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Apr 6, 2015 10:53 AM ET

Archived: Connecticut Flight Academy, LLC: A proven and respected leader in the airline pilot training industry

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2015

Connecticut Flight Academy, LLC

20 Lindbergh Drive, CT Hartford, CT 06, US

Connecticut Flight Academy (CFA) is a proven and respected leader in the airline pilot training industry. CFA trains people to become licensed pilots. CFA has $8M a year in sales, 4 locations, a 30% profit, and several government requests to open additional flight training academies. With capital, or access to financing, we can tweak the business model and take profits from $2M/year now to $26M+/year in 24 months and to $50M/year by 36 months.

There is a demographically-driven global pilot shortage the will persist for the next 15 years, The industry is short 40,000 pilots today, and the industry only trains 13,000 pilots per year. 100% of CFA trainees who seek employment have job offers of $100-140k/year to start. Training takes about 12 months and does not require a degree. Interested students are everywhere.

The problem is very simple: there is almost no student financing available for pilot training.

CFA is seeking funding to change its business model to a CFA-financed, just-sign-here-and we will train you business model. We can instantly raise prices, double enrollments, place the students for a fee, and create an interest revenue stream multiplying profits the first year by 600%. During the same time we can expand our facilities and fleet allowing us to double/triple enrollment in years two/three for a total increase of profits of 2500%+ to $50M+/year in profits using very conservative assumptions.

CFA has a mature management team in place, deep industry connections with dozens of airlines who have already agreed to participate in this new training/hiring model, an experienced sales team, an industry-recognized top notch pilot training program, and is currently a very healthy business.

With expanded capital or financing to offer student financing, we can multiply profits. This business is only missing the capital required to expand. Everything else is ready to go right now.

(Investor Deck Available)

Products / Services

Pilot Training

The Connecticut Flight Academy (CFA) trains people to become fully licensed airline pilots (ATP licensed). The academy can take a person off of the street and train them to become a licensed commercial pilot in about six months of time. Then CFA or the pilot arranges 1200 additional hours of flight time and some additional training necessary to qualify as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP).


Chief Executive Officer
Arian Prevalla

Connecticut Flight Academy LLC. Founder, owner and president In charge of day to day operations, flight instructor, marketing, aviation program developing, student enrolling and more. Fastest growing flight school in USA with a large fleet of flight school owned airplanes. International school authorized by the US government to issue M-1 student visas. Part 141 FAA certified and Veterans Affairs Certified. Approved by FAA and Homeland security for FBI background check fingerprinting and written exam testing.


Funding Goal: $10,000,000

Funding Type: Debt Financing

Contact Information:

Arian Prevalla

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