. We have our own line of “Love Ink Shirts”

We also have wireless speakers that look like soda cans, temporary tattoos, monthly subscriptions for artists, and advertising spots on our site and app for your business, and of course real chair time for someone to get a fantastic tattoo they have been dreaming of!



Our biggest challenge so far is that we may grow too fast before we can open an area or city. Because of the demand of clients might outgrow the amount of artists in a certain city, it is imperative that we launch one state at a time starting with Florida. Growing faster than we could handle would cause client and artist loss over time.
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Now the site is done and we are on our way to launch, we turn our efforts to the mobile app that has been in development for some time now. Not just any app that mimics the website. It does have all the features of the site but with one very important element for cover ups and tattoo removals. The app allows the customer to use normal smart phone camera to take a picture of an existing tattoo and measure the size of the tattoo for optimal quotes from tattoo cover up artists and tattoo removal companies. The app is set to launch shortly after the launch of the site in May 2015.

Whether you are a tattoo lover , or just looking to help an entrepreneur on his way to fulfill a dream, contribute to Ink Badger. You will score some great rewards and help some people along the way.

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